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The second #CPAC12 bloggers roundup

Friday, February 4th, 2011

A drop in the ocean

Second Video Shows Planned Parenthood-Sex Trafficking Coverup

New Technology is Driving Abortion Issue in Congress and Courts

Climate Justice [Finally] in California: Judge Faults AB 32 “Cap and Trade” Law

In which I defend Michelle Obama against both the AP’s and Politico’s rank ignorance

Post-partisan president actually very polarizing president

Union Fights to Force You Into Obamacare While Getting Waivers for Itself

Why Two Favorable Rulings on ObamaCare Don’t Matter

Clothes Designer Uses Riots in Egypt as Ad Tool

The Pro-Life Credentials of Mitch Daniels

How do you reduce unemployment? Stop counting 319K people

Anatomy of a Smear- How Media Matters Exploits Fake Bigotry To Protect George Soros.

We are witnessing the collapse of the Middle East

Why the attempt to make the Muslim Brotherhood acceptable?

Egypt, Federalism and the ObamaCare Mandate, and the Gipper at 100 (Cato Weekly Dispatch for 2/4/11)

Rucho to NC Senate Democrats: “join us or cry about it”