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The Nisman murder Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, January 26th, 2015

LatinAmerThe hemisphere’s top story continues to be the murder of Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman. This weekend it was revealed that Damián Pachter of the Buenos Aires Herald, the first to journalist break the news of Nisman’s death on Twitter last Sunday, reportedly fled the country because he feared for his life.

Nisman death: ‘Now we will never know what happened’
Mother of one of the victims of the 1994 terrorist attack in Argentina tells The Telegraph that she fears they will never have justice, after prosecutor Alberto Nisman found dead

Cash-starved Argentina tried to protect Iran, cover up Jewish Center bombings for cheap oil

Can Castro admirer Cristina from Argentina survive the Nisman murder scandal? All she has to do is hang in there until the Ocotber 25 election, and the November 9 runoff, if there is one.

Argentine Prosecutor’s Death May Warrant U.S. Economic Sanctions, More

CDC Removes Chikungunya Notice For Bermuda

Bolivia Caravan Celebrates Return of God of Prosperity

Evo Morales sworn in for third term as president which brings up to the tweet of the week,

Drug trafficking, Corruption, Treason, Terrorism, Poverty. All of Latin America’s problems in one picture.

Petrobras Says It’s Still Tallying Up Losses from Kickback Scheme

Was Pablo Neruda, Chile’s greatest poet, murdered by Pinochet?
Fresh tests to see whether Nobel laureate’s body displays signs of poisoning – or whether he really did die of prostate cancer more than 40 years ago

25 Colombia Military, Police Sanctioned for Spying on Peace Talks

U.S.-Cuba Talks Recap: Castro Coerces, Obama Acquiesces

Did U.S. send Cuba its next leaders when it released the ‘Cuban Five’?
There’s no clear successor to Castro, and the five men have youth, fame and revolutionary credentials.

Ecuador goes for Super Bowl exposure with halftime ad

China and Ecuador Do Away with Tourist Visas, Sign Broad Range of Agreements

Police Chief Found Guilty of 1980 Massacre at Spanish Embassy in Guatemala

Haitians Desperately Seek Ways to Get into Dominican Republic

Haiti ‘back on democratic path’
Haiti installs a Provisional Electoral Council to organise long-delayed elections – after weeks of protests and political uncertainty.


Jamaica considers marijuana legalisation and production, while Jamaica to Discourage Pot Use Among Teens, Pregnant Women

U.S., Mexico Increasingly Competing for Farm Labor
Dwindling Pool of Workers Likely to Have Implications on U.S. Agricultural Sector

Top Mexico State Police Official Arrested
The head of Tlaxcala’s state police has been arrested on kidnapping charges, underscoring the challenges Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto faces trying to overhaul corrupt police forces and quell rampant crime.

Ton of Cocaine Seized on Panamanian Island

Greenpeace Seeks to Exclude Journalists From Peru Case

16 Cubans repatriated after boat sinks near Puerto Rico

Uruguay’s Mujica Believes Europe Is “Lashing Out Blindly” in Fight Against Fanaticism

Venezuela Oil Barrel Stays Below $40
Venezuela’s Ministry of Energy and Petroleum reports that the average price of Venezuelan crude sold by Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) during the week ending January 23 remained below $40

Venezuelan Free Press for Sale, under “Siege”
Hotel Magnate Buys Notitarde, Tal Cual to Close Due to Regime Pressure

Notitarde: Censorship in the 21st Century

After his unsuccessful begging tour, Maduro’s Answer for Venezuela’s Economic Woe: “God Shall Provide”
President Rolls Out Plan to Expand Biometric ID Ration Cards to Counter Shortage

Maduro’s Announcements: The Devil Sees Few Details

Choses vues at the Hunger Games

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It’s all about Iran

The curious case of the dead Argentinian prosecutor UPDATED

Argentina, Cuba and other US-Latin America stories

Chile: Neruda wasn’t poisoned

Friday, November 8th, 2013

No evidence Chile[an] poet Neruda was poisoned during dictatorship, test shows

An exhumation and testing of Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda’s body did not find any evidence he was poisoned, a forensic team said on Friday, despite accusations he was murdered 40 years ago by a military dictatorship.

Neruda, who had been under treatment for prostate cancer, died of heart failure at age 69, but the Chilean Communists are not happy with today’s news and demand further investigation.

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Tropical City: Buenos Aires?

Suspicions rise in Pablo Neruda’s death

Today’s Video: Injustice in Chile

Colombia’s former paramilitaries
Criminals with attitude
A crime mob takes on the government

Going old school with Fidel and Raul

Dictatorship engaged in game of “whack-a-dissident”

Ahmadinejad visits Ecuador to marshal support

Admin. extends Salvadoran deportation freeze (h/t GoV)

Mexico Security Memo: The Future of Methamphetamine in Guatemala

Otherwise, the cartels could be expanding their operations as most successful businesses tend to do. Control of transportation networks, especially ports, is critical for business because maritime shipping accounts for the majority of illegal trade worldwide.

The significance for Guatemala is notable. The Central American country has long been a transit corridor for cocaine from South America into Mexico, but it is now becoming a drug producer — even if all the precursor chemicals found there are not immediately contributing to the drug trade. Without U.S. or Mexican assistance, the Guatemalan government will be unable to control any increased production of methamphetamine — or the violence, corruption and increased use that will accompany it.

Many question whether Haiti quake donations put to best use
Two years after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, many complain that they haven’t seen where billions in donations were spent.

Happy news

A Massacre in Jamaica
After the United States demanded the extradition of a drug lord, a bloodletting ensued.

Remittances to Mexico are rebounding
Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. sent an estimated 8% more money back to relatives last year compared with 2010, thanks to an improving U.S. job market.

Mexico drug war deaths over five years now total 47,515
Mexican officials say nearly 13,000 people were killed in violence blamed on organised crime between January and September last year

Prime suspect in conspiracy to kill Paraguayan reporter freed

Lima’s metro
The train leaves platform one at last
Better late than never

Ruth Fernández, Singer and Senator in Puerto Rico, Dies at 92

Venezuela and Iran strengthen ties, mock US disapproval

Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez taunt US over ‘big atomic bomb’ Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez joked about having “a big atomic bomb” and mocked US disapproval during a meeting between the two allies in Caracas.

Iran in Latin America is no laughing matter

Chávez: ‘There will be no consulate in Miami’
The decision, which is in response to the expulsion of consul Livia Acosta, impacts more than 200,000 Venezuelans in the Southeast.

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