Death on the sands! Call the nanny state!

Via Huber,
Reason on Line uncovers the scandal: Castles Made of Sand IV: The Revenge — This Time It’s Personal

Is this from The Onion?


The article’s in the New England Journal of Medicine: Sudden Death from Collapsing Sand Holes. Where the NJEM goes, can CNN be far behind?

Or, as a commenter in the Reason post says,

Good thing the New England Journal of Medicine is covering this issue…nothing screams Medicine like people falling into holes…

Here, I’ve invented a cure:


You can thank me later. Nominations to the Nobel Prize for Medicine are deeply appreciated.

(Later today I’ll go to the beach and photograph one of these lurking dangers as a public service to my readers.)

Update, Saturday June 30:
I did go to the beach that day and photographed, but wasn’t able to post the photos because I was too lazy until today. So here you have them:

Holes to China, or craters of death?

This one has a lethal weapon ready to chew your toes:

I post, you decide.