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Cuban endurance sports: Meet world-class windsurfer Henry Vergara Negrin

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Last week a twenty four-year old on a windsurfing board pulls onshore and makes a phone call to his dad to ask him to be picked up.

Nothing unusual about that, except perhaps for his needing a ride.

What is really extraordinary is that the young man, Henry Vergara Negrin, had windsurfed for nine hours straight from Cuba, using his GPS. Two other friends each on windsurfing boards, had started with him: one was picked up and returned to Cuba, the third one was found by a fisherman Thursday morning,
[Note: The reporter mistakenly refers to Henry Vergara Negrin as Negrin, when it should be Vergara, or Vergara Negrin]

Key West police reports documented how Henry Vergara Negrin, 24, said he left Jibacoa, Cuba, near Havana at 9 a.m. Tuesday with two companions on separate boards.

Jibacoa is located about 97 miles south of Key West.

About nine and a half hours after leaving Cuba, Negrin arrived ashore at Key West’s luxury Reach Resort.

A hotel spokeswoman told Reuters that hotel guests and a staff member with the hotel helped him to a lounge chair where other staff members took care of him.

Negrin is the reportedly the first Cuban windsurfer to complete the dangerous trip across the Florida Straits in two decades.

According to the account Negrin gave police, he lost sight of his companions four hours into the journey when their sails went down.
He told police he knew them only as Amando, 28, and Dwarta, 23

Vergara Negrin was interviewed by Jaime Bayly, who was suitably impressed by Vergara Negrin’s presence of mind, endurance and fitness. Henry said he didn’t tell anyone, not even his mom, what he was about to do:

Bayly was also surprised to meet a low-key Cuban. Not many of those!

Henry will be celebrating his 25th birthday on March 20th.

Let’s see if the US media fusses about Henry’s accomplishment in fleeing from the island-prison, or if he’ll be in Dancing with the Stars.

On the other hand, Henry – who’s still young enough to sign up as his dad’s dependent under Obamacare (as if he’s anyone’s dependent!) – already has met a criteria for future Secretary of State:

Colombia: When El Dorado is the gateway to freedom

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

All links except Carlos Eire‘s are in Spanish.

Like something out of The Terminal (video in Spanish):

Six Cubans Ask for Asylum in Colombia, Remain in Airport Limbo

Their names are Ángel, Briam, Edualdo, Greisy, Yoanker and Nayip, and they say in unison: “Nosotros no nos vamos para Cuba, queremos quedarnos en Bogotá” (We won’t return to Cuba, we want to stay in Bogotá).

All six –one woman and six men — are under the age of 41, as their Castro era names attest, and they have been asking for asylum since the first of the year.

The would-be refugees have been camping out in the airport, refusing to move, rejecting all offers to fly them back to Castrogonia. The Colombian government, in turn, has refused them asylum, and now the United Nations is getting involved.

How they got into this predicament is still being figured out. And no one seems to know how it will be resolved.

They claim that they left Castrogonia for Ecuador with all of the right papers, but were refused entry. After arguing their case for six days at the airport in Ecuador, they were sent back to the Castro Kingdom via Colombia, but when they reached the Bogotá airport they refused to board their flight back to the slave plantation.

Five other Cubans returned to Havana.

The Colombian government declined asylum since the Cubans had not filed a formal application while they remained at El Dorado airport in Bogota (link in Spanish – my translation, please link & credit me if you use it):

The Ministry’s statement said that the refugees’ intention to seek asylum, which they have expressed through the media, “can not be processed” since Colombian law directly prohibits it when it involves foreigners in international transit zones. “According to the law, they haven’t entered national territory,” it explained.

According to the statement, “Colombian Immigration has had no access to their passports” since they are in the international transit zone.

When I first read about this, my question was, is there a Colombian immigration lawyer who would be willing to take their case (most likely on a pro bono basis)? If they have legal representation, would they be able to apply for asylum?


This morning Colombian daily El Universal reports that Colombian Immigration has granted the six Cubans safe-conduct for five working days so they can file a formal asylum request through the Foreign Relations Ministry. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is filing the application and transferred them to a shelter.

There may be a happy ending to this story!

Jaime Bayly interviewed Andrés Carrión, the Cuban dissident who hollered “Down with Communism” during Pope Benedict’s 2012 visit to Cuba (in Spanish), which highlights the importance of garnering international attention:

Linked to by Carlos. Thank you!

En español: Como en Venezuela no hay panes, Maduro va a tener que multiplicar penes ACTUALIZADO

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

“Así como Cristo multiplicó los penes”:

Inmediatamente Máburro visitó a Oscar Haza:

Y a las 10:00PM EDT, Bayly habló de la multiplicación de los penes según el discípulo Nicolás:

“Necesitamos que Maduro multiplique el papel higiénico.”

Mientras tanto, el país se va a pique.

Continuando la avalancha de “millones y millonas” de metidas de pata,
Maduro dice que a opositores les dio ‘friíto’ cuando confundió ‘penes’ por ‘peces’

“Ayer salió una cosa por ahí y les dio dentera a los jefes del fascismo (como llama Maduro a la oposición), les dio un friíto por el espinazo cuando escucharon eso, se me salió lamentablemente, pedí disculpas por la expresión”, manifestó el mandatario en un acto difundido por la televisión oficial.

O, como decía Álvarez Guedes, ¡Ñó! Dentera no, burla.

Venezuela: Ban baby bottles next?

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

In the land of no toilet paper and cloth menstrual pads, the lunacy runneth over:

Venezuela considers banning baby bottle feeding
The Venezuela congress is to discuss legislation next week that would prohibit bottle feeding of infants in an attempt to encourage breast feeding and reduce the use of baby formula.

Odalis Monzon, from Venezuela’s ruling Socialist party, said the proposal would “prohibit all types of baby bottles” as a way to improve children’s health.

“We want to increase the love (between mother and child) because this has been lost as a result of these transnational companies selling formula,” Ms Monzon said.

I first heard about it in Bayly’s show (via YouTube, in Spanish),

Insanity in the form of Communism, pure and simple. The fact is that the country cannot produce and has no money to import basic foods, such as baby formula.

In Communism, children belong to the state, so it’s not up to the parents how to raise them and feed them.

Anyone who has any experience in child rearing knows that you need baby bottles.

As far as love between mother and child, Ms Monzon does not appear to have much experience on that, either.

Colombia: Bayly entrevista a Uribe, 2a parte

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Primera parte ayer; segunda parte hoy,

Colombia: Bayly entrevista a Uribe

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Primera parte hoy,

Ni Uribe ni Bayly tienen pelos en la lengua. Bayly presentará la segunda parte esta noche en MegaTV. Pondré los YouTubes mañana.

[To my English-only readers, I don't post a translation because of time constraints.]

Venezuela: Bayly entrevista a Capriles, 2a. parte

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Segunda noche en MegaTV, de la entrevista en Colombia,





Bayly dice que Humala no va a recibir a Capriles por haber aceptado dinero chavista. Veremos.

Venezuela: Capriles travels to Colombia

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Henrique Capriles to set off the alarms before international bodies
Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles Wednesday condemned the “non-compliance” with the election audit requested by the opposition alliance and endorsed by the Union of South American Nations (Unasur). He lambasted the steps taken by Venezuelan electoral authorities

“An agreement was reached with Unasur to conduct a (comprehensive) election audit. The audit did not take place. What they (Venezuelan electoral authorities are doing is a farce.”

The Maduro regime is furious that Colombia’s president Santos met with Capriles,

The Maduro government has vilified Capriles as a “fascist” trying to stir a coup in Venezuela, and powerful Congress head Diosdado Cabello, who is also the No. 2 in the ruling Socialist Party, was the first to complain about the meeting in Bogota.

“Colombia must clarify if the government is with Capriles’ coup intentions, or with the people of Venezuela and with the legitimate, sovereign and constitutional government of comrade Nicolas Maduro,” Cabello told state media.

“President Santos is putting a bomb in the good relations that President Chavez urged so much … He is receiving a murderer, a fascist right there in his palace.”

Considering Venezuela’s ever-increasing reliance on Colombia for food, Cabello would do well to measure his words.

As a side news, Santos apparently has been comparing Alvaro Uribe to Caligula. An unwise slip of the tongue, considering how Uribe retired from the presidency with a 75%+ approval rating, but I digress.

Jaime Bayly traveled to Colombia on Tuesday to interview Capriles (videos in Spanish), which aired on MeagaTV and last night.

Here’s the first hour.

Part 1,

Part 2,

Part 3,

Part 4,

Bayly will broadcast the second hour tonight on MegaTV, which posts the Bayly programs on YouTube the following morning. I’ll post the YouTubes tomorrow.

Cuba: Dissidents meet exiles in Miami

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Article sent by three friends on how the dissidents that the Communist regime has allowed to travel have been met by their Miami compatriots:
Dissidents Find ‘Cuba Outside Cuba’ in Miami

When Cuban hunger striker Guillermo Farinas arrived in Miami, he said he was prepared to face rejection from radical members of the Cuban-American community who do not believe in pacific opposition.

The reaction has been far different. When he went to the Versailles restaurant, a traditional gathering spot for older exiles in the city’s Little Havana neighborhood, he was embraced. During an event at Miami’s iconic Freedom Tower, he was applauded.

“The love the exiles in Miami have shown us makes us discard what the government, over 54 years, has planted in our minds,” he said.

Read the whole thing.

While you’re at it, if you understand spoken Spanish, listen to Jaime Bayly’s interview with Berta Soler,

Part 1,

Parts 2, 3 with Laura Maria Labrada and Belkis Cantillo (also in the photo above), and 4.

Yoani Sanchez in Jaime Bayly’s show: en español

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Due to time constraints, I’m unable to translate the interview, but here are the 3 YouTubes in Spanish. With apologies to my English language readers,