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Taxing tango in Seattle

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

New Tax Rule Threatens Seattle Ballroom

Hallie Kuperman loves to dance. But what she loves even more is sharing this passion with visitors to her social dancing club, the Century Ballroom.

Hallie purchased the vintage dancing space 16 years ago, turning it into a Seattle institution. The Century Ballroom not only teaches swing, tango and the foxtrot, it also hosts cabarets and other live performances for an eclectic crowd of all ages. The club’s trendsetting owner has become a prominent and beloved figure in the community.

Business was swinging until a surprise bill arrived from Washington’s Department of Revenue. The state agency decided to reinterpret an obscure old tax, audited the Century Ballroom, and demanded a check for $92,000.

Here’s a tango show at the Century Ballroom:
Marcelo Molina Performing in “TANGO CABARET” Show at Century Ballroom, Seattle 2011 with Mirabai Deranja, dancing to Reliquias Porteñas.

h/t Gay Patriot, who says, New Tax Threatens Dancing In Seattle, Gays To Riot?

Missing person alert: Marizela Perez

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Michelle Malkin’s cousin, Marizela Perez has been missing since Saturday. She was last seen in the Seattle area. If you have any information regarding Marizela’s whereabouts, please contact local law enforcement, or the persons listed at the end of this post.

Name: Marizela Perez
Date Missing: March 5, 2011, 12:00-12:30 P.M.
Last Seen: Rainier Beach area, heading to UW Seattle campus to meet friends for lunch or study in the UW libraries
Possible Routes: Sound Link Light Rail stations, downtown/Chinatown areas, UW Seattle campus, U-district
Description – Asian female, 5’5” tall, 110 lbs, skinny build, asymmetrical bob with short bangs and brown/red highlights hairstyle, tattoo on left inner arm with the words ‘lahat ay magiging maayos’, last seen wearing denim jeans, light brown suede laced boots, possibly wearing green eye contacts, possibly carrying a plaid backpack with a Macbook Pro laptop, taking medication for depression.

Searching for Marizela: An update

Please contact if you have any information regarding this person:
Jasmin: 609 – 742 – 2360
Edgar: 609 – 646 – 0905
Melinda: 206 – 760 – 1822
Joy: 609 – 742 – 2336


One Bus Away too far

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Leave it to government to leave you stranded.

As snow pounded Washington state and Seattle commuters waited for a bus, the iPod app failed because King County shut off the data feed that tracks bus locations.

Brian Ferris, who created the OneBusAway app explains,

In his blog post, Ferris notes that outdated technology on King County buses makes it especially difficult to track bus locations when weather turns nasty.

The position of each bus in Metro KC is not tracked with GPS, but rather with a decidedly lower-tech approach. Each bus is outfitted with a device that can radio the current odometer reading for the bus back to a server. If we know the odometer reading when the bus starts its route, we can periodically monitor the real-time odometer readings to determine how far along the route the bus has traveled. This gives us an estimate of position and from there, an estimate of how early or late a bus is. This is how works and OneBusAway is just a fancy front-end to MyBus.

The problem comes with buses on adverse weather reroute, or any type of temporary reroute. When a bus goes on reroute, the physical route changes and the odometry calculation based on the original route used above is no longer accurate. In a perfect world, we would know when a bus is on reroute and adjust to its new route. Unfortunately, there is currently no automated way for handling this situation.

King County is “years away” from a GPS bus tracking system.

Your good-weather friends at King County, however, thank you for using public transit.

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A walk, and a movie

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Gerard goes for a walk and comes up with a lovely photo essay fo the neighborhood:
The Circumnambulation of Queen Anne: A Walk Around My Neighborhood,
while Leigh Scott finds out that ‘Kick-Ass’ Is the Quintessential Libertarian Film:

In the leftist paradigm, being a victim is the pinnacle of human achievement. Each special interest group battles society and each other to prove who is more oppressed, who has less civil rights, and who deserves more of our pity. “Kick-Ass” is about people who refuse to be victims. It is about average people who rise up and take whatever means necessary to restore the balance between good and evil. They do not go to the police or rely on the government to help. They do not revel in their underdog status. They perceive true injustice and take steps to stop it.

Can’t make it to Seattle for a walk, but will have to get to Kick Ass soon.

Seattle refuses to use road salt because of salting salty Puget Sound

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Seattle refuses to use salt; roads “snow packed” by design

“If we were using salt, you’d see patches of bare road because salt is very effective,” Wiggins said. “We decided not to utilize salt because it’s not a healthy addition to Puget Sound.”

Puget Sound:

Puget Sound (pronounced /ˈpjuːʤᵻt/) is an inland marine complex of waterways from the Pacific Ocean, connected to the rest of the Pacific by the Strait of Juan de Fuca, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.


Skidding down this hill is a heck of a lot more healthy:

Particularly since the cops can’t get to you in an emergency:

That leaves many drivers, including Seattle police, pretty much on their own until nature does to the snow what the sand can’t: melt it.

(h/t Ace)


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