Why Joe outed Valerie, and today’s items

All the outrage over Valerie Plame’s outing. But did Joe Wilson outed her? When And Why Joseph C Wilson IV Outed Valerie Plame (h/t Larwyn).

TownCommons posts about The New York Times at their most irresponsible and disingenious. Why are so few people outraged at the NYT??

Speaking of what the media doesn’t cover, Michelle Malkin has a sensational round-up of the Gathering of Eagles. Follow every link! Jane has the pictures.

Patrick Hynes has a post and video of McCain’s New Hampshire visit, and notes,

My friend Hugh Hewitt makes a point that candidates for high public office cannot reach their target audiences without the aid of conservative media. Hugh says this not because he is a member of the conservative media, but because it is true. No candidate, including my client John McCain, will successfully navigate the primary process without communicating with and through the talk radio/blog/Podcast/YouTube nexus.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you must: Make time today and watch the entire 1-hour-and 15-minutes of The Great Global Warming Swindle:

Update: Dr Sowell writes,

“Global warming” is just the latest in a long line of hysterical crusades to which we seem to be increasingly susceptible.

(end of update)

Speaking of ecological shell games such as Global Warming, Dinocrat has an excellent post on The pimping, pumping, primping and propping of China’s accounting and why Purchasing Power Parity is not a substitute for GDP figures (h/t Larwyn).

Louisiana Conservative posts brain bullets

Dr Sanity has The Carnival of the Insanities:

In a lighter mode, Maria sent the NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK The F’in Departed: The Acadamy Award winning best picture of 2006 in under two minutes. Had Maria sent me the link two weeks ago, I would have rented a different video!

Ace explores why Why Are Women So Easy When It Comes To Giggles? I laughed so hard when I did my podcast with Steve of Hog On Ice that one of his commenters asked if I have a speech impediment. (Steve’s making pizza – go check it out).

I’ll be blogging more later. Possibly because of the Gore effect (was Al in NJ two days ago?) we still have a couple of inches of ice on the driveway, so I’ll be staying in today – might as well blog!
Update The temps went up to 40F and the ice melted enough that it could be scraped off the driveway. I like that.


Snakes on the Plame

Yes. I could not resist that post title. So there.

Just One Minute has the latest:
Knocking the Prosecutor for Some Loops

Into every bully boy’s world a tougher opponent will appear. Today the prosecution gets to meet the defense, and the defense has landed some blows designed as much to undercut the challenger’s confidence as to get into the record what they need.

You must read all the details.

As The Anchoress says,

The Game re Plame is going down in Flames. Kim and AJ Strata, Tom Maguire of Just One Minute and others are covering this whole sham story.

Abracadabra has transcript and summary:

Shorter Armitage on Joe Wilson: Wilson turned the Bush Administration upside down in order to satisfy his ginormous ego. He didn’t like being designated as a low-level guy.

What a despicable little character he is.