1. Thanks for writing this post. You really hit the nail on the head.

    Men have become easy game for bashing because we can’t fight back. If we do defend ourselves from any attack, no matter how spurious, we are misogynists or worse.

  2. And that only adds to the problem, Siggy. While I don’t know what to suggest to men, I strongly encourage every woman who agrees with me to actively and assertively counter all male-bashing as soon as it comes up in conversation.

  3. ” The military history channel, the Discovery channel, and the TCM classic movies are about the only cable channels where men are portrayed in a positive light.”

    That’s not true!

    You forgot Food Network.


  4. RCP’d Great Post!

    I’m not sure what the answer is, but the additional damage of feminizing our culture and nation is one of the effects of this bashing; we need both sides to make the whole.

    The “rape list” h/t is a fine example of society gone mad. What will become of us?

  5. Most employed writers in Hollywood are MEN! So as far as tv shows are concerned – men only have men to blame for this.

    But that’s only if your theory works. Many shows demonstrate the flaws of both men and women. And then they show redeeming qualities. That’s what makes a great plot or story. Neither men or women are all good or all bad.

    But I will oblige your argument and counteract it with these shows:

    ER – many great male roles (and doctors, no less)

    My Name is Earl – the main character is trying to right his wrongs

    24 – several men are trying to stop terrorism

    Smallville – main character is a hero

    Heroes – more male heroes
    Law and Order, CSI, Numb3rs, NCIS, The Unit, Without a Trace – many men fighting for justice

    Friday Night Lights – the coach guy played by Kyle Chandler (who has played many a strong male in his career)

    Las Vegas – men, with CIA backgrounds, trying to keep crooks out of the casinos

    Extreme Makeover Home Edition – many men lending a helping hand

    Other cable channels showing men in a positive light:

    – Discovery Channel (Mythbusters, for example)
    – ESPN
    – Versus
    – Sci Fi
    – Travel Channel
    – HGTV
    – Animal Planet
    – Golf
    – TV Land
    – National Geographic Channel
    – SoapNetwork (soap operas have their share of strong males b/c women LOVE strong male characters)

    “No one can make you feel inferior with your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt