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Give an egg for Obama!

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Want to go to the inagural ball? Don’t have the connections or the money? Give an egg, then!

Woman Offers Ovary For Inaugural Ball Ticket

An ovary for a ball: Fair trade, no? A 27-year-old Cleveland lawyer and Barack Obama enthusiast thinks so. On Tuesday, Lisa F. posted a Craigslist ad offering her ovary—and that of a friend—in exchange for two tickets to an inaugural ball. “We’ve exhausted all my legitimate means of finding a ticket by begging our campaign staffer friends, so we thought we would try this,” says Lisa. “Also, neither of us are currently using an ovary.”

The ovaries, which range in age from 26 to 27 years, come with no strings attached. “Today, you can get an ovary from two separate, progressively minded women who are willing to part with their internal organs for a chance to wear a party dress in the same room as President Elect Obama,” Lisa wrote in a posting under Craigslist’s “for sale” section. “These women . . . will not require an explanation of your purpose. Do you wish to procreate? Use them for science? Macabre hackey sack?”

As of the writing of this post, Craig’s List shows

This posting has been flagged for removal
(The title on the listings page will be removed in just a few minutes.)

Lest you think she’s so fervent about Obama that she’s giving away parts of her reproductive organs for him alone, Lisa is willing to part with her ova for others:

“I’m prone to melodrama, so I might have said I’d give up my ovary for a couple other things, too—meeting Harrison Ford, for example.”

And why not? After all, he’s not a President but he played one on screen.

UPDATE, Saturday 10 January
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Via Instapundit, Inaugural Rentals Begging For Takers
Plans Dashed For Easy Money

Save your eggs, Lisa.

Update 2
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This came from Denny, too:

Barack is very disappointed with me!

I only scored 31 on the Obama Test


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