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The Winter Olympics week Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, February 10th, 2014

While the Sochi accommodations are nowhere near as nice as those in the more modest hotels in our hemisphere, Mexico sent the most interesting skier in the world, Bermudans wore shorts, and the guys from the Caymans wore shorts and flip-flops (which may explain why there only three). Dominica, Tortola of the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica (whose bobsled is now complete), Paraguay, Brazil, Peru and the US Virgin Islands also have athletes in Sochi.

Argentina bus crash near Mendoza kills at least 18

Argentina’s great decline
It has gone from being one of the world’s wealthiest nations to a serial defaulter, but can it get back on track?

Argentina: Repeat Economic Offender

Kirchner Government Doubles Down In Its War Against Math

Argentina is doubling down in its war against math. The WSJ reports that political activists loyal to President Kirchner are publicly targeting retailers by putting posters of the executives up all over Buenos Aires. The posters accuse the leaders of Walmart and other companies of fueling the country’s ruinous inflation by raising prices, even as the government continues to devalue the official currency and ignore traditional IMF economic policy.

Argentina to US senators: Show a little respect

A magical world at Francis Ford Coppola’s luxe resorts in Belize
Need isolation? Coppola’s Blancaneaux Lodge is in the middle of the untamed, natural beauty of a Belizean forest preserve. Need local culture? Turtle Inn is on the coast near the fishing village of Placencia

Bolivia floods kill 38, more heavy rains forecast

The European Union (EU) Thursday called on Bolivia to respect the ruling of the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in favor of British power generator Rurelec PLC, said an official. US$41 million.

Brazil may face water shortages during World Cup, group says, but I’ll bet it won’t be like the Sochi water.

Removida delegada que apura ligação de Lula com mensalão

Responsável pelo inquérito que investiga a suposta participação do ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva no esquema do mensalão, a delegada Andrea Pinho foi removida do cargo nesta sexta-feira, 7. O inquérito que tem Lula como alvo será tocado por outro delegado, ainda não designado que pode pedir novas diligências ou o arquivamento do caso.

Chile cool: art, music and graffiti in laid-back Valparaíso
The Chilean city of Valparaíso is alive with avant-garde culture and vibrant street art. Think mini Berlin by the seaside

Colombia`s media are wrong; election is up for grabs

Photo of Pres. Santos shaking hands with Timochenko, the FARC leader, back in the day, “If you want Timochenko as president and Iván Márquez in the Senate, you know who to vote for in the upcoming elections.”

‘Black Heart’ in Brazil heat drives coffee turnaround h/t DP

Gorki Aguila, Cuban Rocker Faces Sham Trial

Cuba Regime Supporters Caught Off Guard with Reaction to Fanjul Story

Oh Happy Day! NBC refers to Communism as “pivotal experiment”

The Truth About Che Guevara

Xavier Bonilla’s cartoon before:

Freedom of speech in Ecuador
Drawn and quartered
The government orders a newspaper to “correct” a critical cartoon

Xavier Bonilla’s cartoon after:

JJ Rendón is suing Salvador’s president Mauricio Funes for $100 on defamation of character and slander from Funes calling him “a fugitive from justice, a rapist.” (link in Spanish) I hope Rendón wins, and gets to collect.

Claudia Paz y Paz, A Guatemalan crusader is reined in

Guatemalan court upholds top prosecutor’s ouster


In Apatzingán:Mexican Vigilantes Enter Key City in Michoacán State
Vigilantes Aim to Take Control of City from Organized Crime Group


Sochi 2014: ‘Mexican prince’ ready to hit slopes in Mariachi suit

Well, he already was successful lobbying against soft drinks: Look who’s giving advice to Mexico City? Señor Bloomberg. I suggest he brush up his Spanish,

Nicaragua: Ortega allowed to run for third successive term

Panama Canal work stops in $1.6bn row
The Spanish-led consortium working on a project to widen the Panama Canal confirms work has been suspended amid a row over cost overruns.

Julia Marino becomes Paraguay’s first Winter Olympian

400 Dead Dolphins Washed Up on Peru Beaches in January

Networks Completely Ignore $70 Billion Puerto Rican Debt Crisis

Puerto Rico Downgrade Puts Bond Deal in Spotlight
Investors are looking beyond the junk-rated credit of Puerto Rico to see if it can sell debt needed for short-term finances, lay groundwork for economic recovery.

Uruguay’s president nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for legalizing marijuana

D.C. mayoral candidate’s business to host Venezuelan government’s pro-Chavez event

Toyota Halts Venezuela Production as Car Sales Fall

Venezuelans fume as government signals end to ‘free’ petrol
In a country where petrol is cheaper than water, ministers say prices must increase for the first time since a rise 15 years ago sparked deadly riots

The fascists in charge of Venezuela want to kill the press, while banging students

The Paradox Of Chavista “Planning”: Even Simple Things Are Hard For Them

Antonio Pardo, A Venezuelan in Sochi (Important Update)

According to Alek Boyd and others, Mr. Pardo is not quite the feel-good story we made him out to be. Turns out he allegedly has links to Antonini Wilson and the suitcase scandal. State news media is falsely reporting he won a gold medal.

Venezuelan “skier” in #Sochi2014 has a Swiss bank, is partners with Carlos Kauffmann & Co. His brother’s a partner of L. Oberto in St Barts

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Sochi: Airline loses Jamaicans’ bobsled

Mexico: Behind the Peña Nieto-Fidel photo-op

Left turns: El Salvador and Costa Rica

At Da Tech Guy: Ask Fausta: Is now the time to travel to Latin America? The answer is yes.

Podcast: Elections in El Salvador plus other US-Latin America issues

Venezuela: Involving Interpol against @JJRendon

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro has asked Interpol to arrest JJ Rendón, the political strategist to opposition leader Henrique Capriles, allegedly for violence against a woman. Maduro claimed that (my translation)

“It was requested from the International Police to search and find the location of Juan José Rendón Delgado for allegedly committing crimes against the Organic Law for the Women’s Right to a Life Free of Violence.”

Curiously worded statement, to say the least.

Rendón left Venezuela in 2006, which is why Maduro is trying to involve Interpol.

In Venezuela, former judge Blanca Rosa Mármol de León, says that not only has no arrest warrant been issued against Rendón, indeed, the court dismissed charges.

It’s worth pointing out that Interpol notes that its constitution prohibits “activities of a political, military, religious or racial character”, but yet,

Interpol took 18 months to accept that the Red Notice issued against Patricia Poleo, a Venezuelan investigative journalist, by her government was politically motivated.

As of the writing of this post, I have not been able to ascertain whether the Maduro regime has actually filed a Red Notice – or nothing – against Rendón.

Rendón, who has managed many successful presidential campaigns in Latin America (most recently that of Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico), tweeted immediately upon hearing of Maduro’s ploy, “I don’t surrender, I don’t fold, I don’t sell out. If the illegitimate @NicolasMaduro’s attack is the price for the cause of Venezuela, welcome the attacks!”

Rendón also tweeted a danceable salsa song, “La culpa es de JJ Rendón” (It’s all JJ Rendón’s fault)

(Jaime Bayly interviewed Rendón last April; you can watch it here)

Rendón is able to continue his work from outside the country. In the current wave of repression marking the start of really bad news, 11 women were arrested this morning for peacefully protesting the new enabling law that Venezuela’s National Assembly passed last week allowing Maduro to bypass the country’s top legislative body for a twelve-month period.

Venezuela: How important is tomorrow’s election? UPDATED

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

According to star political consultant J.J. Rendón, “the most important of all” 27 presidential campaigns he’s been involved with.

Important enough he’s working pro-bono.

You can watch the interview in Spanish,
part 1,

part 2,

part 3,

Follow him on Twitter

In the interview, Rendón forecasted that Capriles will win by a wide enough margin that fraud won’t matter. Last October Capriles got 6 million votes.

The army’s setting up the polling places:

Venezuelan citizens living in Florida travelled to New Orleans to vote at that consulate.

I stand by my prediction, but I fervently hope J.J. Rendón is right.

Right on time for the polls to open, Chavista gangs take over electrical power plants (my translation: if you use it, please link to this post and credit me),

The Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV, Venezuelan United Socialist Party, the chavistas) mobilized its militants to take over the electrical power plants, which it would do in complicity with the Army, as the government announced that the military were in charge of protecting the locations.

The article goes in detail on how the government is making sure Maduro is “elected.”

Linked by Extranos Alley. Thank you!