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Mexico: 6 detained on cobalt-60 case

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Not clear if they were the actual thieves:

Of the detained men, ages 16 to 38, only the 16-year-old showed signs of radiation exposure and he was in good health

“Round up the usual suspects”?
CNN asks,

Where are the thieves?
Authorities — who have said they expect that the thieves will turn up to get medical treatment for possible radiation exposure — have not announced explicitly that anyone has been caught.

But the Notimex article detailing the hospitalizations did state that a 25-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy are in federal police custody. The report did not say why they’d been detained, only that the Interior Ministry will soon have more details.

Nor was there an indication whether the two were among those hospitalized in Pachuca, the capital of Hidalgo state.

The attorney general office’s organized crime division is investigating the case, according to Manjarrez. He added that the driver of the stolen truck continues to cooperate with authorities.

Yesterday federal police had blocked access to the general hospital in Pachuca where the six men were reported to have been admitted with radiation exposure.


Mexico: The cobalt-60 case

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

A truck carrying cobalt-60 was stolen, and the truck and its cargo were later found.

Here are the facts:


And now for a little speculation (this is entirely my opinion, and again, pure speculation):
Let’s imagine that the truck hijackers try to fence the truck and its contents to the Knights Templar. Once the Templars realized that the cargo was getting the attention not only of the Mexican authorities, but also international attention, they may have decided to not hold on to it.

Especially if they could not get a good enough price from a third-party client (Hezbollah?) to make it worth their troubles.

As I said, just pure speculation.


The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed 20 incidents world-wide of theft or loss of nuclear material or radioactive material last year.