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Why we kiss?

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

It’s a dreary Wednesday and to be truthful, I’m finding politics (American, Latin American, or any politics) exhausting. The Anchoress has an Advent pause for weary minds, but being much less spiritual than her, imagine my delight when I saw this from John Derbishire, whose book, We Are Doomed I just finished reading,
Why We Kiss?

Razib goes on to speculate that: “Perhaps then bad breath and poor oral hygiene are simply a fitness indicator, and kissing evolved as a method for humans to evaluate each other’s health as an ‘honest’ signal?”

Maybe that’s how it got started; but we kiss because it’s so good.

Here’s my favorite kissing scene on film, the final scene of Cinema Paradiso, a movie I loved when I first saw it years ago,

Warm kisses, all.