1. Fausta, great post, I’m not sure how long it will be till the food police arrest this overweight 60 year old, but I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE ice cream.

    My wife is a clinical dietitian and she says the controversy regarding transfats is really stupid as what they will be replaced with are just as bad, if not worse. The secret is holding down all fats in your diet and eat a balanced meal with sufficient calories for the amount that you burn. For every 3000 calories you eat that you don’t burn, you will gain one pound. For every 3000 calories that you burn but don’t eat, you will lose one pound. That is so simple, I wonder why the fat police haven’t figured it out. By taking away children’s games such as tag, four square, dodgeball because someone my twist an ankle, or the slowest kid always gets to be “it” because they can’t catch anyone or to protect someone’s self esteem because they might get picked last… we have reaped that which we have sown.

  2. GM,
    I agree with you entirely. I have blood sugar problems and can not take a lot of carbs (but I do love Thomas Sweet’s sugar-free chocolate ice cream with salted pecans on top), and the way to lose weight is not to ban this food or that, but to
    1. cut down on calories
    2. burn more calories than you consume.

    While the schools are revising their menus, I wonder if they have anyone looking at how active the kids are.