1. There is nothing Chavez can do that will earn him any kind of excoriation by American MSM.

    Castro, Arafat, Che, et al, and western media coverage of the communist era beasts that were responsible for the deaths of millions (consider too, current day coverage of Iran, Al Qaeda and the todays version of the appeasement brigade)

    To now anticipate any kind of appropriate response from the MSM is an absurd thought.

    The press has tried mightily for decades to turn night into day. Despites decades of failure, they will forge ahead.

    Immorality is a powerful drug.

  2. Immorality is a powerful drug.
    You are exactly right, Siggy.

    While the media kow-tow to AlGore’s self-aggrandizing moral crusade (his words) on global warming, their craven immorality is what prevents them from seeing the evil in front of them.

    Again, you are right, in every sense.