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Mad Men Sunday: the props

Sunday, October 18th, 2009


Tensor lamps, ballpoint pens, why read at old issue of Playboy for the articles, and the fascinating process of prepping for Mad Men props:
An Interview with Scott Buckwald, Prop Master for the Hit TV Show Mad Men

Collectors Weekly: What sets Mad Men’s focus on historical accuracy apart from other shows set in a particular time period?

Buckwald: I don’t really know that anything necessarily does. First of all, I think that the promotion of the show has really highlighted its historical accuracy. Mad Men exists in a world that people still remember. You’ll have people who were working in 1960 going, “Oh, my God. I remember that item.”

Most people are not historians. Most people are not totally geeked out about any one time in history, so they really don’t know. If you do a Revolutionary War movie and you put in a weapon that didn’t come about until the War of 1812, the majority of people aren’t going to know. But part of the charm of a show like Mad Men is that it’s about our life. I wasn’t alive in 1960, but I was born in 1963, so I remember a lot of that stuff from when I was a little boy in ’68 and ’69. History doesn’t just change on a dime. Things that existed in 1960 also existed in 1970, and are still easily accessible thanks to photos. It’s still within our grasp.

Scott has excellent advice for collectors, so please go read the entire article.

And here’s another photo from the article (check out the caption), in a scene where Don shows that he’s a very good dad, in spite of being a lousy husband:


Special thanks to Melissa for the link.

UPDATE, Monday 19 October
The Simpsons Mad Men, via Pat,

Recap of last night’s episode by the WSJ’s Cheryl Berman.

Mad Men clothes

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

mad-men1 men

Sunday is Mad Men night, and here are their clothes,
‘Mad Men’ dresses up masculinity

The characters’ well-dressed masculinity has less to do with vanity than a handsome uniform. Anything but simpering aesthetes or primping mirror gazers, Don Draper and his colleagues don’t care about fashion per se; they just happen to buy suits that fit.

Retailers have been quick to pick up on the trend, and those who weren’t already making thin-lapel jackets quickly started. Shortly into the craze, the posh brand Theory had rebranded its stall at Bloomingdale’s in the Westfield San Francisco Centre with “Mad Men” paraphernalia. Banana Republic jumped on board for Season 3, launching a line of “Mad Men”-inspired gear and a chance to appear on the show as an extra.

You can find the Banana Republic story here, and the style guide.

And young men are wearing hats, too. Nice fedoras, at that.

However, paying $65 for a pair of boxer shorts strikes me as folly:

“We really can’t make them for any less,” says owner and founder of Sausalito-based Birds Boxers’ Megan Papay of her $65-a-pop boxers ( “We’ve tried to figure it out, but we can’t.”

Not, it seems, if she and her husband, Michael Papay, aim to keep up their admirably high standards – 100 percent pima cotton grown, picked, spun, dyed, cut and hand-sewn all in Lima, Peru, in a vertically integrated shop. The mother-of-pearl buttons add a classy touch, and the design of the Custom Cut make me feel, if not exactly like Don Draper, at least like Calvin Coolidge.

That reminds me of a book I read about Eric Von Stroheim, who insisted that the extras playing soldiers in one of his movies wear authentic Austrian underwear with the Archduke’s monogram on them. Poor Eric lost a fortune doing that, which put an end to his directorial career.

Let’s hope the show’s not making their actors lolly around in $65 boxers, however tempting as it may be to see Jon Hamm wear them.

More on Mad Men fashion at their website’s fashion file.

The WSJ has “Mad Men” Season 3, Episode 8: TV Recap (which I missed last week) with a nice photo of Jon Hamm. Luckily for the fashion-oriented audience, Joan is now running “the fancy dress section at Bonwits.” There should be plenty of material (puns always intended) in that.

Mad Men Sunday: Joan on the cover of Weddings

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

The Mad Men are back tonight on AMC at 10PM Eastern.

Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks On Cover of InStyle Weddings. The irony is that the beautiful Christina Hendricks plays Joan, who was raped by her boyfriend prior to their wedding.

Last night’s “Mad Men” had an all-too-rare subplot involving Joan and her betrothed, The Handsome Doctor . In a previous episode, Doc’s abusive, douche-tastic tendencies were barely hinted at—“Didn’t you say you were getting me a drink?!”—but this episode confirmed it for any doubters. In one of the most disturbing scenes to have been featured on “Mad Men”, the good doctor forces Joan to have sex with him on the floor of Don Draper’s office despite her repeated protests and attempts to physically dissuade him. Perhaps the saddest and most resonant part of all is when she stops fighting and turns her head to stare fixedly at Don’s coffee table, resigned to her fate.

I wonder whether the series is setting up Joan’s character as a prospective abused wife.

We shall find out, won’t we?