Chastity in the news, and other items

Not Sonny and Cher’s daughter Chastity, but chastity, via The Anchoress: Casual sex is a con: women just aren’t like men
Former groupie Dawn Eden explains how she realised morality made more sense for women than free love

Our culture – both in the media via programmes such as Sex and the City and in everyday interactions – relentlessly puts forth the idea that lust is a way station on the road to love. It isn’t. It left me with a brittle facade incapable of real intimacy. Occasionally a man would tell me I appeared hard, which surprised me as I thought I was so vulnerable. In truth, underneath my attempts to appear bubbly, I was hard – it was the only way I could cope with what I was doing to my self and my body.

The misguided, hedonistic philosophy which urges young women into this kind of behaviour harms both men and women; but it is particularly damaging to women, as it pressures them to subvert their deepest emotional desires. The champions of the sexual revolution are cynical. They know in their tin hearts that casual sex doesn’t make women happy. That’s why they feel the need continually to promote it.

The article was published in the London Times. I’ll be very surprised if the NYT would carry it in their Styles section. Just a couple of weekeds ago they had a feature article about a 50-yr old porn actress. Dinesh D’Souza writes on Pornography — The Real Perversion (h/t Maria)


Don’t miss LGF‘s videos of Dispatches: Undercover Mosque.

Afghan civilians stop terror attack at U.S. base. As U*2 put it,

This seems to clash with the “America out of everywhere” mantra which is incessantly bleated by the French mainstream preSS.


Say ‘ello to my leetle fren’? Well, My leetle fren’ has more fun than Hugo and Mahmoud!

Speaking of Hugo, he says Fidel doesn’t have cancer. Not if he’s dead, he doesn’t.
Update Dada lives: Elephants In Academia posts that CNN is concerned about Fidel Castro’s right to privacy.


Muslims say they’ll boycott Northwest Airlines. I predict the stock price will rise.

Via Larwyn,
American Digest says There’s No Stopping This Insanity Now

The media as red Cell

Saudi Arabia Joins Egypt In Supporting Bush Iraq Plan


While waiting for Pres. Bush’s speech,

Jay has a great round-up.

Via Maria, EU rule: Ambulance crews take break while man dies. Heart-attack victim forced to wait 20 minutes, although emergency vehicles 5 minutes away
Speaking of the EU, hold on to your wallets: EU plans ‘industrial revolution’. While it may come 200 years late, you can bet it won’t be a euro short.

Via Larwyn, Dale Amos posts on Congressman Conyers and Islam

In a lighter mode,
Yesterday I linked to the tin foil hats in California, and today I have the dunce caps in England. In other headgear news, Camilla Parker-Bowles made the worst-dressed list because of her hats.

Definitely not appropriate for work, but laugh-out-loud funny:
Darren’s been watching Sex and the City. Again.
Not appropriate for work, from The Manolo