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Shocka! Republicans wear DVF?

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

I tweeted about this on Monday [correction: on Tuesday],


And Michelle Malkin posts on it today,
Fashion Backward: Obama’s Hate Couture Divas.

One of the designers is Diane Von Furstenberg, an old favorite of mine whose clothes I have worn for decades (and they still fit!). DVF makes a classic, flattering, well-made, versatile dress. But she won’t like me,

Diane von Furstenberg pitched in two $85 tote bags and has grown more strident about her partisan agenda as Election Day nears. At a fashion event in her New York Meatpacking District store last month, she yelled at clients: “Everyone here better be a Democrat; no Republicans!”

Furthermore, von Furstenberg vented, “This is not a Republican party, just so you know! This is a non-Republican audience.” The crowd cheered as she urged everyone to rush home to watch her Democratic idol’s convention speech. But when conservative consumers protested on Twitter the next few nights, von Furstenberg tweeted: “I love and respect all Americans…Democrats and Republicans…love Diane.”

“All Americans,” except for Ann Romney, that is. When the designer learned last week that the GOP candidate’s wife had worn one of her famous wrap dresses at a recent campaign rally in Florida, the company had a hissy fit. “(W)e’re actually not quite sure how Ann obtained the dress,” horrified public relations staffers told left-wing

May I be so bold as to suggest, perhaps Ann Romney went to a store and bought herself a DVF dress?

And – gasp! I wore one of my DVF dresses at CPAC, where I had lunch with Babalu’s Val Prieto, ¡No Pasarán!’s Erik Svane, and Obi’s Sister.

That ought to send DVF for a loop.