1. RCP

    I’m unfortunately unable to view YouTubes at my location and haven’t seen the ad yet.

    However I do agree that not just men go to the “meat markets” to get lucky. I also don’t believe these types of commercials should be on at all times.

    Would I find the ad funny? Probably, but that isn’t the issue is it.

    We’ve come a long way baby…

  2. I’m just thrilled there were no actual sexual acts and everyone was dressed. It was cute, and I have no problem with it; but, like ads of this nature, it should only be shown certain times of the day; er, uh, night.

    Takes two to tango you know.

  3. The lyrics are INANE. But other than that…seems right.

    Men are pigs.


  4. Dude, the point isn’t that men looking for sex are pigs. It’s that men looking for sex without taking necessary precautions to protect themselves and their partners are pigs. That’s why, in the end, the pig who buys a condom turns into a man.

    And, obviously, the woman at the end did go to the bar for sex, so no, the ad isn’t saying only men want sex.

    It’s not an anti-men ad. It’s a pro-smart-men ad.

  5. Ah, so the ad isn’t calling men unevolved pigs, its just saying that men who don’t use condoms are unevolved pigs. I get it. thats so much better. so if the ad portrayed all women as pigs, except the one that hooks up with a guy buying a trojan, that would be just fine. The ad is sexist, so is anyone who accepts it, and before its time to evolve, some of you need to stop allowing your selves to socially de-evolve because of you’re inability to take responsability for yourselves. Its not just up to men, and if you think men are pigs, than you deserved all the pigs you were too unintellegent to avoid meeting. check mate.

  6. The pigs are more attractive than that gay looking man. I honestly see those swine having better luck than him.