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Today’s Peru’s presidential election, Vargas Llosa not voting

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

20 million voters will elect Peru’s president in today’s runoff
I’ll be posting the results once they are in, but check out The Latin Americanist for analysis and Living in Peru for news.

Oh, and after campaigning for Humala, Mario Vargas Llosa won’t be voting for him, since his doctor says he needs to rest. No word as to whether this was due to a cognitive dissonance explosion.


Humala wins in #Peru

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Ollanta Humala so far has 52% of the votes counted in today’s presidential election in Peru.

This is very bad news for the hemisphere, as Peru has now chosen a leader that may not continue the country in the growth agenda the country has followed for the past decade.

A leader who’s been backed by Hugo Chavez, and who allegedly has killed and tortured people.

Live feed (in Spanish, via Eneas) below the fold,


The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, May 16th, 2011

The Chinese Dragon Sweeps Through Latin America
Time to stand up and take notice — English and Spanish speakers alike

Jorge Macchi
South American magic on show in the north

Bossa nova and Elenco Records
A moody soundtrack for Brazil

No Samba for Chavez this time around

After 11 Months Colombia Asks, Who’ll Stop the Rain?

Take a seat

Organized Crime in Costa Rica and the Other Balloon Effect

Ecuador: Uncertainty and Division

Report Links Ecuador’s President With Colombian Guerrillas

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa may have received as much as $400,000 from Colombian guerrillas and their drug trafficking allies for his 2006 presidential campaign, a U.K. think tank concluded in a report released Tuesday.

Ecuador emerging as new cocaine centre

Ecuador’s constitutional referendum
A close count
The balance of powers hangs in the balance

Oppenheimer Report; Ecuadorian media censorship

El Salvador Quits the Market Model
The country’s debt has been repeatedly downgraded as President Mauricio Funes has increased government spending.

The problem is not only reckless spending but also hostility toward business. The Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal Index of Economic Freedom, which once ranked El Salvador as the ninth freest economy in the world (2000), now places it at 39.

Battle With Mexican Gang at Texas-Border Lake Kills 13

Martelly inaugurated as Haitian president

Qaddafi’s Man in Managua
Sandinista boss Daniel Ortega is an old friend of the Libyan tyrant.

Fears grow that US unready for larger Panama canal, via The Latin Americanist.

Giuliani accompanies Keiko Fujimori on campaign

American Airlines Backs Puerto Rico Airport Plan

Hugo Chavez: FARC’s unreliable partner
Close logistical support is suggested in new report between Venezuelan officials and wanted murderers – so what do we do about it?

Hugo Chavez’ main link to the FARC, trusted adviser (and twice Interior Minister) Ramon Rodriguez Chacin

Committee to Free Venezuela Foundation’s Anonymous Effort

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Ecuador’s Correa and the FARC
A guitar grows in Argentina
Bin Laden’s cousin arrested in Ecuador for human trafficking
Makled now in Venezuela

At Real Clear World
Venezuela Wanted FARC to Act as Hit Men
Iranian Training Camps in Latin America


Peru: Ollanta Humala’s new PR face

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Simon Romero writes about Peru’s election,
A Candidate in Peru Tacks Toward Brazil’s Course

LIMA, Peru — In his failed 2006 bid for Peru’s presidency, Ollanta Humala donned red T-shirts, boasted of plans to assert state control over energy resources and blasted opponents for warming to the United States, using elements from the playbook that was then helping propel leftist political allies of Venezuela to electoral victories in Latin America.

But in a transformation this year that points to the eclipse of Venezuela by Brazil, Mr. Humala has swapped the red shirts for dark suits, explicitly rejected talk of seizing private companies and celebrated Brazil’s market-oriented economic model, while distancing himself from Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chávez.

Mr. Humala, 48, made the shift after hiring Brazilian campaign advisers tied to Brazil’s governing Workers Party.

However, as Jaime Bayly remembered in 2006, Humala was a military adjunct representing the Toledo government after serving under Fujimori.

Keiko Fijimori, on the other hand, had publicly opposed her father’s illegal re-election and requested that his right-hand man Montesinos be expelled.

A small glimpse of an interesting election that will resonate through the region.


The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Argentine Government Takes Larger Role in Private Companies

Obama vs. Perón: In Their Own Words

U.S. denies visa for German journalist who investigated baby thefts in Argentina

Today’s Video: The long arm of the law

Bolivia socialist hit with demand for 15% pay increase

Link in Portuguese: Iranian cleric wanted by Interpol for the AMIA bombing in Argentina is in Brazil recruiting poor men for “religious instruction”

Something Real, For A Change, via Real Clear World

Central America
The tormented isthmus
Big-time drug trafficking has arrived in Central America. Its poor, politically polarised countries must now try to cope

Clarity in Chile

Chile is the first nation whose return to democracy was based on economic freedom. On global economic freedom rankings, Chile stands near the top — in part because its public employees can’t run up debt or corrupt the political process.

The existing constitution makes Chile a full right-to-work country and expressly prohibits government collective bargaining and public employee strikes.

The idea is to prevent the ugly anti-democratic dynamic — now seen in Wisconsin and elsewhere — of public employee unions extorting concessions from politicians in exchange for campaign support.

Female labour participation in Chile
Taking leave of his senses
An extension of maternity leave is unlikely to get more women working

Colombia’s Santos: accomplice in drug trafficking and terrorism

Former Al-Jazeera and NPR Reporter Now Working for Castro

More suffering in Cuba

Granma: State spends more to subsidize food, so local producers must do their part

‘Last Congress’ for Cuba’s old guard, Laughter and the Congress

A MURDER FORETOLD Unravelling the ultimate political conspiracy. via Clifton

Number Of Dead Near Border Up To 122

Mexican soldiers arrest drug cartel suspect in connection with slaying of poet’s son

Prosecutor slain in Mexican border city

Who Is Your Angel?

Via Real Clear World, Peru’s Ghost Election

Whoever wins on June 5, Peru’s next president will be an admirer of one of the two living ghosts that haunt this election, each a political leader who has undermined democracy and shown strong authoritarian tendencies.

Most Peruvians are worried, even if not everyone agrees with the assessment that the choice is between two deadly alternatives. The election will come down to which specter Peruvians fear most, the ghost of Hugo Chávez or the ghost of Alberto Fujimori.

Peru’s presidential election
The masses blow a raspberry
Voters engineer an unappealing choice between two contrasting populists, Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori

It’s show-me time for Peru’s Humala-investors; Vargas Llosa’s [sic] supports Ollanta Humala, with reservations

Augusto Marin, a Puerto Rican painter and muralist, dies at 89

Chavez Policy Sends Venezuelans on Cross-Border Cash Hunt

The master plan

Inadequate Management Everywhere Under Chavismo

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3 on Mexico
EPA pays to upgrade unsafe Mexican trucks


The year without Mel Zelaya Carnival of Latin America, and VIDEO

Monday, June 28th, 2010

LatinAmer Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. As the title indicates, it’s been a year since Mel Zelaya was thrown out of office. He and his teddy bear are also gone from his tin foil-lined room at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa.

Today’s podcast at 11AM Eastern:
The UN Office for Drugs and Crime’s report

Collateral damage

Cristina se reunió con empresarios antes del comienzo de la cumbre del G20

Seventy-five years ago today

Barbados and Panama sign double taxation agreement

Bolivian Bottles Build Houses

Brazil’s foreign policy
An Iranian banana skin
Lula has little to show for his Tehran adventure

Lula’s adventure in Tehran smacks of the overconfidence of a politician who basks in an approval rating of over 70% and who sees the Iraq war and the financial crisis as having irreparably damaged American power and credibility. But the United States is still Brazil’s second-largest trading partner. Although some American and Brazilian officials are keen to prevent ill-will over Iran from spoiling co-operation in other areas, it nevertheless may do so. The United States Congress may be even less willing to support the elimination of a tariff on Brazil’s sugar-based ethanol, for example.

Lula wants the UN reformed to reflect today’s world, with Brazil gaining a permanent seat on the Security Council. But by choosing to apply his views on how the world should be run to an issue of pressing concern to America and Europe, and in which Brazil has no obvious national interest, Lula may only have lessened the chances that he will get his way.

Lula skips G20 summit due to deadly Brazil floods

Piñera’s (dis)approval

Entrevista a Josep Montaner, “El rol de la sociedad civil ha de ser activo en cualquier situación” Video in Spanish,

Josep Montaner _ Rol de la sociedad civil from Plataforma Urbana on Vimeo.

THOMSON: Santos sweeps to the presidency
Platform for security, stability and development win b

Good news from Colombia, but does Obama appreciate it?

Ros-Lehtinen: Recognizing Colombia’s presidential election and the U.S.-Colombia alliance Ros-Lehtinen Resolution on Colombia Elections Passes House

Will Washington treat Colombia’s Santos as an ally?

Father’s Day in Costa Rica

When Learning Turns to Dust

“Cuba experts”

Ramiro on a hunger strike?

Syrian president due in Havana on Sunday

Interviews With Dr. Darsi Ferrer and Juan Juan Almeida

UPDATE: Filmmakers Argue Against Ruling In Chevron Case

A year without Mel Zelaya

More intromission by US Ambassador Llorens and G-16

Mr Coke turns himself in

Jamaican drug lord captured

Mexican Violence Crosses Borders; Attracts Media Attention

Mexico Represents Single Biggest Drug Trafficking Threat to U.S.

Nicaragua’s Sandinistas accused of paying for power
Daniel Ortega’s ruling Sandinistas Front is using strong-arm tactics to limit opposition, observers say.

Washington Post on retiring to Panama

Journalists in the crosshairs of Paraguayan People’s Army

Peruvian Franken-Corn Defamation Case Update

Keiko Fujimori Leads Peru Presidential Poll, El Comercio Says

Keiko Fujimori says “I will be in the second round” for president of Peru in 2011

Peru judge rules Van der Sloot confession valid


Students approve strike pact. Back in the olden days when I was a student at the UPR they were striking, too, but no one slept in cute little tents on campus. Either way, the strikes are a total waste of time.

Today’s podcast at 11AM Eastern: UN: Most of the cocaine going to Europe passes through Venezuela

The report launched by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) expresses concern about Venezuela due to the existence of cells of armed insurgent groups, such as the Bolivarian Liberation Front and civilian militias supported by the government.

WDR 2010 website. PDF file: full report.

Syrian president meets with Chavez in Caracas

Revolutionary Rot, But News It’s Not: AP Ignores Venezuela’s ‘Battle for Food‘, also at BizzyBlog

Como el paternalismo crea dictadores

A radical shift to the radical left in Venezuela

Ollie Loves Hugo & Hugo Loves Ollie

Le Monde criticizes the selling out of Venezuela to Cuba, Chavez gets revenge by taking away a minor farm of Diego Arria and Letter from Diego Arria to Hugo Chavez

VenEconomy: Venezuela Dominated By & Split Up Into Ghettos

Commie Despot Renegs On Debts, Seizes Oil Rigs

Today’s Video: Oligarchs vs. Bolivarians

Maria Conchita Alonso on Oliver Stone’s South of the Border (VIDEO)

My cousin sent this, Por que Cuba No fue a el Mundial Los Pichy Boys

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