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The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, January 24th, 2011

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Venezuela: Hell on Earth
The reckless tyranny of Hugo Chavez squandered away Venezuela’s abundant natural resources, sound infrastructure and skilled labor.

The Militias Of Venezuela

If you do not support Chavez your verdict will be guilty, guilty, guilty!

The early 2012 Jockeying Report

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Haiti: More Troubles Ahead for ‘Baby Doc’


Bob Barr among Baby Doc’s American lawyers

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Former dictator and new arrival in Haiti Baby Doc Duvalier has three American attorneys helping him try to get a hold of his assets in frozen Swiss bank accounts:
Lawyer: Duvalier wants U.S. entity to disburse frozen funds

The idea is to name a US company to transfer the frozen funds, which supposedly would help Haiti recover from last year’s earthquake.

Now, considering how Duvalier and his father unscrupulously pillaged the country and relied on a murderous regime of fear, why am I not buying this?

The American attorneys are Ed Marger, former Republican congressman Bob Barr and Mike Puglise. Barr was the Libertarian Party’s 2008 presidential nominee,

He said the three American lawyers were not involved in Duvalier’s legal problems in Haiti. They were there to advise him on international matters.

Bloomberg has more on the story.

So you were asking why Baby Doc returned to Haiti? I say follow the money.

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Baby Doc gets charged with corruption VIDEO

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier charged with corruption in Haiti
Former dictator faces charges relating to his 15-year rule after being hauled before a judge in Port-au Prince

“His fate is now in the hands of the investigating judge. We have brought charges against him,” said Port-au-Prince’s chief prosecutor, Aristidas Auguste.

He said his office had filed charges against Duvalier, 59, of corruption, theft, misappropriation of funds and other alleged crimes committed during his period in power.

The charges must now be investigated by the judge who will decide whether a criminal case should go ahead.

If the judge dismisses the charges, things are going to get really interesting.

The Wall Street Journal points out that, additionally,

Mr. Duvalier is also battling a Swiss effort to confiscate about $5 million that he holds in Swiss bank accounts, and return the funds to Haiti, according to Haitian and Swiss lawyers involved in the case.

A law allowing Swiss authorities to seize funds deemed of illicit origin and return them to foreign nations is set to come into force on Feb. 1. From that date, Swiss authorities will have the power to initiate a case against Mr. Duvalier, a spokesman for Swiss Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

Pending possible legal actions against Mr. Duvalier, Swiss authorities have frozen the funds. Mr. Duvalier has challenged that decision through Switzerland’s Federal Administrative Court.

He entered Haiti with an expired Haitian passport.

Why did he return in the first place?

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