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Surprise! I’m in Buenos Aires!

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I’ve been traveling for the past few days and my current location is Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The big news today, Census day, is the former president Nestor Kirchner died of a heart condition this morning.

The Financial Times reports that

Argentine stocks saw their biggest rise in two years and benchmark sovereign bonds soared after Néstor Kirchner, 60, the former president and husband of current president Cristina Fernández, died of a heart attack and investors bet that the country’s “Kirchner era” was drawing to a close.

The funeral will start tomorrow, followed by a private burial on Friday at his hometown of Río Gallegos.

The Economist has an interesting post on Kirchner’s effect on Argentina’s politics.


The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. This week’s must-read: The Economist’s special report on Latin America. Go to the link and follow the articles.

Buenos Aires has a new version of its interactive city map; Yanqui Mike explains the map:

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