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The abridged Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, May 19th, 2014

LatinAmerSince last week I was attending my son’s college graduation, this week’s Carnival is brief.

Congratulations to my son in his wonderful achievement.

Court In Argentina Strikes Down `Truth Commission` With Iran
A federal appeals court in Argentina declared unconstitutional a controversial agreement between the South American country and Iran to investigate the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center.

Argentina’s Vice President May Have to Testify
An Argentine federal appeals court decision on Friday opened the door for Vice President Amado Boudou to be called to testify as a suspect in a criminal investigation.

La herencia kirchnerista
La sociedad enfrenta divisiones inducidas desde el poder político, y la unión nacional se ha vuelto a convertir en una asignatura constitucional pendiente

Police clash with protesters near São Paulo airport
Tear gas and rubber bullets fired amid demonstrations less than a month before Brazilian city hosts World Cup opener

Inside Medellin: How Pablo Escobar’s hometown hopes to become South America’s ‘Silicon Valley’
Medellin was once the world’s most murderous city, famed for cocaine cartels and death squads. But now, writes Harriet Alexander, it is putting its business acumen to good use, and reinventing itself as a thriving tech hub

Colombia rebels and government reach agreement on drugs
FARC will divorce itself from the drug trade.
Color me skeptical.

Alvaro Uribe president again in a month. What happens then?

Remarks by Cuban author and democracy leader, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C.

Galapagos emergency over stranded cargo ship
Ecuador has declared an emergency in the Galapagos Islands, saying that a cargo ship which ran aground last week still poses a threat to the archipelago’s fragile ecosystem.


Mexico ‘Los Rojos crime cartel boss’, Leonor Nava Romero, arrested
Mexican authorities say they have jailed the head of a major criminal gang in the southern state of Guerrero.

The Fight To Save Puerto Rico’s ‘Alcatraz Of The Caribbean’, the Oso Blanco,

Oso Blanco is on the National Register of Historic Places and was named after the cement brand used to build it. Among its claims to fame: a 1974 exhibition fight featuring boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who sparred with an inmate while Puerto Rican actress and singer Iris Chacón served as referee.

Peruvian Regional President Suspected in Murder of a Rival
Court Issues Arrest Warrants for Cesar Alvarez and Others in Connection With Killing of Activist in March

Taps: Last of Protesters Keep Vigil in Venezuela
A small group of protesters in the city San Cristóbal, the town where the recent nationwide demonstrations began, try to keep up the pressure after the government largely succeeded in cowing the opposition.

I am afraid there is no peaceful outcome for Venezuela anymore

In the land of silicone socialism

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The rescued hostages Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, June 14th, 2010

LatinAmerWelcome to this week’s Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. Today’s big story: Colombian military rescues Farc hostages
Soldier and high-ranking police officers freed by 300-strong raid after 12 years in captivity

The defence minister, Gabriel Silva, said the 300-strong raid, which took six months to plan, was carried out with “surgical” precision.

This is extraordinary, and points to the increased security in the country. Three hundred personnel and six months in the making, with no security leaks. Congratulations to the people of Colombia.
Check out today’s podcast for more news on Colombia, and Venezuela.

Argentine journalists testify about persecution of colleagues during Dirty War

Brazil sees silver lining in BP spill: more rigs

Security in Brazil
A magic moment for the city of God
Proper policing, better government and a stronger economy are starting to make a difference in the more violent and squalid districts of Brazil’s former capital

Regional countries raise concerns about Gulf oil spill with Hillary Clinton
Clinton promises U.S. help in Caribbean drug fight
US promises $600m in aid

BARBADOS will benefit from a wide-ranging, Caribbean aid package of some US$300 million, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in the island yesterday.The package comprises $US45 million committed to the State Department for the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) in 2010 and the Obama administration’s request for US$79 million in the 2011 financial year.

Clinton also announced the administration’s commitment to provide US$162 million for Caribbean HIV/AIDS programmes and US$8 million to fund regional climate change and energy projects.

Clinton unveils Caribbean security plan

Carta: Campaña “un árbol por cada chileno”

Liberación de Mendieta, nuevo golpe a las FARC

Colombia’s presidential election
Staying the course
By placing the presidency almost within the grasp of Juan Manuel Santos, Colombian voters chose consolidation over idealism

Desperation Is No Substitute For Shame

The 74 — Initial Analysis The 74 — The Plot Thickens

More subsidized lunch rooms will close; move will reportedly save Cuba $27 million

EU resists pressure to normalise with Cuba

Cuban journalist released from jail, ‘deported’ to E. Cuba

1 prisoner is freed, 6 others are relocated

Model Town

Clinton talks tax to Latin America, saying rich must pay their share
US secretary of state strikes a note worthy of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chávez during tour of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia

Hillary Clinton tries to fix relationship with Ecuador President Rafael Correa
Clinton Woos a Leftist President
Clinton dijo que pacto con Colombia respeta integridad territorial de países
Clinton Defends Military Bases In Colombia
Ecuatorianos quemaron banderas de EE.UU en visita de Hillary Clinton (+ Fotos)

Guatemala court removes attorney general amid corruption allegations

Head choppings shock Guatemala

On the extinction of species
Tourism is imperilling a wildlife paradise

Photo essay: Recovering the Dead in Haiti

Honduran president says plot to overthrow him

La Gringa has been posting on a friend’s newborn baby. You can read her posts here, and follow the links.

Usura Continuada y Legal

The smoke clears over Jamaica

Massacre in Mexican Rehab Center Follows Pattern

Much of Mexico puts regular routines aside to watch World Cup

Mystery Solved

Peru President’s Popularity Sinks as Economy Booms

Mob Confronts Van der Sloot For Brutal Murder Of Stephany Flores

Holloway suspect back in jail in Peru

Peru’s racism

Venezuelan socialism
Food fight
How to destroy an industry

Venezuela Applauds Latest Decision In Exxon Mobil Case

Central Bank foreign exchange market, Cadivi 2.0, begins functioning even before it is regulated

Think Chávez knows about FARC’s Presence in Venezuela?

Hugo Chavez Sings Song About Hillary Clinton

Latinos Who Fought in America’s Wars: The Battle to Tell Their Stories

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