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Greta eats Gloria’s lunch

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

First, Hugh Hewitt; now Greta Van Sustern:

Greta points out,

Let me tell you what you’ve done: One, you’re getting your client deported by putting a big neon sign, “hey, I’m here illegally, signed documents falsely, and I’ve done that under penalty of perjury, saying that this is my Social Security number.” This is the first thing.

Gloria Allred, Nicky Diaz Santillan’s own attorney, is endangering her client by bringing out a public confession to committing immigration and Social Security fraud, all in the name of smearing Meg Whitman.

Ironically, Whitman’s opponent, Jerry Brown, is California’s Attorney General. I don’t know what the jurisdiction is on an immigration case, particularly when Diaz has admitted to using a fake California driver’s license, but the people doing this to advance the Brown campaign in the Mexicans electorate’s eyes have to be fully aware that Diaz is being endangered by her own attorney.

The timing coincides with the Univision debate scheduled for today:

Spanish-language and local TV have aired video of Ms. Diaz Santillan tearfully recalling her time with Ms. Whitman as a “nightmare.”

The issue could remain active through the weekend. On Saturday, an anchor from the Spanish-language Univision network will moderate a debate between the gubernatorial candidates in Fresno.

Latinos represent the fastest-growing voter bloc in California and are increasingly prone to register as independents. They accounted for 21% of the state’s electorate in 2008, up from 12% in 1996. The NALEO Educational Fund, a nonpartisan group that tracks the Latino electorate, projects that nearly two million Latinos will vote in the November 2010 election, a 15% jump from the 2006 midterm election.

Meg Whitman paid Diaz $23/hr for her work, and fired her last year, after finding out about Diaz’s status.

Diaz is being paraded about in the Spanish-language media, shamelessly being used by Allred, all the while claiming working for $23/hr was a nightmare. Tell that to the 15 million Americans who are out of work right now.

What is going to happen to Diaz after election day? Does anyone care?

And, one more thing, is Allred working this case pro-bono, or who is paying for her exorbitant fees? Allred was in Mark Levin’s show and claimed that was confidential information; obviously, endangering a client isn’t.