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Venezuela: Maduro negotiated for Hezbollah training camps in Venezuela

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

A new book by Emili Blasco, Bumerán Chávez: Los fraudes que llevaron al colapso de Venezuela claims that Nicolas Maduro negotiated with Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah for Hezbollah training camps in Venezuela.

The article, Nicolás Maduro negoció con Hizbolá la presencia de sus milicianos en Venezuela
Se entrevistó con su líder Nasralá para hablar de narcotráfico, blanqueo de dinero, suministro de armas y entrega de pasaportes
(Nicolás Maduro negotiated with Hezbollah its militia’s presence in Venezuela
He discussed with its leader Nasrallah drug trafficking, money laundering, supplying weapons and passports), by Blasco, the book’s author and Washington, D.C. correspondent for Spanish daily ABC, explains that the meeting, orchestrated by Hugo Chavez, took place in Damascus in 2007 when Maduro was Foreign Minister.

La cita en Damasco fue probablemente resultado de las conversaciones mantenidas en enero de 2007 por Chávez y el presidente iraní, Mahmud Ahmadineyad, que significaron un salto en la cooperación de Venezuela con los intereses del radicalismo islámico. En marzo de ese año entró en servicio un vuelo semanal entre Caracas y Teherán, con escala en una base militar de Damasco, lo que puso el Caribe más rápidamente al alcance de Hizbolá.

[my translation] The appointment in Damascus likely came about from January, 2007, conversations between Chavez and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which bounced up cooperation between Venezuela and Islamic state interests. On March that year, direct flights started between Caracas and Teheran, with a stop at a military base in Damascus, which placed the Caribbean at Hezbollah’s closer reach.

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In other Venezuelan news, the government is using posters of opposition leader Henrique Capriles for target practice at the Universidad Nacional Experimental de la Seguridad military college.

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Maduro goes to China

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro went to China, signing over oil exploration and gold mining rights in exchange for foreign currency,

President Maduro told his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, that the main goal of his trip was to further consolidate and expand the strategic partnership between the two countries that late President Hugo Chávez began with Chinese leaders. Chávez died in March after 14 years in power.

The two leaders signed 12 agreements on Sunday, including ones related to a finance fund deal, education, and a joint development between Chinese state-owned oil producer Sinopec and Venezuela’s national oil company. They also signed a cooperation and exchange agreement between China’s space flight administration and Venezuela’s science and innovation ministry relating to remote satellites. No details were given on any of the agreements.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro met with China’s President Xi Jinping over the weekend in Beijing and said that China had granted Venezuela another $5 billion credit line

The $5 billion will be invested in the country, through a credit from the China Development Bank (BDC) for the financing of strategic projects in the field of health, science road, transport, technology, industry, electricity and mining, which will improve the quality of life of the Venezuelans.

“With this Bank funding we will develop also the Las Cristinas mine. All for the benefit of our beloved people,” wrote Maduro about the long delayed gold mining project.

Maduro tweeted his trip. He also retweeted this, fromForeign Minister Elías Jaua,

Translation: “The Integrated Citizen Protection System (video surveillance) signed with China will have its first installation in the municipality of Sucre in the state of Miranda!”

It so happens that the governor of Miranda is Henrique Capriles, opposition leader.

Here’s looking at you, kid!

More on Maduro’s Chinese deal at Caracas Chronicles.

Venezuela: Capriles in Miami, FL

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Venezuelan opposition leader Capriles delivers message of confidence in Miami

The event took place amid growing criticism that Capriles had wasted an opportunity in the days following the April election, when many of the millions of Venezuelans who voted for him were willing to take to the streets to protest and he asked them to stay home.

Venezuela: Unleashing homophobia

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Reaching new lows in the political discourse and bigotry, Pedro Carreño, a governing party legislator, has unleashed a tirade in the country’s legislature using gay slurs in trying to discredit the opposition, namely against Henrique Capriles,

The lawmaker displayed photos in the National Assembly on Tuesday showing a top aide to opposition leader Henrique Capriles dressed, along with other men, in women’s clothing, apparently at a party. He suggested, without elaboration, that the photos proved the aide’s involvement with drug traffickers and male and female prostitution.

Here’s the video (in Spanish) of Carreño on the floor of the National Assembly, definitively NSFW,

Carreño tried to backtrack but was not alone: National Assembly leader Diosdado Cabello piped in, too, and, of course Nicolas Maduro,

President Nicolas Maduro hurled more invective Wednesday, alluding during a public event to lascivious material that he insinuated was seized from Lopez.

“Just 1 percent what was discovered was shown” in the National Assembly, Maduro said. “The videos and photos of orgies are not publishable.”

Most likely because there aren’t any?

Maduro later stated that it’s OK to be gay only if you’re chavista (18:00 into this Venezuelan propaganda video). He also called the opposition “these people are the worst that can happen”, while holding Carreño as an example of good conduct.

Vile statements from a ruling party, vile statements from anyone.

Carreño, Cabello, Maduro and their combo, seem to have no moral foundation to their ideals.

The end not only justifies the means, but there seems to be some joy in the means, however perverse, whether we are talking about the murders when the opposition used to march, allowing Franklin Brito to die, jailing Judge Afiuni, the Tascón list or using material obtained by the police in the National Assembly to express your most homophobic and hateful feelings against your opponents.

I have previously stated that it wouldn’t surprise me if Capriles is arrested. Caracas Chronicles sees Carreño’s shameful display as

the whole spectacle is but another smokescreen promoted by the Government to divert attention from other more pressing issues like incompetence, corruption, the economy, and municipal elections.

Caracas Chronicles is partly correct: It indeed is a smokescreen, but it also is a targeted attack meant to discredit Capriles. They want Capriles crushed, and this new attack, as part of the government’s phony anti-corruption campaign, is not simply a smokescreen, its aim is to build a case for jailing him.

Over in Uruguay, putative gay rights activist Mariela Castro remains totally silent.

Venezuela: Supreme court dismisses the Capriles election appeal

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

We talked about this in yesterday’s podcast:

Venezuela top court rejects Capriles’ election appeal

Venezuela’s highest court has rejected an appeal by opposition leader Henrique Capriles against April’s contested presidential election result.

The Supreme Court of Justice described the appeal as “inadmissible”.

In her ruling on Wednesday, Justice Gladys Gutierrez said the opposition had not not offered “sufficient proof” to back up their allegations.

The 10-point appeal had been lodged by Mr Capriles, the opposition coalition and several citizens.

After dismissing the suit, judge Gladys Gutierrez fined Capriles US$1,500 for his for “offensive and disrespectful allegations” against the court and other officials, and,

Also on Wednesday, members of the armed forces’ military counterintelligence unit raided the residence of Oscar Lopez, who serves as Capriles’ chief of staff in his capacity as governor of Miranda state. Lopez told reporters afterward that those conducting the raid took personal documents, telephones and computers.

Lopez said he didn’t know the reason for the raid, but said it may have to do with accusations lodged by National Assembly members of the PSUV party headed by Maduro alleging unspecified irregularities.

Daniel Duquenal posts,

But the signal of intensified repression and the reinforcing of the thugs group in power come from inside chavismo itself. Not only there will be no primary nor discussion over the mayor candidates inside chavismo but we learned that ALREADY 33 outgoing mayors will not be allowed to go for reëlection and are demanded to support their appointed wanna-be successors. Stalinist purge stand trial light version for our times.

And it is not over as all the candidates have yet to be announced. If there are flash in the pans in the new nominees to districts that are more than likely to be lost by chavismo, it also happens that mayors of safe districts are also given the boot (1). For example in Vargas mayor, the current holder, which I have reliable witness of his particularly corrupt administration, has been booted. Alexis Toledo will be replaced by General Carlos Alcala Cordones. Who is this general, for those of you new to this game?  He has already been featured unfavorably in this blog, but what is the most damning is that he is in the DEA/US lists of Venezuelan involved in international drug traffic. Imagine that this just retiring general, but excessively connected with the thuggiest part of the regime, will be controlling the district with the main port and airport of Venezuela, and surely will decide what military is named to control these installations, an officer that will report in all likelihood only to Cliver, or whomever Cliver reports to in Cuba or at Cabello’s office…

Miguel Octavio:

The surprise today was not that the Constitutional Hall of the Venezuelan Supreme Court rejected as inadmissible Henrique Capriles’ challenge to the election results in a one page decision. The surprise was that besides the legal travesty, the Court fined Capriles the maximum amount for insulting authority with the challenge and accusing the Court of being partial to the Government. The Court also asked the Prosecutor to have Capriles investigated for these insults.

Capriles is declared guilty and fined, arrests are made, all signaling a new wave of political repression.

It’ll get worse. Don’t be surprised if Capriles is arrested.

Whoa! Maduro makes it official:

“Aquí no mandan los venezolanos, las decisiones las tomamos en Cuba” “The Venezuelans don’t call the shots here, we make the decisions in Cuba.”

Venezuela: Bayly entrevista a Capriles, 2a. parte

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Segunda noche en MegaTV, de la entrevista en Colombia,





Bayly dice que Humala no va a recibir a Capriles por haber aceptado dinero chavista. Veremos.

Venezuela: Capriles travels to Colombia

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Henrique Capriles to set off the alarms before international bodies
Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles Wednesday condemned the “non-compliance” with the election audit requested by the opposition alliance and endorsed by the Union of South American Nations (Unasur). He lambasted the steps taken by Venezuelan electoral authorities

“An agreement was reached with Unasur to conduct a (comprehensive) election audit. The audit did not take place. What they (Venezuelan electoral authorities are doing is a farce.”

The Maduro regime is furious that Colombia’s president Santos met with Capriles,

The Maduro government has vilified Capriles as a “fascist” trying to stir a coup in Venezuela, and powerful Congress head Diosdado Cabello, who is also the No. 2 in the ruling Socialist Party, was the first to complain about the meeting in Bogota.

“Colombia must clarify if the government is with Capriles’ coup intentions, or with the people of Venezuela and with the legitimate, sovereign and constitutional government of comrade Nicolas Maduro,” Cabello told state media.

“President Santos is putting a bomb in the good relations that President Chavez urged so much … He is receiving a murderer, a fascist right there in his palace.”

Considering Venezuela’s ever-increasing reliance on Colombia for food, Cabello would do well to measure his words.

As a side news, Santos apparently has been comparing Alvaro Uribe to Caligula. An unwise slip of the tongue, considering how Uribe retired from the presidency with a 75%+ approval rating, but I digress.

Jaime Bayly traveled to Colombia on Tuesday to interview Capriles (videos in Spanish), which aired on MeagaTV and last night.

Here’s the first hour.

Part 1,

Part 2,

Part 3,

Part 4,

Bayly will broadcast the second hour tonight on MegaTV, which posts the Bayly programs on YouTube the following morning. I’ll post the YouTubes tomorrow.

Fascist Venezuela: The end of the National Assembly

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello is not content with not allowing the opposition assemblymen to speak (unless they recognize Maduro as “legitimate”, or so he says). Now Cabello unleashes thugs to assault and punch the assemblymen:

Exclusivo: Video muestra la golpiza que ocurrió… by Globovision

Female chavista representatives had the courtesy of being the ones beating up opposition female representatives like Maria Corina Machado.

More photos at Noticias24. One of the assemblymen even put on his motorcycle helmet.

As far as I could ascertain, the man in the jogging suit is not an assemblyman and has not been detained.

Opposition assemblymen Maria Corina Machado and Julio Borges

The opposition said at least 17 of its allies and five pro-government deputies were injured. One was hospitalized.

Cabello watched and laughed. The assemblyman who was speaking went on talking.

All of this was timed to coincide with a cadena, so the radio and TV media were tied up and wouldn’t have been able to report live, had they dared.

Workers later had to show their phones to see if they had photos or videos of the incident.

This is the outright fascism that Diosdado Cabello has been promoting in the National Assembly since Chavez died.

Two days ago, the Washington Post was foretelling,

The real danger in Venezuela is not that an Obama administration unwilling to provide leadership in Syria would make any serious attempt to prevent Mr. Maduro’s consolidation of power. It is that Mr. Maduro will follow up on his jailing of an innocent American with a full-scale crackdown on the opposition.

Venezuela’s democratic movement is being violently shoved into the kind of underground resistance it never envisioned for itself, never sought, isn’t well prepared to take on, and never actually wanted.

Today many May Day demonstrations are scheduled, with Henrique Capriles encouraging the people to participate. The melee at the National Assembly is only a warning.

Venezuela: Persecuting Capriles

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Chavismo is sounding more hysteric every day:
Venezuela’s parliament launches probe into Capriles

Venezuela’s government-controlled parliament on Wednesday set up an inquiry into violence over its disputed election that authorities blame on opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

Chavismo Evolves Into Madurismo-Fascismo

And here is sweet Minister of Prisons Iris Varela, another fascistoid personality, telling Capriles not to worry that she has reserved a jail cell for him and to please stop using drugs. Definitely a worthwhile reason to hold a press conference and to have the station of the other half of Venezuelans cover it live:

In Spanish,

There are reports of blacklisting, in the new form of depriving of electricity households that took part in last week’s cacerolazo. Additionally, this post on a Noticiero Digital forum claims that the government is distributing shirts with Capriles’s name to prospective rioters, with riots planned for tomorrow. The plan is allegedly Diosdado Cabello’s, as a coup for which Capriles will be blamed.

“What I called for was a cacerolazo,” Capriles said during a news conference in Caracas. “How can it be a crime to demand a recount?”

Capriles continues to ask people to keep the peace, and is planning a demonstration on May 1,

Chavismo has lost any democratic character, not that it ever did.

Venezuela: Electoral council agrees to audit itself UPDATED

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Venezuela Vote Faces Review, namely, the CNE (the electoral council) will wait until after Maduro’s inaugurated, and

Details of the audit were unclear. Ms. Lucena said the revision would be electronic and wasn’t the same as a recount, which is what the opposition had demanded following the election. “This should not be interpreted as any sort of ‘scrutiny,'” she said in televised comments.

Which, from the looks of it, means that they’ll just go over some data from the electronic voting machines while ignoring the paper ballots, fingerprint data, and the voting location records.

Or something.

Do keep in mind that all Venezuelan institutions are 100% chavista-controlled.

Daniel Duquenal is equally skeptical,

I do not want to offer any opinion because it is a complex matter to evaluate how good the news really is. Capriles team seems happy with it so for the time being let’s roll. However I will note that the CNE is talking of 30 days of audit and who knows how many more for a final verdict. In short the regime is accepting an audit as long as it gives it time to come up with a better strategy to confront the opposition and smash it down before the result is out. At least that is my worry at this time as a one week audit should already generate enough info to see if it is worth going on.

Over in Peru, Chavez’s brainchild UNASUR stands by Maduro, which comes as no surprise.

Or, is it a recount? Read the post and comments at Devil’s Excrement.