Top 10 Facts on Teen Sex

Rob Bluey has the video:

Siggy has the post, Premature Sex Destroys Little Girls and Little Boys

Mamacita has had to deal with the children.

Family has the research.

All of them make a substantive case for sexual abstinence for teens.

And then there’s the legal fact: statutory rape laws can send a teen to prison for having had consensual sex with an underage teen – that is, for engaging in the same behavior Mamacita describes in her post.

As if morality wasn’t enough, these are the facts.


Indiscriminate evil

One of Gagdad Bob‘s commenters provided the link to the must-watch lecture of the week: Evan Sayet speaking at the Heritage Foundation on the importance of holding critical rational judgement, and the evil of the cult of indiscriminateness:

I’ll have to re-read

More videos at