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FARC’s Leader’s Final Speech

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

My latest article, FARC’s Leader’s Final Speech is up at Real Clear World.


Colombia: The final speech by the FARC’s #2 guy VIDEO

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Colombian authorities have released a video of the military commander and No. 2 man of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Mono Jojoy (h/t Shane). He was responsible for kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking, and forcibly recruiting children for the FARC.

Here is the video, in Spanish. Notice the age of the FARC members:

I translated the video at Real Clear World (if you use this translation please credit me and link to this post). Mono Jojoy, whose real name was Víctor Julio Suárez Rojas, is addressing the members during a ceremony welcoming new recruits:

“If the comrades Marulata and Jacobo, for the political circumstances in this country, made the political decision to organize this guerrilla army, [it was] due to causes that justify the existence of this guerrilla.

“Because of that, being a guerrilla is the highest responsibility.

“What we do here it to shape, to improve the character, the thinking, of people coming from a capitalist society, a gossipy society. We, men and women who integrate this army, do it because we had no other opportunity, not because we are violent. We say, let’s talk, but they don’t pay attention. They want the peace of the kneeling, and that’s not us.

“We respect ourselves to be respected. We’re not going to spend 50 years to say that the armed struggle is useless.

“That’s what I wanted to tell you today. Thank you comrades.”

The speech itself is not meant to make sense in a logical way. Instead, Mono Jojoy wants to remind his audience that they are there to fight for whatever “causes that justify the existence of this guerrilla”, which remain unexplained (except for the desire to be respected), and for the sake of continuing a 50-year war.

That last part is almost ironic. Mono Jojoy was killed on Sept. 21 by the Colombian military during a raid on his terrorist camp. Following his demise, the computers found at the camp have revealed more information that will continue to bring down the FARC, including information on a Colombian senator with close ties to both the FARC and to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

The “50 year armed struggle” is not over, but at least its leaders are getting what they deserve.

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The dead Mono Jojoy Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, September 27th, 2010

As you may recall, Colombian authorities dealt a huge blow to the FARC by killing its #2 guy and seizing 15 laptops, which will surely reveal much valuable intelligence on the criminal/terrorist organization. Here’s my article at Real Clear World:
FARC’s Military Leader: He Died With His Boots On

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. “The world’s most powerful woman?” Makes you wonder if the fool ever hear of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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Mono Jojoy goes down

Colombian rebel leader reportedly killed in military strike

Position of killed FARC commander was determined by GPS in boot

Chávez dice que “uno no puede alegrarse por la muerte de nadie”
El mandatario venezolano habló de la baja del guerrillero de las Farc, alias el ‘Mono Jojoy’.

Keep the pressure on the Castro regime

Prisoners who refuse to resettle in Spain will be freed last – and only on parole

José Ángel Luque Álvarez, Cuban Political Prisoner of the Week, 9/19/10 (UPDATED x2)

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Mary O’Grady: Weekend at Fidel’s
Jeffrey Goldberg is not the first American journalist to cuddle up to Castro.

We are supposed to conclude that Cuba is no longer a threat to global stability and that Fidel is a reformed tyrant. But how believable is a guy whose revolution all but wiped out Cuba’s tiny Jewish community of 15,000, and who spent the past 50 years supporting the terrorism of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Syria, Libya and Iran? And how does Castro explain Venezuela, where Cuban intelligence agents run things, Iran is an ally and anti-Semitism has been state policy in recent years? Mr. Goldberg doesn’t go there with Fidel.

It also is passing strange that we hear nothing from Mr. Goldberg about poor Alan Gross. Mr. Gross, a U.S. government contractor and a Jew, has been languishing in a Cuban prison since December. His crime: distributing computers to a handful of Cuban Jews who want to establish contact with the diaspora. Is that any way to show love for the Jewish people?

It never seems to cross Mr. Goldberg’s mind that he is being used in a manner Communists first learned at Lenin’s knee. Or perhaps he is happy to be useful. In a follow-up post he explains that since Fidel is not as bad as Pol Pot, Cubans should stop complaining.

Goldberg in turn says Mary’s “unhinged” because, after all, the Jews were not exterminated and can travel to Israel…only with permission of the government, Jeffrey.

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Things that make no sense to me

Protecting the Journalists

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DNA paternity test clears Paraguay leader Fernando Lugo
Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo did not father a child with a woman who is suing him in a paternity case, DNA results have shown
h/t The Latin Americanist.

Peru and Thailand expect to negotiate an FTA soon.

My fellow compatriots, it looks like we better get ourselves new birth certificates:
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Operation Sodom


Venezuela a Hotbed of Anti-Semitic Rantings by the Governing Elites
Hugo Chávez outdoes even Iran in fostering the most nauseating kind of anti-Semitism among the ruling elites while pushing comical conspiracy theories about the Jews.

For more on the National Assembly elections, check out this morning’s roundup and podcast.

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‘The Most Important Blow Ever Against the FARC’
That quote from Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos refers to the death in battle of Mono Jojoy, the terrorist rebel group FARC’s most senior military commander.

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Whoa! FARC chief killed
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‘The Most Important Blow Ever Against the FARC’

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

My latest article at Pajamas Media is now on line,
‘The Most Important Blow Ever Against the FARC’
That quote from Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos refers to the death in battle of Mono Jojoy, the terrorist rebel group FARC’s most senior military commander.


Whoa! FARC chief killed

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

This is a huge blow against the FARC:
Colombia FARC rebel Mono Jojoy killed – army

Top Colombian FARC rebel commander Mono Jojoy has been killed in combat, an army spokesman said on Thursday.

The death of Mono Jojoy would be severest strike against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, since two top commanders died in 2008. Mono Jojoy, whose other name was Jorge Briceno, was considered the FARC’s top military chief.

I’ll talk about this in today’s podcast at 11AM Eastern.

Will also add links to news reports during the day.
El ‘Mono Jojoy’ resultó muerto en un operativo militar del Ejército colombiano

Colombia: No. 2 rebel commander killed

Colombian army kills top Farc rebel leader Mono Jojoy
Jorge Briceno aka Mono Jojoy (file image) Mono Jojoy was the senior military commander in the rebel group
One of the most senior leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) has been killed, say reports.

Santos congratules armed forces on ‘Mono Jojoy’ death