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The lion, the fame of Plame, Michelle’s wardobe, and the roundup

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

It’s been a busy day but at least there’s time for a roundup:

Richard Fernandez has History According To Hollywood, specifically on Valerie Plame, the CIA person who according to at least one eyewitness used to drive her convertible with the top down into the CIA parking area – while she was “undercover”. Even the WaPo pours criticism on Hollywood myth-making on Valerie Plame controversy.

Liam Neeson thinks Aslan the lion of Narnia could also be Mohammed. I could also be Anouk Aimee, but I’m not. John Nolte:

And what happens just a week before the release of the latest expensive installment of a franchise on the bubble of extinction? An actor puffed up with his own importance decides to attack the very heart of the series and take what it means — it’s very essence — away from the very audience that can make it the most profitable. I don’t want to see some goofy, multi-cultural, politically correct fantasy movie because nowadays everything’s multicultural, politically correct and goofy. Call me intolerant, but I want to see a Christian movie, a movie that honors and respects my beliefs and affirms them. And if Muslims want the same, more power to them. But this ain’t it.

But please Liam, don’t stop there. Do tell us what “Taken” is really about. Let me guess, a father’s journey through an evil Walmart in search of a daughter captured by crass American materialism?

Somebody ought to tell Michelle Obama to say no to anything argyle, but MOTUS has the funniest political blog around.

Excuse me, but what is a person who believes in global warming doing inflating a hot-air balloon by burning natural gas?

Well, knock me over with a feather! Hillary ‘Clinton’s charm falls flat with Iranian minister. “I Said ‘Hello Minister.’ He Just Turned Away”. Bill could not be reached for comment.

Next thing you know, we won’t need to put down the bong here in the Garden State. Some never did.

Derek Jeeter is staying with the Yankees and I couldn’t care less.

Happy Chanukkah, GM!