Jaded eyes on 60s lies: Lover Come Back

AMC‘s playing Lover Come Back (1961) with Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

The IMDB summarizes the plot

Jerry Webster and Carol Templeton are both in the advertising business, but for different agencies. Annoyed by Jerry’s methods of using alcohol and women to ensure contracts for his agency, Carol tries to get him thrown out of his profession. To avoid this Jerry bribes the girl who’d testify against him, by starring her in a TV commercial for a product named VIP that he’s just made up. By accident these commercials are broadcasted and to keep his job, Jerry has to come up with VIP for which he enlists the help of Doctor Linus Tyler. Carol goes to see the Doctor to try and get the VIP account, but because she and Jerry have never met, she mistakes Jerry for the Doctor. Jerry then takes advantage of this situation to win her. Written by Leon Wolters {wolters@strw.LeidenUniv.nl}

The plot is rife with gay innuendo: Even when the early 1960s audience didn’t know for sure (there had been lots of rumors which the studio managed to suppress for a long time) that Rock Hudson was gay in real life, the script writers had a field day. Rock Hudson and Tony Randall at one point look like they’re about to break into singing “I”m a lumberjack” when they went moose hunting out in the woods.

Monty Python had nothing to do with the movie, of course, but I can’t resist inserting it here,

Tony Randall actually wore the full lumberjack outfit.

Tony Randall played the confirmed bachelor to Rock Hudson’s stud in the Doris Day movies. Someone actually put together a YouTube of scenes from Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers. They did have chemistry:

Carol, played by Doris Day, is a spinster dedicated to her carreer in advertising and wears ridiculous hats throughout the movie, the most ridiculous of which is this one:

I guess in 1961 hats were to Doris Day what shoes later became to the Sex and the City crowd.

Rock Hudson plays Jerry, a corrupt and corrupting liar whose entire carreer is predicated on his telling people what he thinks they want to hear. His client from Virginia was the great grandson of a Confederate general, so Jerry also pretends to be the grandson of a Confederate general and takes him to the Bunny Club (the Playboy Club, of course) for a show where the final nightclub number plays Dixieland and the star bunny rips her bodice to show a Confederate flag to the client. An orgy at the client’s penthouse followed. The movie shows only the morning-after debris, including a hungover bunny in a bass case.

Later on Jerry pretends to be Dr. Linus (obviously named after Linus Paulding who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1954), a brilliant chemist but a shy and repressed guy (who she woke up early one morning at Jerry’s apartment!). Jerry as Linus makes up a remarkable family: his father who he idolizes is a philosopher, this brother a heroic surgeon who died in Africa, and on and on. Jerry/Linus pretends that all he needs is the right girl to bring out the real man in him. To get himself invited overnight to Carol’s apartment he says lines like, “You deserve a man, not a mass of neurotic doubts!”

Carol, after pondering whether to give in while a Doris Day song plays in the background, realizes he’s The Big Phony, drives him out to the beach and dumps him there.

In real life, Jerry would had gone on with his corrupt and dissipated existence and Carol would have gone on being a spinster.

But the movie goes on: the real Linus the chemist actually produces the vips, a candy that started as a bogus advertising campaign for an imaginary product. More innuendo follows:

It’s a Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie, so you know they will get together. Indeed, the morning after consuming the vips they wake up in bed, much to Jerry’s horrific expression. She’s wearing his pajama top, he’s wearing the bottoms. They’re in a motel in Maryland where, when she wakes up and screams, the housekeepers say, “Some girls are just not ready for marriage.”

Not Viagra, just vips. That’s all it took.

It’s a very funny movie, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


A lovely short film, via Urban Grounds,


Today’s WSJ’s Five Best books on the history of medicine, selected by Stephanie Snow:

The fifth book is The History of Medicine by W.F. Bynum, which I couldn’t locate at Amazon.


Today’s shoes, Sofft’s Gaby in burgundy suede. An elegant retro style that you can wear all day long


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Congress has a bailout deal, Ecuador has an election, Dan has an ad, I’ve got jazz

Washington Post: Lawmakers Reach Accord on Huge Financial Rescue

Congressional leaders and the Bush administration this morning said they had struck an accord to insert the government deeply into the nation’s financial markets, agreeing to spend up to $700 billion to relieve Wall Street of troubled assets backed by faltering home mortgages.

House and Senate negotiators from both parties emerged with Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. at 12:30 a.m. from a marathon session in the Capitol to announce that they had reached a tentative agreement on a proposal to give Paulson broad authority to organize one of the biggest government interventions in the private sector since the Great Depression.

Full details of the plan were not immediately available. Lawmakers said their staffs would be working through the night to assemble the package and post it on the Internet.

Wall Street Journal: Lawmakers Reach Tentative Bailout Deal

Top U.S. policy makers emerged from hours of tense negotiations with a clear message just after midnight Sunday morning: A deal to bailout U.S. financial markets has been agreed on and all that remains to be done is to commit the legislation to paper.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.), were flanked by key negotiators in the Capitol as they announced that a $700 billion plan to have Treasury buy up toxic assets had been all but finalized after hours of exhausting negotiations.

“I think we’re there,” an exhausted Mr. Paulson said, a sentiment echoed in the statements of negotiators such as House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D., Mass.) and Senate Banking Committee head Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.).

Hugh Hewitt calls it A Responsible Exercise of Representative Government; Ed says ACORN is out:

The funding of the Housing Trust Fund, the slush fund that feeds ACORN and La Raza, is out. You can thank House Republicans for enough obstructionism to get that result. Other changes made to the final version of the bailout, according to a source on the Hill:

  • Provision to provide unions and other activist groups with proxy access for corporate boards
  • Provision to mandate shareholder votes on compensation issues (union priority)
  • Diversion of funds into a housing fund to support left-wing activist groups like ACORN
  • A provision to allow trial judges to arbitrarily adjust mortgages, creating bonanza for trial lawyers
  • A provision to require the government to sell to state and local governments at a discount homes the government acquires as a result of foreclosure

It also suspends mark-to-market rules and requires a study on their effects on the collapse.

Color me skeptical. I don’t believe for a moment that ACORN will go quietly into the night, and I am fully convinced that Nancy and her camarilla will do anything to sink the economy if they believe it will get them control of all the branches of government and the Treasury.

Will have to read the actual document.

I don’t have time today to study the bill, but Larwyn sent this Comparison of original Paulson bailout to compromise proposal from House Republican Whip Roy Blunt’s office.


Ecuador is holding a constitutional referendum today. The Beeb touts it as Ecuador’s poor bank on referendum. In addition to lowering the voting age to 16, instituting civil marriage for gay couples, and legalizing abortion, the 444-article Constitution will

allow President Rafael Correa to seek re-election while giving him a hammerlock on the courts and the power to dissolve the legislature.

ECrisis has the story-behind-the-story.

Noticias24 reports that Correa’s all set to default on Ecuador’s foreign debt.

I predict that the referendum will be approved by 60% of the official results; however, I was talking to a friend who believes it would be 51% at best.

This will be Ecuador’s 20th Constitution.


Dan asks, So, Why Not Post The Ad?

Why not, indeed?

Yes, we ban


It’s pouring rain outside, which makes it a perfect day for listening to jazz music. The WSJ’s 5 best books on jazz, selected by John Edward Hasse:

Speaking of jazz, here are Sarah Vaugh and a very young and handsome Winton Marsalis (wearing white tie!)

Come to think of it, maybe I’ll spend the day listening to Marsalis YouTubes…


I don’t really like wearing rain boots, but it’s raining outside, so here are a nice pair of Kate Spade rubber flats:


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Covering the Palin shoes story: Footwear Plus calls!

I just had the pleasure of being interviewed by Footwear Plus for an article on Sarah Palin’s shoes. Isn’t that great?

In other Palin stories, Neo watched the First interview with the unflappable First Dude, and she liked what she saw. So did I – he is a most attractive man.

SARAH HAS SECRET STYLE TEAM, says the Post. And they’re doing an excellent job. She looks completely comfortable in her style.


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Can’t wait for the NYT to cross the Hudson & do an expose on NJ politics

…they would find material enough for 9,000 words instead of the 3,000 words they dedicated on the front page to Sarah Palin.

Jennifer Rubin finds very little substance to the Times allegations. I for one am underwhelmed by how the journalistic quality of the NYT and The Anchorage Daily News manifests itself by comparing her to Mary Poppins:

“She was fresh, and she was tomorrow,” said Michael Carey, a former editorial page editor for The Anchorage Daily News. “She just floated along like Mary Poppins.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: We’re well into the 21st century and a woman governor still gets to be compared to a fictional nanny.

Double standard, anyone?

Mark Hemingway finds

… the whole thing is just appalling. The New York Times hasn’t begun to investigate Obama’s deeply problematic background, nor have they run anything about him that has such an obvious and cringe inducing negative slant. Alas, it’s just par for the course at the Times.

Never mind that if the Times wanted to seriously investigate corrupt and damaging politics, they could have taken the train to Trenton.


Gerard Vanderleun chops, dices and slices photographer Jill Greenberg in his post Out-Takes: The Atlantic Monthly Finances Vile Anti-McCain Propaganda:

These images are, to any reasonably decent person, simply political pornography. There’s just no other way to parse them.

And he’s just getting started. Go read it all.
(h/t Larwyn)

Fausta {hearts} Ace.


This week’s WSJ’s Five Best reference books, selected by Donald Altschiller:


This week’s shoes, something for Mary Poppins…


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