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The dead Hugo Chavez Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, March 11th, 2013

LatinAmerWelcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. The top story in our hemisphere this week: the announcement of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez’s death. While the government has announced a presidential election for April 14th, don’t expect chavismo to give up power anytime soon.

Mary O’Grady writes on Chávez ‘The Redeemer’
Even as his rule dimmed their future, Venezuela’s poor clung to the belief that he cared for them.

The cult of adoration is now under way, which fills a need peculiar to Latin America, as Enrique Krauze explains,

In Latin America the need to turn politicians into secular saints is due to the distrust many feel for the region’s weak institutions and a worship for so-called men on horseback—heroes who come to the nation’s rescue, said Mr. Krauze. The region’s deep Catholic tradition of anointing and then venerating saints is also an important factor, he said.

It could never happen here, could it?

Argentine court convicts ex-leader Menem
An appeals court in Buenos Aires convicts ex-President Carlos Menem of illegally selling 6,500 tonnes of arms to Croatia and Ecuador during the 1990s.

Brazil, Where a Judge Made $361,500 in a Month, Fumes Over Pay
Exploiting generous benefits and loopholes, some public sector employees are earning more than $260,000 in a year.

When Congress finally decided in 2012 to allow people to obtain the salary information of its employees, it also required them to find the name of each employee and submit it online. In other words, if someone wanted the information on the legislature’s 25,000-strong work force, then that person had to independently identify them and submit 25,000 separate online requests.

If only it were that easy here in São Paulo. One clerk at the state’s high court, Ivete Sartório, was reportedly paid about $115,000 after convincing her superiors that she should be compensated for not taking leaves of absence. But when asked recently about her wages, a spokesman for the court, Rômulo Pordeus, said that Ms. Sartório’s “matriculation number” was needed to request the information.

When asked how any curious taxpayer could get that number, he replied that it was in Ms. Sartório’s possession, and that he did not want to bother her about it.

World’s Largest Ground-Based Telescope Array Opens in Chile Soon: The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).

Colombian ELN rebels free held German Breuer brothers
Two German nationals held hostage in Colombia since early November have been freed, the International Committee of the Red Cross says.

Cuba dissident ‘forced off road’ to death

How Castro Defines Gender Equality

Land Rovers and Airplanes Ready as Falklands Votes on U.K. Ties

Central America
Out of control
In the first of two reports on the threat of rampant violence to Central America’s small republics, we look at the risk of Honduras becoming a failed state

Long Border, Endless Struggle

Power in Mexico
“The Teacher” in detention
Enrique Peña Nieto’s government has arrested a powerful union leader. Is this the start of something?

Unabated Violence Poses Challenge to Mexico’s New Anticrime Program
Recent violence, including gang rapes and the killing of police officers, has put pressure on Mexico’s new leader as he rolls out a less militaristic crime prevention initiative

Peru’s economy likely expanded 6-7 pct in January – cenbank

Peru Keeps 4.25% Rate as CPI Slows Amid Stable GrowthQ
Peru kept borrowing costs unchanged for a 22nd consecutive month as policy makers expect inflation to converge to the mid-point of their target and economic growth to exceed 6 percent.

Ex-Governor of Puerto Rico: GOP Must Lead on Immigration Reform

What Is The U.S. Doing At Chavez’s Funeral?

Not playing nice with the dead: Chavez main crimes

The Post Chávez Era Begins

WSJ timeline: Hugo Chávez: From Coup Leader to President
Born Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías on July 28, 1954, in a small farming village in Sabaneta, he was first elected president in 1998, six years after engineering a failed military coup.

Contrary To What Jimmy Carter Says, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Was No Friend Of The Poor

Rev. Jesse Jackson Attends Hugo Chavez Funeral

The wild card in Venezuela: Armed Chavistas


Iran Leader Lambasted for Tribute to Chávez

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s lionization of his Venezuelan friend Hugo Chávez caused a political firestorm in the Islamic Republic, as doubts arose over whether the two countries could carry on their tight alliance now that Mr. Chávez is dead.

Chavez failed Venezuela: Column
Given the unqualified failure of his socialist experiment, dying young was probably the best thing Hugo Chavez could have done for his country.

Venezuela after Chávez
Now for the reckoning
After 14 years of oil-fuelled autocracy, Hugo Chávez’s successors will struggle to keep the Bolivarian revolution on the road

Venezuela Opposition Faces Hurdles
Chávez’s Heir Apparent Seen Riding Late Leader’s Coattails to Victory in Election Expected Next Month

The nature of Hugo Chávez’s appeal on the American left?

Chavez: Death of a tyrant

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Hugo Chavez’s funeral

Chavez aftermath


How Bob Menendez sponsored a bill that would have benefited his biggest political donor
US-Latin America this week: The death of Chavez

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Energy in Argentina
Sparks in the dark
A half-hearted policy retreat


Nationalising utilities in Bolivia
From tap to socket
Can the government do a better job than the private sector?

U.N. ruling heartens Bolivian coca growers

Wrong numbers
More inflation, less growth

Colombian Rebels Kidnap Five Mining Workers

As Colombia aims for peace, some see the guerrillas diversifying
As Colombia and the FARC guerrillas negotiate peace in Havana some fear the rebel group is diversifying beyond the drug trade

Central America’s tiny states caught in deadly crossfire of battle with cartels
Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and even tourist-friendly Costa Rica are now caught up in the drugs trade

On revolutionary icons and news not fit to print


Falkland Islanders to hold referendum on their future March 10-11

, via Joel Frewa.

China Plan Raises Ire in Mexico

Plans to build a large, permanent exposition center for Chinese-made goods near Cancún have triggered an outcry from Mexican industrialists who struggle to compete with Chinese manufacturing.

Nicaragua sentences 18 Mexicans to 30 years

Despite Advocates’ Claims, No Clear Consensus on Puerto Rican Statehood

Puerto Rican Stars Gear Up for World Baseball Classic, via Dick.

Pablo Medina denuncia presencia de 4.500 militares cubanos en Fuerte Tiuna

Is Hugo Chavez Schrödinger’s Cat?

Chávez’s useful idiots
The demagogue of Caracas has helped sustain a long tradition of left-wing fellow travelling

Another day, another scandal. Or is it all planned provocation?

ezuela’s presidency
Brotherly love in the Bolivarian Republic
With the president ill, who is really running the country?

Tweet of the week:

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Venezuela, Cuba: Chavez deathwatch.

Holder withholding Fast & Furious docs

Ampuero now in translation

In Silvio Canto’s podcast

Hagel on Cuba: Feel the love

Argentina: Diplomacy by advert

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Cristina Fernandez took out an ad in the UK’s Guardian and the Independent basically telling UK Prime Minister David Cameron to have the UK “return” the Falklands to Argentina.

Argentina’s been out of the Falklands for 181 years and got their butts kicked when they tried to invade 31 years ago, but Cristina needs a distraction from her ruinous domestic policies, and oil was found off the Falklands, hence, the ad.

Cameron replied in no uncertain terms,

a spokesman for Mr Cameron said the people of the Falklands had shown “a clear desire to remain British” and their interests would be protected.

Downing Street said the prime minister would “do everything to protect the interests of the Falklands islanders.”

Mr Cameron’s spokesman said the people of the Falklands had shown “a clear desire to remain British” and the Argentine government should respect their right to self determination.

Ed Morrissey posts on the story:

Argentina now argues that the British planted people on the island over the last 180 years of sovereignty, and that the people currently living on the islands — which are more than 250 miles away from Argentina, by the way — should be ineligible for self-determination. It’s a cute argument, as it does away with the question of self-determination at all — but by the same measure, most Argentinians would be ineligible for self-determination, as their population came mainly from colonial expansion from a couple of centuries before. What’s the cutoff? 181 years? 241 years? 369 years?

No one can be expected to take this seriously, but Cameron is clearly taking no chances.

Cristina ought to be worrying her little Botoxed head over her domestic policies… and maybe, just maybe, over her political future if the time comes when Hugo Chavez’s demise stops those suitcases full of money that finance her campaigns.

Jeff Dunetz finds a metaphor buried inside all the rubble.

Cross-posted at Liberty Unyielding.


Cristina Kirchner’s Falklands demands are delusional and insulting

The PRI’s return Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. The week’s big story: the PRI’s back in power in Mexico.

“Do as I say, not as I do”: Kirchner tells Olympic athletes to avoid ‘stupidity’

Women and the labour market in Brazil
Amazons at work
A revolution in the workplace meets little resistance

Iranians’ anger at Ahmadinejad over Brazilian snubs
The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is facing domestic political embarrassment after enduring a series of damaging snubs on a visit to Brazil, Iran’s erstwhile close ally.

Parliamentary immunity in Colombia
Monkey business
A much-needed judicial reform misfires

Colombian officials order preventative evacuation after volcano erupts

Read the full report on Castro, Inc.: A Global Conglomerate

Cholera outbreak in Cuba kills two, dozens hospitalized

New Cuban exile Dr. Darsi Ferrer to Cubans: ‘Take to the streets and reclaim freedom’

The real Che was no hero, via M.

Castro political police arrests ten Ladies in White to prevent them from attending church services

Leaving the oil in the ground may cost too much
Ecuador’s plan falters
The Yasuní initiative seemed to break a deadlock: it proposed the world should compensate Ecuador for not extracting oil from a biodiverse national park. But the money is not rolling in

Diane Feinstein, US senator calls to prosecute Assange

Julian Assange defies police to stay at Ecuador embassy
A member of the WikiLeaks founder’s defence fund says Julian Assange is refusing a police summons and will not be leaving the Ecuador embassy in London until he hears about his asylum bid.

Britain files White Paper officially pledging to defend Falklands
The British government tabled a White Paper on Thursday officially pledging to defend the Falkland Islands and declared there would be “no weakening” in the country’s resolve.

Travelers run for cover as cops kill cops at Mexico City airport

THE KINGPINS: The fight for Guadalajara.

A Left-Wing Comeback in Mexico’s Presidential Elections?

Mexico Campaign Bypasses Drug War
Country’s Defining Problem Gets Few New Ideas From Presidential Contenders in Sunday’s Election; ‘Calderón’s Victory’

Profiles of Mexico’s Presidential Candidates

Sharyl Attkisson double-taps Eric Holder on CBS News: perjury, cover-up and retribution confirmed

Quite a haul: Coast Guard unloads $48 million in seized cocaine
In ongoing operations, the Coast Guard — working with other Caribbean nations and other U.S. agencies — seized 3,800 pounds of cocaine on the high seas.

The seized drugs were obtained through three different stings — off the coasts of Nicaragua and Colombia — across Caribbean waters.

Imperialists Gang Up on Paraguay
After the small democracy constitutionally removes its president, Chávez and Castro call it a coup. Canada recognizes the new president; the U.S. is missing in action.

Paraguay’s impeachment
Lugo out in the cold
Why did Paraguay’s Congress mount a constitutional putsch against the president? And what happens now?

Mercosur suspends Paraguay over Lugo impeachment

Cocaine Expansion in Peru Raises Fears of Global Spread

Puerto Rico Police Hit with ACLU Lawsuit

Uruguayan drug legalisation
Thinking the unthinkable
A bold, if fuzzy, proposal

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Venezuela and Iran prepare for war?

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Diminishing differences between Kirchner and military dictator that invaded Falklands in 1982
Cristina Kirchner may be more Machiavelli than Clausewitz, but, like Galtieri, she’s using the Falklands to distract from the increasing domestic problems that are festering under her tenure

Politics and crime in Colombia
Double agent

FARC Smuggle Explosives into Cities via Ecuador Border: Police

WATCHDOGS: Solons worry Medicare billions going to Castro, Cuba

Medicare fraud worth billions may be steered to Cuba

“Subversive monstrosity”: 500 Cubans attend internet festival in Havana

The Cuba Fallacy

Hiding Cuba’s crimes behind gay rights lies

Cuban activist Bismark Mustelier sentenced to 2 years in prison

WikiLeaks Finds Its True Home In Banana Republic Ecuador

Julian Assange Might Want to Think Twice About Seeking Asylum in Ecuador
The Ecuadorian government has treated media organizations harshly, though its president seemed to show sympathy for Wikileaks during a recent, collegial TV interview with Assange.

WikiLeaks’s Assange, Ecuador’s Correa, and the Politics of Anti-Americanism

Otto Reich: US Should Not Sign New Trade Agreements with Ecuador

Self-determination in the South Atlantic

Violence in Honduras
The eye of the storm
Timid steps to tame the world’s most violent country

Organised crime in Jamaica
Dudus gets his due


And how did it go at the G20?

Mexico election diary
#YoSoy132 at a crossroads

Mexico ready to vote, watchful for fraud

Will the PRI Retake Mexico?
Mexican progress may depend on who comes in second in July’s presidential election.

Paternity suits, cancer, and now, impeachment, for the bishop-turned-president: Paraguay Senate says impeachment trial of president will start on Friday (slideshow).

Paraguay’s president vows to fight impeachment

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo vowed on Thursday to stand and fight rather than resign after his opponents launched an impeachment drive over a land eviction in which 17 people died last week.

Is it a coup in Paraguay?

Puerto Rico governor presses for bigger federal presence in Caribbean

Crews put boom around freighter grounded off Puerto Rico island, no signs of pollution

Puerto Rican Militant Accepts Plea Deal in Big 1983 U.S. Heist

Uruguay marijuana sales to be controlled by state
Uruguay is planning a radical approach to the legalisation of marijuana by proposing the sale of the drug be controlled by the state.
Well, that’s one way to make sure the politicians get rich. (h/t GoV)

Venezuela’s presidential election
Hugo’s last hurrah
In an election campaign like no other, Hugo Chávez must vanquish his own illness as well as an invigorated opposition

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Whittle on Fast & Furious

Obama: Latinos in, utensils out!

Paraguay: Lugo impeached

Holder in contempt

Why executive privilege over Fast & Furious?

Assange wants asylum in Ecuador

Smart diplomacy: As global leaders gather in Mexico, Obama chews gum

The problem with Panama

At Hot Air: Paraguay: Lugo will be spending time with his families.

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Stanford Sentenced to 110 Years in Prison for Ponzi Scheme

Peso Blues

Talk Radio Gives Voice to Falklands Veterans
Thirty Years After U.K. Victory, Argentines Work Through Their Trauma on the Air; ‘Like a Psychiatrist’s Couch’

The shows highlight Argentine veterans’ difficult postwar adjustment process. A repressive military government mobilized the veterans, often conscripts from working-class backgrounds, for Argentina’s 1982 invasion of the islands in a last-ditch bid to rally popular support. Argentina’s leadership hadn’t expected the British to dispatch its own invasion force to retake the islands. Argentine troops were left underequipped and with only an improvised plan to confront the professional U.K. army.

Britain warns Argentina over Falklands “aggression”

UK must ‘negotiate’ over Falklands sovereignty Argentina President Cristina Kirchner tells UN
Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner tells the UN that negotiations between the UK and Argentina would benefit ‘all countries around the world’.

Princeton U goes on the road: Lacrosse Team from American Ivy League School Visits Costa Rica

Sen. Bob Menendez regarding the arrest of Cuban pro-democracy leader

The gringo was Russian, The Fish That Ate the Whale:
The Life and Times of America’s Banana King
, via American Digest.

ALBA attacks justice, human rights

Falkland Islands to hold referendum on sovereignty
The Falkland Islands will hold a referendum on its “political status” in a bid to end the dispute with Argentina over the archipelago’s sovereignty.

The referendum will be organised by the Falkland Islands government and will take place in the first half of next year.

NBC Breaks Two Year Embargo on Fast & Furious; Offers Viewers a Detailed Account of Lethal Covert Operation That No One Authorized

The NYTimes magazine has a must-read report, Cocaine Incorporated (h/t AD), with a yowza,

In 2007, Mexican authorities raided the home of Zhenli Ye Gon, a Chinese-Mexican businessman who is believed to have supplied meth-precursor chemicals to the cartel, and discovered $206 million, the largest cash seizure in history. And that was the money Zhenli held onto — he was an inveterate gambler, who once blew so much cash in Las Vegas that one of the casinos presented him, in consolation, with a Rolls-Royce. “How much money do you have to lose in the casino for them to give you a Rolls-Royce?” Tony Placido, the D.E.A. intelligence official, asked. (The astonishing answer, in Zhenli’s case, is $72 million at a single casino in a single year.)

Go read every word.

Venezuela buys 12.56% of Nicaragua exports
Nicaragua’s global exports have increased by 11% in 2012

Venezuela court decisions shake up 2 small parties

The TEA Party and the GOP can learn a thing or two from Venezuela.

Venezuelans consider the unthinkable: a government without Chavez

“A sunny place for shady people”, Sideways.

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Chavez’s Iranian drones

Low expectations for the G20

The racing Zetas


Leaks and islands

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Pundette links to leaks as campaign stratagem,

The New York Times revealed today in a major news article that the well-known Stuxnet malware attack on the Iranian nuclear program was, in fact, an American operation. Most experts had felt that was the most logical conclusion, but it had never been confirmed. The Times report is based on interviews with anonymous sources “because the effort remains highly classified, and parts of it continue to this day,” reporter David Sanger wrote. While this is an acknowledgement of U.S. prowess in cyberwarfare, the revelation is an inexcusable breach of security that seems to be a part of a disturbing trend.

One has to ask: Why is the Obama Administration choosing to continue revealing operational information that is normally not released? This includes the specific units that conducted the raid that killed Osama bin Laden,information from the bin Laden compound, classified information on the bin Laden raid, details of drone operations, and now secrets about cyberwarfare. There is NO good operational reason for doing this. The only “logical” reason is a tight race for presidency. Does this mean that the closer that we get to the election, the more operational secrets will be given away?

The larger reality is that these leaks, designed to highlight the President’s credentials as a tough leader, are trying to mask the fact that Obama has virtually nothing to show on key national security issues. Progress in the big and important issues, such as relations with China and Russia, broadly fending off Iranian nuclear development, and keeping the rogue regime in North Korea inside its box, have all proven elusive for this Administration.

When progress is absent, a desperate Administration may use leaks, even if it harms national security.

Staggeringly desperate, and incredibly stupid.

Speaking of stupid, but pales by comparison to the above,
Barack Obama’s unwelcome Jubilee present to Britain: Washington reaffirms OAS resolution calling for Falklands negotiations with Argentina

This is a clear-cut case of self-determination, and the Obama administration’s continuing support or a negotiated settlement (made abundantly clear by a senior State Department spokeman last week) is a slap in the face for both the Falkland Islanders as well as the British people.

And where is the president in all this? On his way to Anna Wintour’s house. He’s busy. He’s running for president.

But why? He could be president now if he wanted to be.

Just don’t be late.”

Argentina’s Olympic gaffe

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Two weeks ago, Cristina Fernández saw fit to run this ad on TV,

The ad features

Fernando Zylberberg, a member of the Argentine men’s hockey team running through the streets of the Falklands capital Port Stanley with the slogan “to compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil.” The advert included scenes of Mr. Zylberberg training on the steps of the Island’s Great War Memorial, which commemorates British sailors who gave their lives fighting the Germans in 1914.

The Olympic Committee has no sense of humor:

The IOC said the 2012 Games should not be a forum to raise political issues.
It added that it “regrets any attempts to use the spotlight of the games for that end.”

The IOC said it had contacted the Argentinian National Olympic Committee about the advert and received assurances that the games would not be used as a political platform.

‘Not political’
“The Olympic Games should not be a forum to raise political issues and the IOC regrets any attempts to use the spotlight of the games for that end,” the IOC added.

And then, Zylberberg’s own team dropped him,

as The Telegraph revealed today, the hockey player featured in the Falklands-set propaganda piece is now likely to miss the London Olympics, after being “virtually ruled out after being excluded from the 18-man Argentine hockey squad taking part in a 10-day tournament in Malaysia from May 24.” His shameless use as a political pawn by the Kirchner administration is undoubtedly a key factor in the decision by Argentina’s own Olympic Committee to drop him, after they distanced themselves from the controversial advertisement.

Zylberberg will probably be offerred a job in Cristina’s bureaucracy.

In the meantime, the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning Argentina’s nationalisation of YPF and called for a partial suspension of tariffs that benefit exports from the South American country to the EU.

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I wouldn’t call it diplomacy: Argentina’s crass Olympics advert is the lowest form of diplomacy

Bolivia Following Argentine Takeover Deepens Regional Divide

EU urges Bolivia to compensate Spain over electricity grab (h/t Gates of Vienna)

Expropriations in Bolivia
Just when you thought it was safe
Evo Morales nationalises a Spanish electric company
. Spanish companies got taken in Cuba, in Venezuela, and in Argentina; now in Bolivia.

Horses are expensive, and labor-intensive. Elitism in Chile’s national sport
Rodeo rift

Cartagena prostitution scandal is no laughing matter to Secret Service alumni

The Guardian: Colombian rebels hold French journalist as ‘prisoner of war’

10 Most Censored Countries (h/t Babalu)

Oh, how polite: Pope sends letter of thanks to Cuban dictator Raul Castro

Report: IKEA used Cuban prison labor to make furniture in the late 1980s
The Swedish company says it had an arrangement of a limited nature with Cuba and is investigating the allegations

Curacao PM suspends island’s secret service agency

Ecuador Bank CEO to Challenge Correa for President, Envivo Says, via America’s Forum.

Issa sends out draft contempt order against Holder, says ‘Furious’ response ‘cannot stand’

23 Bodies Found Near US-Mexico Border

UBS PR to Pay $26.6M to Settle SEC Charges Over Muni, Other Funds

Coors Loses Fight Over High Puerto Rico Taxes

Hugo Chávez’s agony

Venezuela After Chavez: In the Footsteps of Franco, Ceausescu or Stalin?, (h/t Public Secrets).

Venezuela: say hello to the junta

Jaime Baily’s May 1st (in Spanish) monologue,

In Spanish, Bocaranda’s update on Chavez’s condition: the Cuban doctors are finally facing reality and have ceased the radiation treatments.

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Bolivia: Evo Morales’s Victims Push Back

“Cuba May Be the Most Feminist Country in Latin America”

Venezuela to drop out of Inter-American Commission on Human Rights UPDATED with VIDEO

What the USA can learn from Chile

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

O’Grady: The Argentine Way of Business

Argentina’s energy industry
Fill ’er up
Cristina Fernández sacrifices her country’s relationship with its biggest foreign investor to satisfy her hunger for cash and nationalist symbolism

Argentina moves to seize control of Repsol’s YPF

El Séptimo Zarpazo Argentino

Buenos Aires, Bueno Patagonia

Dilma Rousseff Comes to Washington

Credit in Brazil
A more interesting decline
Borrowing costs have started to fall at last, but the hard part lies ahead

Iranian diplomat accused of Brazil child molestation
Brazil says it will seek an explanation from Iran after an Iranian diplomat was accused of molesting underage girls at a swimming pool in Brasilia

Chile earthquake shakes TV newsroom whilst on air,

Desde la cumbre, los buitres nos esperan

Cartagena’s night life spelled trouble for Secret Service

Mel Gibson Rage Rant in Costa Rica: ‘Filthy C—sucker Whore’ (Audio)

Report: 2 Cuban actors headed for New York film festival stay in Miami
Two young stars of a Cuban film featured in a New York film festival never showed up for their movie’s screening and are believed to have slipped away in Miami.
‘Una Noche’ Actors From Cuba Flee During Film’s Tribeca Festival Premiere

Anailin de la Rua de la Torre and Javier Nunez Florian, the 20-year-old Cuban-born actors, were flown from Cuba to the United States on Wednesday and were supposed to make their way to New York on Friday in order to promote the film. But instead, the pair stayed in Miami, according to 20-year-old Dariel Arrechada, the third star of the film who traveled with them.

Los sicarios de Fidel
Esta es la primera de tres entregas que El Nuevo Herald presentará sobre el libro Los Secretos de Castro y la máquina de inteligencia de Cuba, de Brian Latell, analista retirado de la CIA.

Read more here:

Addressing the Risk of a Cuban Oil Spill

Repression in Cuba caught on video

Daughter of Haitian Immigrants Is GOP Congressional Nominee in Utah. Her name is Mia Love.

Coast Guard stops 30th drug sub
Smugglers are using semi-submersible vessels to transport tons of cocaine from Colombia to Central America. The Coast Guard, Honduran Navy and other agencies caught one last month.

What’s with Obama? His Falklands gaffe angers Brits, puzzles others

Honduras farm workers stage mass land occupations
Thousands of rural workers in Honduras have occupied land as part of a dispute with large landowners and the government.

The NYT has a Captain Louis Renault moment: Vast Mexico Bribery Case Hushed Up by Wal-Mart
After Top-Level Struggle
Confronted with evidence of widespread corruption in Mexico, top Wal-Mart executives focused more on damage control than on rooting out wrongdoing, an examination by The New York Times found.
I am shocked, shocked that gestores are needed to conduct business in Mexico:

Spinning Fast and Furious: DOJ Refers Reporter To Media Matters

Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano spews burning rock
The Popocatepetl volcano outside of Mexico City has been spewing glowing rock fragments as far as 1km (0.6 miles) down its slopes.

Santander Prepares Record Mexico IPO

Newmont’s Peruvian Gold Project Subject to New Conditions

Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM) (NEM)’s suspended $4.8 billion gold mine in Peru will be subject to “new conditions” that include the creation of 10,000 local jobs and a fourfold increase in reservoir capacity at the site to gain approval, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala said.

The company must pledge not to dry up highland lakes and invest in schools, irrigation canals and drinking water infrastructure in Cajamarca, a farming region in the northern Andes, Humala said in a speech broadcast yesterday on national television and radio.

Peru suspended the project and commissioned a review after Andean farmers, concerned that the project would dry up water supplies, blocked roads and destroyed Newmont installations in November. The project, which has cost $800 million to date, will cost more to build because of the recommendations of the review, Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar said April 18.

Aging Puerto Rico Nationalist Too Dangerous For Bail, Prosecutors Say

US Expedition Explores Mysterious Puerto Rican Reef

Rubio’s “50% plus one” for Puerto Rican Statehood

Sources say Venezuelan judge to provide valuable information in drugs case
Former Venezuela justice Eladio Aponte Aponte could provide valuable information in a federal drug and corruption investigation, sources said.

Dr. José Rafael Marquina afirma: “Chávez ya requiere ayuda para caminar

Chavez’s Last Stand
Hugo Chavez is dying — what does this mean for his scheduled October reelection

Friday Evening Musings about Venezuela After a Long Day

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Hugo Chavez still alive

Were the Colombian prostitutes spies?

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Summit of the Americas: the overseas campaign stop