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Argentina: Joseph Stiglitz’s conflict of interest

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Columbia University economics professor Joseph Stiglitz’s Curious ‘Outside Activities’
The self-styled champion of the poor is not eager to disclose his ties with foreign leaders.

Something similar is happening now with respect to Stiglitz’s involvement with the Kirchner government in Argentina. Stiglitz filed a friend of the court brief on behalf of Argentina’s bid to appeal an American lower court’s ruling that would force it to honor $1.3 billion in bonds on which it defaulted in 2001. Stiglitz did not disclose — nor has he disclosed in his public statements or writings about Argentina, where he has argued that the country had no choice but to default on his debt — that he served as a paid expert for Argentina in a 2012 case before the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes. Over the years, he has also traveled regularly to Argentina to advise the now-deceased Argentinian president Nestor Kirchner as well as his wife, the country’s current president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and delivered several paid lectures there.

That’s not all he’s not disclosing. Read the full article.

Yoani Sanchez in NYC

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez arrived in NYC yesterday, and received a warm welcome at the airport, unlike her prior experience in Brazil. In the evening, she spoke at Columbia University,

Thursday night, Sánchez appeared at Columbia University’s School of Journalism to answer questions.

Sánchez described the problems Cubans have when trying to access the Internet and government surveillance of independent journalists. She also spoke about the changes made by Cuban leader Raúl Castro.

“I would love to pose 50 questions to Raúl Castro. And I anticipate right now that they won’t be answered,” she said.

Sánchez stressed that Cuban government restrictions of the Internet have “been even more aggressive” than she expected.

Cuba is one of 60 countries that censor communications and limit or harass Internet users constantly. The average access to the Internet by Cubans is the lowest in the Western hemisphere. Individual connections are restricted to official entities and educational and cultural institutions, under strict supervision.

Access to foreigners and Cuban citizens must be officially authorized after an exhaustive background check. “But as a journalist I am not frightened by the problems,” said Sánchez. “What’s most important is that the Cuban government and [the Communist Party daily] Granma are reading us. That is why they have created an alternative blogosphere to reply to us. They’re acknowledging us and that’s a first step toward acceptance.”

Prior to her visit to the USA she had visited Mexico, where only four senators attended her speech at the Senate in Mexico City.

After NYC, she’s heading to Washington, DC.

You think you have property rights? Think again.

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Remember Kelo? Well, read about Singh and Kaur:

[President of Columbia University Lee] Bollinger’s latest assault is on the property rights of a couple of small-time Harlem businessmen. Gurnam Singh and Parminder Kaur own—or perhaps I should say “own”—a self-storage business and a gas station in West Harlem. Bollinger wants the land they occupy to full his “vision” of Columbia University’s hegemony on the Upper West Side. So he is going to take it.

According to a column on the episode by Glenn Reynolds in The New York Post, the last legal hurdle—review by the Supreme Court—to Columbia’s seizing the property vanished last week. “Traditionally,” Reynolds points out,

“the ‘public-domain’ power was used to acquire property needed for things like roads and bridges. It’s still often defended in those terms, but the ‘public use’ required for such takings has now been interpreted by courts to include pretty much anything the government wants to do with the property—including handing it over to someone else who just happens to be wealthier or better-connected than the original property holder.”

Read the full post here.

The American government is purposely subverting the Constitutional right of its citizens to own private property. Your property rights are an illusion.


Sarko does Columbia, heads to DC

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Bringing his own color-coordinated lectern yesterday, Sarko made a media appearance in front of a friendly audience, the Columbia University World Leaders forum,

Columbia organizers said the French provided their own white lectern and light gray rug for the speech, and also requested a special espresso machine.

The podium and rug complemented the color-coordinated French first couple – including his black suit and white tie and her wraparound black top, gray skirt and black-and-white umbrella.

In a change from the usual protocol, Sarkozy entered the Low Library by walking up the middle of the grand staircase that faces the Columbia campus, instead of from behind a gold curtain like most other speakers.

While at it he asked for more government intervention,

“The world needs an open America, a generous America, an America that shows the way, an America that listens,” he said, calling on the U.S. to champion firm regulations of financial systems, from tax havens to hedge funds.

So much for his old days of being a leader interested in promoting free enterprise.

Sarko and Carla made a big show of affection for the media,

After arriving in New York on Sunday, the presidential couple left their hotel with arms wrapped around one another, smiling for cameras and kissing before going to lunch at the Boathouse restaurant in Central Park with Sarkozy’s son from his second marriage, 12-year-old Louis, who goes to school in New York.

There are [LANGUAGE WARNING: LINK NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK] rumors about the marriage.

Let’s hope the perineal training was worth it and things work out between the two.

Meanwhile, Carla and Sarko are having dinner with Michelle and Obama tonight. Michelle Obama’s Mirror hopes Carla wears underwear.

Sometimes the news cycle outdoes the tawdry reality shows in the battle of the botox. This is one of those times.