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The first Monday in March Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

LatinAmerVenezuela’s demonstrations continue to be the week’s top story, in spite of the media blackout. Take some time to look at photos and read about The Venezuela Paradox,

After three weeks of repression, fifteen dead, at least 60 reported tortured and more than eight hundred detained, including opposition leaders and reporters, the Venezuelan students have at least shown the world what little respect the Maduro administration has for the human and civil rights of the people.

Keep in mind that

The protests come from people who realize that their future has been robbed by a narco-kleptocracy. Almost anyone in Venezuela that has aspirations to a better future through education, hard work, you name it, questions more or less actively the regime.

More below:

Heisenberg: Chapo Guzmán, la conexión argentina

What could possibly go wrong? Argentina Plans Price-Control Measures
President Cristina Kirchner has pledged tougher measures against businesses that raise prices, as her administration tries to stabilize an economy suffering from double-digit inflation and hard currency shortages.

Devaluation Hurts Argentina’s Regional Standing
Colombia Has Likely Overtaken Argentina as Latin America’s Third-Largest Economy

Two Years After Expropriation, Argentina and Repsol Sign Accord on YPF
The agreement establishes compensation for the Spanish oil firm of $5 billion in dollar-denominated government bonds, a debt that will be settled by 2033, at the latest, if the bonds are held to maturity

Upcoming meme alert: Expect MSNBC to start referring to the Venezuelan demonstrations (if they ever notice them) as “attempts at a soft coup”, Presidenta argentina habla de ‘golpe suave’ en Venezuela

Bolivia’s 2013 revenue from gas sales to neighbors totals $6 bn

Pity Brazil’s Military Police

The military police are not part of the armed forces, and yet they operate according to military principles of rank and discipline. They cannot strike or unionize, and are subject to a military-style penal code (meaning transgressions at work can be treated as mutiny or treason, and officers are tried in a special court). They are prohibited from “revealing facts or documents that can discredit the police or disrupt hierarchy or discipline.”

They also can’t openly disapprove of the acts of civilian authorities from the executive, legislative or judicial branches of government, and are forbidden to express their personal political opinions.

Brazil Sings a New Tune
As millions leave poverty behind, Brazilian funk is moving from the slums to the mainstream

South American Anarchists Teach Anti-Capitalist Tactics to American Students

Scientists solve mystery of Chile’s ‘whale graveyard’

“This is a site on par with Dinosaur National Monument here in the United States, a whole hillside littered with dinosaur skeletons. We seem to have the same thing except with whales here in Chile.”

US Dismisses Colombia FARC Request to Join Peace Negotiations

More women in Colombian politics, please

From The Economist story (also posted under Panama, below): Caribbean ports and the Panama canal
Ripple effects

Brazil and Cuba agreed in 2009 to develop the port of Mariel, west of Havana, through a partnership between Brazil’s Grupo Odebrecht and a state-owned Cuban company, with PSA International of Singapore as operator. The port has been dredged to a comfortable 18 metres and was inaugurated in January. But a major transshipment role is blocked by the American trade embargo: ships which have been to Cuba are barred for six months from American ports. More time to complete the Panama expansion means more time for the embargo to lift.

Lining a Dictator’s Pockets
No good would come of lifting the embargo on Cuba.

Curacao’s StartUp Stock Exchange Combines Crowdfunding with Stock Exchange

U.S. Medical Tourism To Dominican Republic Could Increase With High-Tech Clinic

El Salvador Could Be the Next Venezuela
Experts say country could morph into Venezuela if ruling party retains control

The Fine Tapestry of the Kaqchikel Women of Guatemala

UN official urges Haiti compensation
A UN official breaks ranks with the world body, and calls for compensation for Haitian victims of a cholera outbreak many blame on peacekeepers.


Mexican Drug Lord Owns Nearly 300 Companies

Why the Plan to Dig a Canal Across Nicaragua Could Be a Very Bad Idea

Caribbean ports and the Panama canal
Ripple effects

The new locks will accommodate ships which can take almost three times that load and need a draft of over 15 metres.

These monsters will slash shipping costs for Pacific cargo en route for Atlantic ports, and boost the 6% share of world trade that the Panama canal now claims.

Giant Prehistoric Sloth Fossil Found In Paraguay

Voting in Peru? Referendum on ballot just got more confusing

Moody’s Issues Junk Rating for Coming Puerto Rico Bond Sale

20 arrested for bank fraud, money laundering in Puerto Rico

Whither Venezuela?

The WSJ lists Venezuela’s Opposition Leaders
University students have been the backbone of the antigovernment movement, but demonstrators recently have looked to Leopoldo López, a former mayor of the Chacao district of Caracas and leader of the Popular Will party. Read more about the opposition to President Nicolás Maduro.

Death toll from Venezuela street protests rises to 18
caracas clashes
Anti-government protests continue to Caracas and across Venezuela with ongoing battles between protesters and police claiming the life of a national guardsman

Chavismo Thrives on Mistrust

The U.S. Was Ready to Impose Sanctions on Ukraine. Why Not Venezuela, Too?

How Chavez planted the seeds of violence

‘A Perfect Storm’: The Failure of Venezuela’s New President
He was hand-picked by Hugo Chávez, but Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has lost control of the country’s economy. Vast protests have been the result, but the government in Caracas has shown no signs of bending.

Jailed Venezuela protest leader mocks President’s talks


Senate Resolution Targets Venezuelan Rights Violators

The week’s posts and podcast:
Latin America at the #Oscars2014

Just what the Venezuelans need: Jimmy Carter!

#SOSVenezuela: Hugo loses his head in Táchira

Rubio’s speech on Cuba and Venezuela

Argentina: The more things change . . .

Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua: Russia to add military bases overseas UPDATED

Venezuela, en español: Entrevista con Gen. Ángel Vivas

En español: Terapia intensiva

Venezuela: Tweeting the barricades #SOSVenezuela

Mexico: How Chapo was nabbed

At Da Tech Guy Blog:
What would it take for Latin America’s left-wing populist economies to turn around?

Venezuela: “Don’t you get weary!”

Victor Triay, author PLUS US-Latin America this week

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I wouldn’t call it diplomacy: Argentina’s crass Olympics advert is the lowest form of diplomacy

Bolivia Following Argentine Takeover Deepens Regional Divide

EU urges Bolivia to compensate Spain over electricity grab (h/t Gates of Vienna)

Expropriations in Bolivia
Just when you thought it was safe
Evo Morales nationalises a Spanish electric company
. Spanish companies got taken in Cuba, in Venezuela, and in Argentina; now in Bolivia.

Horses are expensive, and labor-intensive. Elitism in Chile’s national sport
Rodeo rift

Cartagena prostitution scandal is no laughing matter to Secret Service alumni

The Guardian: Colombian rebels hold French journalist as ‘prisoner of war’

10 Most Censored Countries (h/t Babalu)

Oh, how polite: Pope sends letter of thanks to Cuban dictator Raul Castro

Report: IKEA used Cuban prison labor to make furniture in the late 1980s
The Swedish company says it had an arrangement of a limited nature with Cuba and is investigating the allegations

Curacao PM suspends island’s secret service agency

Ecuador Bank CEO to Challenge Correa for President, Envivo Says, via America’s Forum.

Issa sends out draft contempt order against Holder, says ‘Furious’ response ‘cannot stand’

23 Bodies Found Near US-Mexico Border

UBS PR to Pay $26.6M to Settle SEC Charges Over Muni, Other Funds

Coors Loses Fight Over High Puerto Rico Taxes

Hugo Chávez’s agony

Venezuela After Chavez: In the Footsteps of Franco, Ceausescu or Stalin?, (h/t Public Secrets).

Venezuela: say hello to the junta

Jaime Baily’s May 1st (in Spanish) monologue,

In Spanish, Bocaranda’s update on Chavez’s condition: the Cuban doctors are finally facing reality and have ceased the radiation treatments.

The week’s posts:
Bolivia: Evo Morales’s Victims Push Back

“Cuba May Be the Most Feminist Country in Latin America”

Venezuela to drop out of Inter-American Commission on Human Rights UPDATED with VIDEO

What the USA can learn from Chile

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, October 18th, 2010

No rush to judgement

Argentina is booming! (And killing the peso.)
An easy way to get people buying again: if runaway inflation makes saving ridiculous, people will buy anything, especially real estate and other lasting commodities. It works in Argentina…right?

Bolivian court rejects attempt to put anti-racism law to popular vote

A steep hill to climb

Now Free Chile’s Entrepreneurs
The rescue of 33 miners marked how far Chile has distanced itself from Third World socialism. But if President Piñera isn’t careful, Chile could end up there again.

Chris Matthews Uses Chilean Miners To Promote Democrats In Midterms

New York’s Lincoln Center Partners with Castro’s Secret Police


Cuba claims $1.1B loss in tourism revenue

Former Cuban political prisoner Paneque: ‘I have to carry this cross’

158 Cuban families face eviction in Varadero

Dutch Antilles


Ecuador Says Two Trapped Gold Miners Confirmed Killed, Two Remain Missing

Enquistados en el Poder?

Saturday night excitement


Mexican authorities confirm beheading of lead investigator in Hartley disappearance
Spokesman for Tamps. AG says slaying had nothing to do with Hartley probe

Falcon Lake Murder: Mexican Investigator Beheaded
The Zetas double down by executing the lead investigator in the search for David Hartley.

Organised crime in Mexico
Under the volcano
The drugs trade has spread corruption and violence across Mexico. Can the police ever catch up with them?

Missing Element

Hip Hip Hurray

Lima mayoral elections still undecided, delay criticized

Detenido el “Camarada Izula” número dos de Sendero Luminoso

Crocodile census causes alarm in Puerto Rico

Venezuelan missiles? Iran May Get S-300 Yet Via Venezuela

Euthanasia to be legalized in Venezuela?

Chavez assures Minsk of oil for another 200 years

Etarra Arturo Cubillas utiliza numero de cédula falso en solicitud de investigación a la fiscalía de Venezuela

When ridicule and tyranny meet

Democracy vs Elections


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer slams ‘foreign interference’ in immigration lawsuit, via Gates of Vienna.

Mario Vargas Llosa
A Latin American liberal
A great writer who has become his region’s conscience


Hugo Chávez: Now It’s Time to Annoy the Dutch

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen

My latest post, Hugo Chávez: Now It’s Time to Annoy the Dutch, is up at Real Clear World.

The last Monday of 2009 Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, December 28th, 2009

LatinAmerWelcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean.


Weapons of Freedom

Time For Latinos to Stand Against Illegal Immigration
And it’s up to the rest of us to give them the benefit of the doubt and stop assuming that their loyalties lie elsewhere

Letter: Visitor safety in the Bahamas

Via Islam in Europe, Brazil – More Halal beef for Arab countries

Chile’s second transition

Colombia says Venezuela mistook Santa’s sleigh for US spy plane

FARC’s Plan to Booby Trap Colombia

Camila and her wicker basket

Cuba human rights worsened in 2009 — activist

Fake autobiography of Fidel is on target, writes reviewer, herself a Castro scholar

Christian Pilgrims to Bethlehem Honor Che Guevara

Curacao: Case of missing US diplomat going cold

Ecuador: Report Says U.S. Aided Attack On Rebels

Report says 225,000 Haiti children work as slaves

Anybody seen Pati?

Plane from D.C. overshoots runway in Jamaica; dozens injured

Family of Mexican marine slaughtered in revenge attack over raid that killed drug lord

Close quarters

Alan García cuestiona “angustia” de Evo Morales

2010 for Venezuela

How much does the Chavez Government have left in the parallel funds?

Via Islam in Europe, Chavez announces new discount ‘socialist’ stores

Chávez Accuses Netherlands of Plotting Aggression With the U.S.

The devil in a red tie


Los mejores montajes del 2009 del Chiguirre Bipolar:

The week’s posts and podcasts:
Chávez threatens Toyota, GM
Zelaya’s Christmas at the Brazilian embassy
Boy reunited with Dad in Brazil
‘Bloggera’ y también tanguera

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The big news this week is Honduras, of course. You can read my posts here, here, here and here; however, if you can read Spanish you should read Informe especial I: Decreto PCM-020 era una celada de Zelaya contra la democracia, also at a discussion board.

Coca and cocaine in the Andes: Mixed signals among the coca bushes
An apparent fall in cocaine production conceals the remarkable resilience of an illegal industry

Drug policy in the Americas: At last, a debate
And an intemperate defence of prohibition

Israeli Intelligence’s Iran increases its influence in Latin America

Term Limits and Constitutional Tinkering in Latin America

Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez Political Fight

Un golpe definitivo

In Argentina Polls, a Couple in Power Try to Hold On to It

Bolivia busca apoyo ruso para potenciar sus fuerzas armadas

Computer Failures Are Probed in Jet Crash

The Obama Presidency: Obama Likely to Tread Carefully With Uribe

Southern Discomfort
Obama to Colombia: Military base now, free trade later.

Colombia: Coca Growing Declines

A Dissident Deflected: Why doesn’t President Obama have time for Cuba’s pro-democracy opposition?

Where Does Cuba Find its American Spies? Guess?

Cuba’s spy program deeply rooted in U.S.

Mystery Surrounds Alleged Hezbollah Links to Drug Arrests in Curacao

Guatemalan fears a tweet will make him a jailbird

The Winner in Honduras: Chávez

Honduras: what CNN will probably not tell you

Honduras Defends Its Democracy: Fidel Castro and Hillary Clinton object.

Honduran Congress: Not a Coup, Former President Broke and Ignored Laws


How To Get A Panamanian Driver’s License

Insólito comentario de Lugo: Vamos a imitar la dictadura de Chávez

Drug trade grows in Bolivia, Peru – U.N.

Chávez’s war on independent media

Venezuela’s media: Chávez’s bugbear
The harassment of Globovisión

Bugbear to all

Primaries for the Venezuelan opposition?


Hugo Chavez says Ahmadinejad won election legally: Venezuela accuses “imperial hand” of Iran unrest

Via RCW, The tragedy of Chávez: Ten years in, a capitalist elite has merely been replaced by a quasi-socialist elite with little regard for Venezuelans.

This week’s other posts and podcasts
Waffles for Uribe
Evo Morales buying Russian weapons on credit
Cubazuela: wiretapping now legal
12 tons of gold missing in Sinaloa
Obama gives Cuban dissidents the cold shoulder
At Real Clear World:
Honduras In Turmoil
More Weenie Diplomacy: Now With Venezuela and Syria
Chavez Reaffirms His Support for Ahmadinejad

The axis of misunderstood thugs, the cap and tax 8, and the roundup

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Soccer Dad names it: The axis of misunderstood thugs, the perfect compliment to weenie diplomacy.

Speaking of thugs, Mystery Surrounds Alleged Hezbollah Links to Drug Arrests in Curacao


Michael Yon asks a question on The road to hell, part II

Scrappleface merges two headlines into one story: GOP Offers ‘Michael Jackson’ Cap & Trade Alternative.

Via Maria, Inflicting economic pain

According to recent Heritage economic analyses, the costs of the proposed global warming bill will kick in when it takes effect in 2012. By 2035, a family of four’s energy costs will increase dramatically.

· 90 percent — increase in electricity costs

· 58 percent — increase in gasoline costs

· 55 percent — increase in natural gas costs

Lieberman points out that these are only “low-ball estimates” and that the burden of these increased costs will disproportionately affect the poor.

The Climate Change Climate Change
The number of skeptics is swelling everywhere.

Darleen wants to know, Cap-and-trade bores you? because insanity rules.

Net Right Nation’s feed has the latest posts on cap and tax.

Michelle Malkin has the cap-and-tax picture:


Not one red cent!


“The check is in the mail” used to be one of “the three big lies” joke. Now the joke’s on us: Obama’s Top Three Health Care Campaign Lies
  • Lie Number 1: I Won’t Tax Your Health Benefits
  • Lie Number 2: I Won’t Force You to Buy Health Insurance
  • Lie Number 3: If You Aren’t Rich, I Won’t Raise Your Taxes

Unless, of course, you’re belong to the Dems’ favorite protected minority – a union.

Some thoughts on The pattern of the Obama approach to policy. “He’s behaving as though he’s the leader of a small, neutral nation instead of Leader of the Free World”.


Why July 4th tea parties shouldn’t be group therapy.

The Way it Was: Is Rockefeller Obsolete? No, but the way taxes and the economy are headed, Rockefeller would be leaving the country.


The Real UN Resolution 242, by Sammy Benoit, who finds Arab Democracy Advocates Upset With Obama

First the topless exhibitionist, now the full monty ex-mayor. Stay off the sauce, guys.

The Anchoress explains the difference between an idol and an icon.

No Sheeples posts about Lex Barker. One of Barker’s ex-wives, Tita Cervera, later married Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza and convinced him to leave a large part of his sizeable art collection to Spain. The collection is now at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, which is part of El Prado.

Keep an eye on The Way We Get By, and go see it when it’s playing by you:

Today’s podcast: the Hezbollah-Lat Amer drug connection

Friday, May 1st, 2009

In today’s podcast at 11AM, the Hezbollah-Latin American drugs connection.

Podcasts are archived for your listening convenience.

Related links
Curaçao: Hezbollah Connection in Drug Arrests
17 arrested in Curacao on suspicion of drug trafficking with links to Hezbollah

Big Cocaine Gang Allied to Hezbollah Rounded up in the Caribbean

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Big Cocaine Gang Allied to Hezbollah Rounded up (h/t GoV; emphasis added)

THE HAGUE, 30/04/09 – In cooperation with various other countries, Dutch authorities have rounded up a big cocaine gang that had links with Hezbollah. Seventeen suspects were arrested on Curacao, the biggest island of the Netherlands Antilles, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) has revealed.

International cooperation between police and judicial services of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles, Belgium, Colombia, Venezuela and the US led to the arrest of the 17 suspects by the Curacao police. They are believed to be part of a drugs and money-laundering organisation with international branches, thought to be responsible for the import and export of at least 2,000 kilos of cocaine per year, according to the OM. “The organisation maintained international contacts with other criminal networks, which in the Middle East support Hezbollah financially”.

In this investigation, launched at the beginning of 2008, containers with cocaine were intercepted earlier in Rotterdam (300 kilos), the Spanish city of Valencia (20 kilos) and the Belgian city of Antwerp (140 kilos). Three Colombian suspects have for some time been in pre-trial custody for their involvement in the Rotterdam shipment, discovered in October 2008.

The 17 suspects now arrested are from Venezuela, Colombia, Lebanon and Cuba as well as Curacao. The organisation shipped containers with cocaine from Curacao to the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Jordan. From Venezuela, drugs containers went to West Africa and subsequently to the Netherlands, Lebanon and Spain. Couriers smuggled cocaine from Curacao and Aruba to the Netherlands as air passengers.

The suspects invested the drugs profits in property in Colombia, Venezuela, Lebanon, the Dominican Republic and in companies on Curacao. “Large sums of money from the drugs trade have become available in Lebanon via underground bankers. From Lebanon, orders are also placed for weapons, which had to be delivered by the drugs organisation from South America.”

Babalu also posted on this atticle from the Lebanon Daily Star, Police link 17 ‘drug traders’ in Curacao with Hizbullah

BEIRUT: Police from seven nations arrested 17 people in the island of Curacao Tuesday suspected of involvement in an international drug ring with links to Hizbullah, Dutch authorities said. “The organization had international contacts with other criminal networks that financially supported Hizbullah in the Middle East. Large sums of drug money flooded into Lebanon, from where orders were placed for weapons that were to have been delivered from South America,” the Dutch prosecution service said in a statement.

The proceeds were allegedly invested in several countries, said the statement, adding that the suspects were from Curacao, the largest of the Dutch Antilles islands, as well as from Venezuela, Colombia, Lebanon and Cuba.

Yet another instance of the connection of drugs, terrorism and the weapons trade.

What is surprising is that the American media has no reports on this.

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