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Latin America: Free trade vs. Mercosur

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

David Lhunow writes on The Two Latin Americas
A Continental Divide Between One Bloc That Favors State Controls and Another That Embraces Free Markets

In 2014, the Pacific Alliance trade bloc (consisting of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile) is slated to grow an average of 4.25%, boosted by high levels of foreign investment and low inflation, according to estimates from Morgan Stanley. MS +1.55% But the Atlantic group of Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina—all linked in the Mercosur customs union—is projected to grow just 2.5%, with the region’s heavyweight, Brazil, slated to grow a meager 1.9%.

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The day-before-election-day Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, November 4th, 2013

LatinAmerTomorrow is election day; if you live in Princeton, NJ, please vote for me.

Argentina opposition gains ground in vote
President Kirchner’s party loses seats in four largest districts with 72 percent of votes counted in mid-term elections.

Argentina’s mid-term election
Cristina’s come-uppance
President Fernández should build bridges to her opponents—or risk leaving office early

Argentina’s wealth gap
Barbarians at the gate
The capital’s exclusive closed neighbourhoods face a heavy new tax
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Following Venezuela were Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Lithuania, France, Italy, Spain and the Philippines, eight of which also made the top ten list last year.

The second beheading this year: Former Brazilian footballer’s head left on his doorstep

Beheadings raise concerns of violence in Brazil

Tortured Chilean wins compensation
An 80-year-old exile wins compensation from the Chilean state over torture he suffered 40 years ago under General Pinochet, in a landmark legal battle.

Is This The End Of The Chilean Economic Miracle?

How are those negotiations with the FARC going? Rebels in Colombia Hit Energy Sector Hard in ‘Black October’
Colombia’s energy sector, the main driver of its economy, is limping away from “Black October,” a term coined by Marxist rebels who set forth on a month-long blitzkrieg, attacking oil pipelines, coal trains, electricity plants and transmission towers.

Colombian rebel group FARC free US hostage
Kevin Scott Sutay, the former US soldier who wandered in to territory of Colombian rebels, turned over to Cuban and Norwegian officials four months after being taken hostage

Probably the only time I’ll post on Mr. Bieber: Justin Bieber shows Colombia´s police force is for rich and famous?

No zombies allowed: Colombian University Bars Halloween Celebrations (video in Spanish)

Condé Nast Traveler ranks 9 Costa Rican resorts in top 15 in all of Central and South America

Four Rising Global Art Collectors Discuss Their Collections
Top buyers from Italy, Thailand, France and Costa Rica are part of a new emerging class of collectors

Cuba shuts down private cinemas
Cuban authorities order the immediate closure of privately-run cinemas and video-game salons, saying they were never authorised.

Over 900 Political Arrests in October

Chevron Vindicated As Evidence Points To ‘Green Fraud’ By Environmentalists

Chevron v. Donziger: The Lawyer Who Walked Away

The Cubanization of Ecuador

Day of the dead celebrated with giant kites in Guatemala – video

Honduras General Denies Involvement In Brutal Death Squads

Police: Operation Resilience seizes record number of illegal firearms

Mexico’s Theology of Oil

How Gold Is Destroying Peru’s Rainforests

Puerto Rico Economy Forecast to Shrink 0.8% in Fiscal 2014

Biden Meets with President Mujica of Uruguay, but, did the get the munchies?

U.S.-Owned Oil Rigs Seized By Venezuelan Government

Maduro still trying to turn Chavez into Christ

Venezuela Unveils Orwellian Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness
Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, just unveiled the country’s euphemistically-named Deputy Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness—to mockery on Latin America’s blogosphere.

What will Mercosur do about Venezuela’s delayed payments?

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Pacific Alliance vs. Mercosur

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

The Economist has a must-read article on Latin American geoeconomics
A continental divide
The region is falling in behind two alternative blocks: the market-led Pacific Alliance and the more statist Mercosur

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Cause: Argentina Bans Dollar Purchases For Savings, Infobae Says (h/t Clark). Effect: Making The Euro Zone Look Good

Argentina convicts 2 dictators of stealing babies

La República de la cocaína

Bolivian farmer dies in protests against Canadian mine

Star Gazers
Way out in a barren Chilean desert, the biggest telescope ever made is taking shape
, via Instapundit.

The Self-Employed and the “Mules”

The Truth About Cuba, via Babalu.

Raul Castro’s long trip to China raises questions about a secret stopover
A trip that takes one day on commercial jetliners took more than two, raising questions about a secret stopover

Ecuador Seeks Liquidity Loan As Correa Loses Oil Funding

Pide a EEUU no renovar Atpdea con Ecuador
Chevron descarta cualquier acuerdo extrajudicial con demandantes ecuatorianos

U.S. soldier killed on humanitarian mission in Guatemala

Xiomara Castro Urges Hondurans to Retake Power

Remember Fast and Furious’s Mexican Victims.

Mexico destroys 1 million chickens for bird flu

Mexico’s Leader Seeks to Shed the Past

Mexico’s election
The PRI’s qualified comeback
The former ruling party triumphs, but without the majority it had hoped for



Castro & Co. Are Best Kept at Arm’s Length
Economic growth in Latin America is at risk if tyrants are welcomed as legitimate leaders. As my family learned in Panama, poverty and tyranny go hand in hand.

Mercosur Shows Lack Of Ethics

The Paraguay MERCOSUR fiasco: the loser list

Peru: Three die in clashes over Conga gold mine project
Clashes in northern Peru between police and demonstrators opposing a multi-million dollar gold mining project have left at least three people dead.

Our American Dream: Bobby Sanabria, the Voice of Afro-Cuban Jazz

Uruguay president: Only pot will be legal

Chavez Promotes to Minister Military Officer designated by the U.S Treasury as Drug Kingpin

Venezuelan Officials Acting on Behalf of the FARC

Chávez: into Mercosur by a side door

Venezuela’s presidential campaign
Tilting the pitch
The opposition faces some extraordinary obstacles

Mitt Romney: We Stand With Venezuelans Fighting For Democracy And Freedom

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MoDo did well!