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The PRI’s return Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. The week’s big story: the PRI’s back in power in Mexico.

“Do as I say, not as I do”: Kirchner tells Olympic athletes to avoid ‘stupidity’

Women and the labour market in Brazil
Amazons at work
A revolution in the workplace meets little resistance

Iranians’ anger at Ahmadinejad over Brazilian snubs
The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is facing domestic political embarrassment after enduring a series of damaging snubs on a visit to Brazil, Iran’s erstwhile close ally.

Parliamentary immunity in Colombia
Monkey business
A much-needed judicial reform misfires

Colombian officials order preventative evacuation after volcano erupts

Read the full report on Castro, Inc.: A Global Conglomerate

Cholera outbreak in Cuba kills two, dozens hospitalized

New Cuban exile Dr. Darsi Ferrer to Cubans: ‘Take to the streets and reclaim freedom’

The real Che was no hero, via M.

Castro political police arrests ten Ladies in White to prevent them from attending church services

Leaving the oil in the ground may cost too much
Ecuador’s plan falters
The Yasuní initiative seemed to break a deadlock: it proposed the world should compensate Ecuador for not extracting oil from a biodiverse national park. But the money is not rolling in

Diane Feinstein, US senator calls to prosecute Assange

Julian Assange defies police to stay at Ecuador embassy
A member of the WikiLeaks founder’s defence fund says Julian Assange is refusing a police summons and will not be leaving the Ecuador embassy in London until he hears about his asylum bid.

Britain files White Paper officially pledging to defend Falklands
The British government tabled a White Paper on Thursday officially pledging to defend the Falkland Islands and declared there would be “no weakening” in the country’s resolve.

Travelers run for cover as cops kill cops at Mexico City airport

THE KINGPINS: The fight for Guadalajara.

A Left-Wing Comeback in Mexico’s Presidential Elections?

Mexico Campaign Bypasses Drug War
Country’s Defining Problem Gets Few New Ideas From Presidential Contenders in Sunday’s Election; ‘Calderón’s Victory’

Profiles of Mexico’s Presidential Candidates

Sharyl Attkisson double-taps Eric Holder on CBS News: perjury, cover-up and retribution confirmed

Quite a haul: Coast Guard unloads $48 million in seized cocaine
In ongoing operations, the Coast Guard — working with other Caribbean nations and other U.S. agencies — seized 3,800 pounds of cocaine on the high seas.

The seized drugs were obtained through three different stings — off the coasts of Nicaragua and Colombia — across Caribbean waters.

Imperialists Gang Up on Paraguay
After the small democracy constitutionally removes its president, Chávez and Castro call it a coup. Canada recognizes the new president; the U.S. is missing in action.

Paraguay’s impeachment
Lugo out in the cold
Why did Paraguay’s Congress mount a constitutional putsch against the president? And what happens now?

Mercosur suspends Paraguay over Lugo impeachment

Cocaine Expansion in Peru Raises Fears of Global Spread

Puerto Rico Police Hit with ACLU Lawsuit

Uruguayan drug legalisation
Thinking the unthinkable
A bold, if fuzzy, proposal

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