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SCOTUS upholds Obamacare subsidies

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Hardly surprising,

Add one to the Capt. Louis Renault file:

My out of pocket under Obamacare is close to $10,000. Anyone supporting this can all go to h*** as far as I’m concerned.

In another decision, lawyers stand to make a bundle, Supreme Court Upholds Tool for Fighting Housing BiasOutcome means fair-housing lawsuits can proceed without proof of intentional discrimination

Allahpundit expected the Obamacare decision, too: “It was already here to stay no matter how the Court ruled today.

Keith Hennessy on Jonathan Gruber’s honesty

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

honesty about lying, that is. I posted on it at Da Tech Guy Blog, along with an offer to buy a guy lunch at Versailles:

Mexico: Navigators helping people sign up for Obamacare

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

regardless of citizenship:

“Whether they’re Mexican nationals or whether they’re United States citizens or whether they’re in transition– and if they’re there it is our responsibility within all of America to educate on the Affordable Care Act,” Enroll America Field Organizer Jose Medrano told Breitbart News on Wednesday.

Health Care insurance navigator groups hosted an Obamacare enrollment fair on Tuesday in the Mexican Consulate’s Brownsville office, The Rio Grande Guardianreported last Friday, where Mexican nationals among others were counseled about enrolling in the ACA.

This is not the first time the Mexican Consulate has been used to enroll individuals into Obamacare. Get Covered Illinois announced in late February that the Erie Family Health Center hoped to increase its enrollment numbers at the Mexican Consulate in Chicago, The Sun Times reported.

More at the links.

But hey, you people ought to sign up.

Tower of Babel

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

No, not this one,

This one:


On the chair: the original 2,700 page Obamacare legislation. Stacked against the wall: every page of Obamacare regulations published through last week. This stack is 7 feet 3 inches high.

Steven Hayward calls it THE ADMINISTRATIVE STATE IN ONE PHOTO, and adds,

A similar tower of regulations is being produced right now for the other legislative monstrosity from Obamaland, Dodd-Frank.

No country for old nuns

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

While a federal appeals court ruled that

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius cannot enforce the Obamacare contraception mandate as it is written, but must follow through on a promise to rewrite the rule to accommodate religious liberty,

the cost of Obamacare could drive the Little Sisters of the Poor out of the US before the regulation is rewritten,

They [the judges] ruled that the Obama administration must rewrite the regulation by August 2013 and provide updates to the court every 60 days. If the government fails to do so, the lawsuits may proceed.

Even then, it may not help.

The nuns employ people of many denominations, which makes them ineligible for the exemption being granted churches. They have 300 sisters who tend to the elderly in 30 U.S. cities.

That’s what you get when, in order to know what’s in it, you have to pass a mandate.

Obamacare: theory vs reality

Thursday, December 13th, 2012


Obama: “Your employer is estimated to see his premiums fall by as much as 3,000%, which means they could give you a raise.”

Your raise will have to wait:
Blue Shield of California seeks rate hikes up to 20%

Health insurer Blue Shield of California wants to raise rates as much as 20% for some individual policyholders, prompting calls for the nonprofit to use some of its record-high reserve of $3.9 billion to hold down premiums.

In filings with state regulators, Blue Shield is seeking an average rate increase of 12% for more than 300,000 customers, effective in March, with a maximum increase of 20%.

Some consumer advocates and healthcare economists say Blue Shield shouldn’t be raising rates that high when it has stockpiled so much cash. The company’s surplus is nearly three times as much as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Assn. requires its member insurers to hold to cover future claims.

The increase in reserves is due to an increase in uncertainty,

The company also expects higher costs from an influx of new customers under the federal healthcare law in 2014.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime change in the healthcare market that will bring a lot of volatility, and we need higher reserves for that,” Wagner said.

Even with these proposed rate increases, Blue Shield said, it expects to lose money in the individual insurance market in 2013.

The insurer said its medical costs for this segment of the business grew 10.6% and what it actually pays is rising 12.5% after adjusting for its portion after customer deductibles.

And Blue Shield is not alone,

The state’s largest for-profit health insurer, Anthem Blue Cross, cited a similar jump in medical costs in seeking rate hikes as high as 25% for some individual policyholders, effective in February.

Also in California, Kaiser Permanente is seeking to raise rates an average of 9% for 220,000 individual policyholders next month.

Nowhere near that 3,000% “premium fall” Obama had us expect.

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Obamacare in one sentence

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Dr. Barbara Bellar

Ed Morrisseytranscribed it,

So, let me get this straight.  This is a long sentence.  We’re going to be gifted with a healthcare plan that we’re forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least 10 million more people without adding a single doctor but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a President who smokes — [laughter] — same sentence! — with funding administered by a Treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government that has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese — [laughter] — and finally, financed by a country that’s broke.

At the end, Dr. Bellar even channeled Allahpundit with this exit question:

So what the blank could possibly go wrong?

Via CotS, where I first found it.

Welcome to Obamatax

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Senator Marco Rubio: “I Hope People Back Home Fully Understand What This Now Means”

“It is now unlawful for you not to buy health insurance. And if you don’t buy it, you have an IRS problem.”

Complete Text of Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care


#SCOTUS: Individual mandate is a tax

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

The SCOTUS has spoken.

SCOTUS blog is on cover it live,

The bottom line: the entire ACA is upheld, with the exception that the federal government’s power to terminate states’ Medicaid funds is narrowly read.

Power Line also live. Chief Justice Alito was the deciding factor, according to Fox News.

The other day I was reading about The Dangerous Synergy Between The Nanny State And Universal Health Care.

SCOTUS blog’s liveblogging

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Completed live blog of orders and opinions. Apparently, no Obamacare ruling today.