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The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Falklands Blockade Is an Act of War Toward Britain

Snif Snif: 300 Dogs stop Dollar Flight

In her first year, Brazil President Dilma Rousseff cleans house

Chevron’s Crude-Oil Spill in Brazil Prompts $10.6 Billion Lawsuit

Brazil Bets Big on Wind Power

Cuba: Images of repression

News host in Dominican Republic quits when station refuses to air video of politician’s bodyguard shoving a journalist

Petroecuador to Ship $538 Million Worth of Oil to PetroChina in 2012

Ecuadorian government’s attempt to trademark Twitter tag portends censorship, warns blogger

Rockhopper and Desire jump on Falklands find
Rockhopper Petroleum has unveiled another oil discovery near the Falkland Islands, sending its shares up almost 10pc.

Where has La Gringa been?

Iran Preparing Serious Cyber Attack Against the U.S. from Latin America

Hezbollah, Yet Another Western Hemisphere Link

Zetas: We are not Terrorists, Nor Guerrillas
A series of public messages seemingly hung by the Zetas in the border town of Nuevo Laredo deny that the group has any plans to confront the Mexican or US governments.
via Gancho.

Why Would Mexican Drug Cartels Need Hezbollah To Launder Their Money?

Government Says Hezbollah Profits From U.S. Cocaine Market Via Link to Mexican Cartel

Don Ray brings hospital supplies: Container #8 Unload

La Policía brasileña confisca 13 toneladas de marihuana en la frontera con Paraguay

Peru’s Humala Passes His First Test
By lifting a blockade of a copper mine, Peru’s President Ollanta Humala upholds the rule of law and sends a strong positive signal to foreign investors.

2 strong earthquakes strike Puerto Rico within a few minutes

What Hugo Chávez’s illness means for U.S., China

U.S. authorities probing alleged cyberattack plot by Venezuela, Iran, via GoV

Shake it, baby! Shake that PSUV tree!


The postponed Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, September 5th, 2011

After last week’s Carnival got postponed due to hurricane damage, the Carnival is back, on Labor Day!

This week’s featured article is on the Cuban Communist regime’s war on freedom: Castro vs. the Ladies in White
Rocks, iron bars and sticks are no match for the gladiolas and courage of these peaceful Cuban protesters.

Brush fires in Argentina: No logran controlar varios focos de incendio en Córdoba
El gobierno provincial combate las llamas en la zona de Punilla y en Traslasierra, pero no consigue extinguir las llamas

Argentina Debates Foreign Land Buys

China tries to win over Brazilian consumers

Brazil’s economy
Changing direction
Fiscal tightening, monetary loosening

Are Tax Havens Moral or Immoral?

Chile: All 21 aboard crashed military plane died

Brazil and Colombia
Less far apart
A wary friendship begins

Hezbollah in Cuba for Attacks on Israeli Targets in the Americas

Cuba’s Terror Smoking Gun

Blogger sends uncensored news to Cuban cell phones
A Spanish blogger said the Cuban government cannot block or censor texts he’s sending to cell phones on the island.

Hello USA: Was it really 47 years ago?

Alan Gross: An American Prisoner in Cuba
The Castro government should not receive any concessions until USAID worker Alan Gross is released.

Castro regime marks another Sunday of repression

As Refugees From Haiti Linger, Dominicans’ Good Will Fades

Chevron says rule of law no longer exists in Ecuador

Jamaican Kingpin Pleads Guilty in New York

GunWalker Cover-Up Comes Apart At The Seams, and White House Cover-up Makes Continuation of Fast and Furious Investigation Imperative

More Confusion, Now From the F.T.

Mexico Sets Guinness Record for Largest Folk Dance Performance

Not surprisingly, Casino arson massacre in Mexico may be rooted in corruption

Fox’s “plan” in Mexico

The Rise of the Cult of Death
The origins of the Santa Muerte are a mystery even to adherents.

Panama’s ruling alliance is dead

Sunday Morning in the Park

Peru’s new government
Mining and the man
A calm start for Humala
. Mining, in the hands of a culture minister who’s a singer – what could go wrong?

Puerto Rico businessman accused in $7M money laundering case

Ronald Fernandez, Scholar on Plight of Puerto Ricans, Dies at 67


The Fonden Papers Part V: More Information Suddenly Available

The week’s posts,
New rumors on Fidel Castro
Tuesday night tango: 2011 Salon world championships
Plan Colombia?


The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Chilean volcano hurts Argentine economy

It Takes Two to Tango, So Long as They’re Both Argentines
Foreigners Out-Dip Locals in the Dance, Making Them Increasingly Unwelcome.
Milongueros don’t dip.

Bolivia leader says aid program no longer tied to Venezuelan funds

The Left’s Big Lie On Allende

Today’s Video: Protesting in Chile over reconstruction delays

America’s Left and its Love Affair with Cuban Communism

Meurice’s Roar

Bipartisan support for rescinding Obama concessions to Castro dictatorship

Full Disclosure, Please, CBS and HuffPo

Ecuador President Rejects Newspaper’s Offer Of Correction

The death of free speech in Ecuador? Editor sentenced to three years for opinion column

Honduran journalists who alleged church corruption receive death threats


Operation Fast & Furious: House committee to hear from agents based in Mexico

Worse Than Gunwalker? State Dept. Allegedly Sold Guns to Zetas

Will Gunwalker morph into “Grenadewalker” soon?

‘The Knights Templar’: Mexico’s newest drug cartel

Malcolm Beith’s The Last Narco

Mexico: Public Protest and Meth-Precursor Shipments in Michoacan (by subscription)

New Construction, Technology Added to Texas/Mexico Border

Ortega’s Cynical Strategy
The Sandanista leader has combined economic pragmatism and authoritarian tactics to bring the country to heel.

Guest Post 3 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

Peru’s next economy chief says goal is 6 percent growth

Peru’s new president
Promises and premonitions
Ollanta Humala has given strong signals that he will keep Peru’s successful economic policies. But the politics may be bumpy

Puerto Rico company accused of male discrimination

House Republican or Hugo Chavez?

Good News/Bad News

As Life Passes by, Venezuelans Are Always Standing in Line to Watch

The week’s posts,
Zetas May Attempt to Overthrow Mexican Government in 2012?
Governing through Twitter
The Iranians are coming!
Build the fence!
Immigration in Mexico: gangs exploiting the immigrants

At Real Clear World,
Brazil Holding $200B in U.S. Treasuries

At the Green Room,
Politico on the Latino vote: “Theatrics won’t woo Latinos”


The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Buenos Aires va a las urnas con alta probabilidad de reeditar duelo de 2007

Argentina Charges Economists

Competition policy in Brazil
Too little, too late
Merger plans puts weak antitrust enforcement in the spotlight

Knight News Challenge winner Poderopedia aims to map power in Chile (Interview with Miguel Paz)

Security in Colombia
The FARC is not finished yet

Travel to the ‘Authentic’ Cuba!

Cuba and Venezuela Both Face Succession Challenge

Gunmen kill folk singer Facundo Cabral in Guatemala

The ultimate hypocrisy

Honduran Truth and Reconciliation Commission Issues Ruling

LulzSec doc drop: Arizona Officials Say Hezbollah Operating in Mexico

Fighting in Michoacán, Attacks on Hotels

State elections in Mexico
A hat trick for the PRI


Obama Meets Peru’s Incoming President

The White House said Obama dropped by Wednesday while the incoming Peruvian leader was meeting with U.S. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

Natural resources in Peru
The trials of miners

Romantic outsiders see in the events in Puno an uprising by Aymara-speaking Indians against multinationals. But the truth looks much uglier. The towns around Lake Titicaca are at the centre of a huge contraband trade. The protesters are silent about large-scale informal gold mining, which pollutes rivers far more than formal mines. In Puno’s lowlands, cocaine production is rising. Some locals say that the protests are a rebellion inspired by the leaders of illegal businesses against the rule of law.

Visit to Russia by brother of Peru’s Humala results in controversy

Puerto Rican scholar Ricardo Alegria dies at 90

The Bolivarian patient
Venezuela’s president returns, but his illness raises many questions about the country’s political future

Years, not months

The week’s posts,
Gunwalker in 1 equation
Fast and Furious from stimulus money?
The Invisible Hugo & the worst of both worlds


The “how’s Hugo” Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, June 27th, 2011

LatinAmerThe big news this week is not actually news, it’s the rumors surrounding Hugo Chavez’s stay in Cuba:
His brother Adan tells the hoi-poloi to take arms if necessary to keep Chavismo rolling
More on that at The Devil’s Excrement and Babalu.

Hugo Chavez Death Rumor: Another Bad Copy from the Castro tyrant handbook?

Daniel of Venezuela News and VIews has an article on power & Chavez

Mary O’Grady sends A Get-Well Card for Hugo Chávez
Venezuela would be better off if the ailing dictator lives and is held responsible for his misdeeds.

Foreign Countries Look to Latin America for Food

Security in Central America
Rounding up the governments
Central America’s leaders and their neighbours are at last starting to co-operate. But the mafias still lead the way in regional integration

Argentine leader picks Boudou as running mate

Boudou, appointed as economy minister in July 2009, has emerged as one of Fernandez’s most loyal cabinet ministers. In his previous job as head of the state pensions body, he won her trust when she nationalized private pension funds in 2008.

Argentine politics
Just in time

Mexican police arrest alleged head of La Familia cartel
Swoop on José de Jesús Méndez Vargas is big blow to organised crime, says President Felipe Calderón

“Siomi”, el asesor clave y futuro hombre fuerte del gobierno de Ollanta Humala

Miles de venezolanos piden asilo en EEUU

Hugo Chávez’s Scary Anti-American Campaign Takes to the Skies and Stops Off In Teheran

Trouble at the Rodeo

The week’s posts and podcasts
ATF Gunwalker fast and furious roundup
Venezuela’s sponsoring terrorism, and Brazil gets hacked
Does Hugo Chavez have prostate cancer?
Mexican drug cartel kingpins: Dead or caught roster
Hey, Hugo, how are you doing?
In Silvio Canto’s podcast
Mexico’s Hidden War


The Obama goes to Puerto Rico Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, June 13th, 2011

LatinAmerPresident Obama has scheduled a 4-hour campaign stop in Puerto Rico tomorrow, as part of his campaign trip to Florida and North Carolina in the same day. Mickey Kaus posts,

Don’t run up the score too early, Mr. President: According to Politico, Obama’s attempt to woo Puerto Ricans with a vist to their home island “underscores the Obama campaign team’s effort to build some security into the president’s reelection bid.” Security? We’re at the “security” stage of the campaign now? I thought we were at the “desperately eking out a win somehow despite 9% unemployment” stage. …

The President is sweating it out in this recession. There are two reasons for this trip:
a. A $10,000/plate dinner at the Caribe Hilton, which aims to raise $1 million for his campaign (one local radio station said that at least $500,000 was already pledged days ago)
b. courting the 5 million Puerto Ricans like myself who live in the USA, as an attempt to counterbalance the Cuban voters in FL who traditionally vote Republican.

In other news from our Hemisphere,

Special Relationship update: Obama sides with Argentina, Hugo Chavez on Falklands

Bolivia’s illegal cars can stay
Bolivian President Evo Morales approves controversial law legalizing what critics say are stolen and smuggled foreign vehicles.

Bolivia’s stunning salt flats via Gates of Vienna

Brazil’s government
Exit Palocci
The president tries to cut her losses

Battisti in Hotel with Girlfriend, 26
Cesare Battisti leaves prison with antidepressant addiction, awaiting arrival of daughters from France
, via Gates of Vienna

Spain Betrays Cuba’s Dissidents
President José Zapatero helped Castro get rid of the best leaders of the island’s nascent democracy movement.

Hugo Chavez filled with pus and purulent matter: Gets surgery in Cuba

Impunity in Guatemala
Two steps forward, one step back

Honduras’s indebted economy
The cost of a coup
The country’s financial woes will last longer than its political ones

“Hollowed out” Mexico and hollowed-out USA

Peru’s presidential run-off
Victory for the Andean chameleon
Having reinvented himself as a moderate, Ollanta Humala has an extraordinary opportunity to marry economic growth with social progress

Amenazan de muerte a Jaime Bayly y cancelan su programa de TV

Leguizamo’s Dad: John’s Not Puerto Rican!

Sean Penn Still Defending the Indefensible

The week’s posts,
Hugo Chavez has emergency surgery in Cuba
Argentina and the Falklands: A background post
Mount Doom covers Chile, Argentina with ash
Again, the US wants Argentina and Great Britain to enter into negotiations over Falklands???
Peru’s markets tank after Humala win
The Mexican cartels’ cokemobiles: Homemade tanks

At Real Clear World,
Brazil: Battisti released from prison


Peru’s markets tank after Humala win

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011


Markets plummeted in Peru on Monday after leftist Ollanta Humala won Peru’s presidency with nearly 51% of the vote. Stocks on the Lima exchange fell 13% at last glance, their biggest one-day drop since records began in 1990. Bonds and the currency were down, too.

The stock market had to close earlier than scheduled.

Why the drop?

Early in his campaign, Humala vowed to expropriate businesses, confiscate private pensions and shut off free trade, tapping into a deep vein of resentment among Peru’s lower classes.

He backtracked from most of those threats as it turned off most voters, but kept his promise to redistribute wealth by targeting Peru’s big mining companies.

So even though he vowed not to expropriate businesses or pensions, the economy-killing taxes he wants on mining companies will amount to the same thing.

It’s a potential killer of Peru’s silver-and-copper goose, which has driven Peru’s economic growth and will have terrible effects now, across the board.

The irony is that as Humala claims he’s going to make Peru like Brazil, he forgets that Peru’s economy actually has outperformed Brazil’s. His promise, which sounds so attractive, amounts to replacing Peru’s star economy with Brazil’s inferior state-directed economy.

Yesterday’s drop was the worst in the stock market’s history (link in Spanish).

The markets are not hopeful for the country.


Today’s Peru’s presidential election, Vargas Llosa not voting

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

20 million voters will elect Peru’s president in today’s runoff
I’ll be posting the results once they are in, but check out The Latin Americanist for analysis and Living in Peru for news.

Oh, and after campaigning for Humala, Mario Vargas Llosa won’t be voting for him, since his doctor says he needs to rest. No word as to whether this was due to a cognitive dissonance explosion.


Humala wins in #Peru

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Ollanta Humala so far has 52% of the votes counted in today’s presidential election in Peru.

This is very bad news for the hemisphere, as Peru has now chosen a leader that may not continue the country in the growth agenda the country has followed for the past decade.

A leader who’s been backed by Hugo Chavez, and who allegedly has killed and tortured people.

Live feed (in Spanish, via Eneas) below the fold,


Ollanta Humala’s shell game

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

AP’s Carla Salazar has an article, Leftist Peru candidate dogged by doubts

Leftist military man Ollanta Humala has tried hard to shed his radical image and disavow Hugo Chavez, promising not to follow the Venezuelan leader’s example of promoting constitutional rewrites that have helped extend his rule.

He’s sworn, hand on Bible, his commitment to democracy.

It’s worth looking at who’s behind the campaign.

Humala’s campaign is being led by Chavez-linked advisors Valter Pomar and Luis Favre, and suitcases full of money,

the strategy was to attempt to hoodwink the electorate by pushing Humala towards Brazil’s PT (Workers Party) and the larger than life Luis Ignacio “Lula” da Silva – Brazil’s former president.
The person that Chávez recommended was Valter Pomar, the national Vice-President of the Workers Party and an active member of the Sao Paulo Forum (FSP). The FSP is an organization of far-left extremists (including numerous members of the FARC and other Latin American terrorists) that was founded in 1990 in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Lula and Fidel Castro after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Castro realized that the day for armed insurrection was coming to a close, and that they would instead have to infiltrate civil society and political parties with radical communist ideology and use the vote to take over governments.

Currently 11 countries in the region are governed by FSP members – Peru would make the 12th. At this year’s meeting in Managua, Nicaragua, the Sao Paulo Forum officially endorsed Ollanta Humala for the presidency of Peru.

Valter Pomar is accompanied in Peru by Luis Favre (right-hand man to the famous João Santana who managed Lula’s election campaigns). Their job is to polish candidate Humala’s image, trying to make the case that he now supports the more moderate path of Lula’s Brazil – and to distance him from Hugo Chávez.

This has included dressing the candidate in suit and tie, rather than the revolutionary attire of angry red and army fatigues. Humala has also filled his campaign rhetoric with his “love of Peru,” and has sought the approval of the clergy.

Despite the political makeover, candidate Humala would naturally still need campaign cash from outside the country. It must also come without the fingerprints of Hugo Chávez. Thus, in 2008 and 2009, Chávez began sending letters of invitation to mayors and governors in the rural areas of Peru to visit Caracas – a network of Bolivarian Mayors.

Of those that accepted, Chávez and his advisers were able to evaluate which ones fit the bill to return to Peru with suitcases of campaign cash – naturally for the Humala campaign.

Salazar points out, “Many Peruvians are dubious.” They have good reasons for their doubts.

As I posted on last Monday’s Carnival, Peru’s El Comercio reports that WIkiLeaks revealed that Humala admitted to torturing people (link in Spanish) when he was a captain in the mountains of Peru, going by the alias Captain Carlos Gonzalez, when he was a military adjunct.

While Humala claims to have distanced himself from Hugo Chavez, El Nuevo Herald’s Casto Ocando tweets that intelligence sources confirmed that Humala’s parents traveled by private airplane to Cuba to collect funds, which presumably go for his campaign.

Alberto de la Cruz posts this video of Humala (in Spanish) speaking during a visit to Russia,

Alberto translates,

“The 2011 process will define Peru; if it aligns itself within the processes of change taking place in Latin America or it converts into another piece of what is taking place on the Pacific coast that is Chile, a right leaning government in Peru, Colombia, Panama, and Mexico, which is there to defend the old regime.”

“The emerging powers will make this world, which was once unipolar since the end of the cold war, convert itself into a multipolar world, with new leadership.”

“This will be important for Latin America because it will give us room to maneuver politically and not depend solely from one tyrant.”

“To transform the State requires many hands — one person is not enough. I am committed to this project, me and my family, and I will not step back from this project. If asses need to be kicked, then asses will be kicked, but alone we cannot do it.”

During his speech, Humala pointed out the importance of a group of countries on South America’s Pacific, such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama and Mexico – which he sees as “old regime”, if he doesn’t win.

Not surprisingly, Peru Stocks Plunge on Bets for Humala Victory, the market’s biggest weekly drop since 2008. The Lima index fell almost 6% Wednesday, after having dropped 5.2% on Monday. After 12 consecutive years of growth, the Peruvian economy may be facing a huge downturn.