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The meteor Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, April 29th, 2013

LatinAmerA meteor lit up the night last Sunday in Argentina, but the big news wasn’t the meteor, it was the courts. Mary O’Grady writes on how Kirchner Targets Argentina’s Judiciary

Congressional midterm elections are set for October and the kirchneristas are desperate to win a majority so that they can change the law to allow the president to run for a third term. To reach that goal, the government decided that more cooperation from the courts is in order.

Mrs. Kirchner’s government drafted and Congress has now approved a law that, among other things, does away with existing rules for picking members of the magistrate council, the body that chooses and can impeach federal judges. Those rules ensured that the council would be made up of a politically mixed group of individuals chosen by politicians, judges, lawyers and academics.

In their place, the reform stipulates that the council will be elected by popular vote in the same election that chooses the president—raising the likelihood that the executive will control the judiciary. If 51% of voters want judges who will strip the other 49% of their property, so be it. The reform also limits to six months any injunction against a government policy, conveniently destroying the protection that Clarin now enjoys. There will also be new appellate courts with judges appointed by the council.

Caudilla Cristina: divide the opposition, take control of all the institutions, demonize a foreign country to create a common enemy.
36 Hours in Salta, Argentina

‘Problems’ as Maracana stadium reopens in Rio

US tries new aerial tools in Caribbean drug fight (H/T DP)

Colombia’s FARC guerrillas thank US lawmakers for supporting Havana peace process

Rosa Maria Paya, you have the Castro dictatorship’s attention

Note to AP: Mariela Castro is a Cuban Regime Official

Woman indicted in Cuba spy case is in Sweden and out of U.S. reach

Government of Ecuador to sue newspaper La Hora for a third time

Guatemala’s genocide trial
Playing for time
The spectre of never-ending impunity returns to a divided country

USDA/Mexico Spanish-language flyer: Get kids on food stamps without showing documents

Thirteen die in Mexico prison battle
At least 13 people die and dozens are injured after fighting breaks out between rival groups of inmates at a prison in central Mexico.

Fossil of “most ancient” monkey of Americas found in Panama Canal

Paraguay’s elections
Return of the Colorados
A tobacco magnate promises change in one of South America’s poorest countries

Puerto Rico Teams Take Top Spots at 20th NASA Great Moonbuggy Race

‘Miracle’ survival after St Lucia fishing boat sinks

Arrestan en Venezuela al ex general Antonio Rivero
El ex general denunció en el pasado la “cubanización” de las fuerzas armadas venezolanas y presentó ante la fiscalía casos de intromisión.

Viceroy Maduro swears fealty to his supreme overlord King Raul

INFORME ESPECIAL: Resumen de los principales casos de represión del Gobierno de Venezuela a Grupos Estudiantiles. Enero-Abril 2013

General Carlos Julio Peñaloza

Escuchen a Diosdado Cabello dando instrucciones contra Capriles en reunión privada en Margarita

The Cubanization of Venezuela: Cuba creates 5-million Venezuelan voters out of thin air

Chavismo: from XXI century socialism to XXI century fascism

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In Silvio Canto’s podcast, talking to Jon Perdue.

The (brief) Carnival of Latin America & the Caribbean

Monday, February 6th, 2012

The War for Oil… And Squid?, via Instapundit

Prince William’s Falklands tour ‘is his duty to the RAF’
Former Chief of the General Staff General Sir Mike Jackson says Prince William’s arrival in the Falkland Islands is a routine part of life in the Royal Air Force.

Brazil’s President Flexes Clout in Cuba Trip

Standoff between striking police, soldiers

Competition in Chile
The shine comes off

Since Fidel is such an exemplary figure of virtue, Pope Benedict XVI to receive Fidel Castro back into the Catholic Church?

Political Repression in Cuba: Rundown for the week of January 30th, 2012

WashPost Coos ‘So Nice to Meet You, Havana’ (But Bring Your Own Charmin)

Haiti’s judiciary
Just what the Doc ordered

What’s the Honduran government’s cut of your travel costs?

ALBA bloc of nations to see new members
Suriname and St Lucia are seeking membership in the ALBA group of left-leaning nations, as the bloc continues to flex its muscle and take jabs at the United States.

Carlos Slim
Let Mexico’s moguls battle
Mexico suffers from two near-monopolies. It should let them fight each other

Mexico conservatives back woman presidential candidate

17 Dominican migrants die trying to get to Puerto Rico

Venezuela’s Fateful Presidential Primary
Chávez’s political opposition attempts to unify behind a candidate.

Venezuela everyday more like Cuba, will smell like it soon

February 4th. 1992: A Day Of Shame For Venezuelans

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