1. I wa going to suggest, “Make Mine Mink,” except that was Cary Grant and my memory failed in that she had dreams of an affair before marriage but didn’t consumate it.

  2. A little lesson in movie history:

    How sad that you should reduce a great talent like Doris Day, the top female box office star of all time, and one of the best-selling singers of the 40s, 50s amd 60s, to a stereotype which is not only demeaning – it has nothing to do with her, nor does it reflect upon the characters she portrayed on the screen.
    She was the number one female box office star in film, and she was a best selling recording artist to boot. In a time when sex, drugs and rock ’n roll was the slogan of the day, Doris, who wasn’t an alcoholic, a druggie or a sex maniac, appeared to be too out of style to be appreciated. On top of that, her good friend, Oscar Levant, jokingly said he knew Doris Day before she was a virgin. It was a joke, but unfortunately the joke was on Doris.
    The media picked up on that “virginal” tag and after all these years, they’re still using it.
    Just take a look at Ms Day’s body of work – great films like “Love Me or Leave Me,” “Teacher’s Pet,” “Calamity Jane,” “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” “The Thrill of it All,” and the “Pajama Game,” to name only a few, and I think you’ll be surprised to discover a beautiful lady with enormous natural charm, and a knack for playing drama, comedy and musical comedy with equal aplomb.
    Please don’t go to a Day film or listen to a Day song with preconceived ideas. It’s not for nothing that she remains, to this day, the number one female box office star in movie history! Think of Julia Roberts at the height of her popularity … double it, and you have an idea of the popular appeal of Doris Day. Audiences went to see her in droves because we recognized a class act when we saw one.
    Time to drop the vitriolic remarks … She’s not a virgin. Never was. It’s time we gave Doris Day her due.

  3. Howard,
    Notice how I blame the writers for it all.

    I like Doris Day, which is why I watched this movie (which obviously I didn’t like). She was a great comedienne and a wonderful singer. As an actress she always had wonderful chemistry with her costars and made it look effortless.

    My favorite Doris Day movie is The Man Who Knew Too Much.