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The HuffPo slaves are revolting

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

The 6,000 bloggers who write for free for the HuffPo aren’t too happy that ZsaZsa gets $100 million while they get nothing, even when the bloggers contribute voluntarily, unpaid, out of their own free will,
AOL, Arianna Huffington Hit with Class Action Suit

Today, a group of bloggers led by union organizer and journalist Jonathan Tasini filed a class-action suit against the Huffington Post, founderArianna Huffington, and AOL, which acquired the news-and-blogs site in February.

Tasini, the lead plaintiff, has been a blogger for Huffpo since December 2005, when the site was just seven months old. According to his blogger page, however, he stopped posting on February 10, three days after the purchase of the site by AOL was announced. I emailed him for more information about the suit; he responded by inviting me to participate in a telephone press conference. (Update: On the call this morning, Tasinivowed to make Huffington “a pariah in the progressive community” and said his goal is to set a precedent that writers must share in the value they create.)

Their lawsuit is based on unjust enrichment. As a nice bonus, they get to claim victimhood – self-imposed victimhood, the best kind.

Little Miss Attila watches The HuffPo Wars as Spectactor Sport while Stacy lets the scorn flow,

There is no bad outcome possible. Either:

A. HuffPo is required to fork over millions of dollars to these crybaby free-bloggers; or

B. The crybaby free-bloggers, who are all a bunch of left-wing idiots, get screwed raw.

What’s not to like here? Legally, I don’t think the crybabies have a leg to stand on, but at least they’re forcing HuffPo to hire lawyers to defend against this nuisance suit. And while I think HuffPo will ultimately prevail — where’s the fine-print contractual agreement that obligates anybody to pay a dime to these free-blogging losers? — the biggest payoff will be in disabusing ex-HuffPosters of their idealistic notions that they were part of a  ”progressive community.” Here’s my message to the HuffPo crybabies:


The “progressive community” was never anything but a three-card monte hustle. The only requirement for membership in the “progressive community” is sufficient naivete to believe that your volunteer efforts accomplish anything other than enhancing the wealth, power and status of your so-called “leaders.”

How the World Works (via NewsBusters) has a longer explanation,

Unjust enrichment, you say? As in, unfair?

Face it guys, if life was fair Arianna/ZsaZsa would be working at the Athens IHOP.


It’s good being Zsa-Zsa

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Further proof that life isn’t fair:

For this she gets paid $100 million.

The April Fool’s joke is on AOL’s stockholders.


Where did AOL come up with $315 million?

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Betting on News, AOL Is Buying The Huffington Post (emphasis added)

The Huffington Post, which began in 2005 with a meager $1 million investment and has grown into one of the most heavily visited news Web sites in the country, is being acquired by AOL in a deal that creates an unlikely pairing of two online media giants.

The two companies completed the sale Sunday evening and announced the deal just after midnight on Monday. AOL will pay $315 million, $300 million of it in cash and the rest in stock. It will be the company’s largest acquisition since it was separated from Time Warner in 2009.

AOL is not the most solid company around; it’s laid off thousands of employees, shows no profit and pays no dividends. It has 106 million shares outstanding, currently trading at $21.39 (down since the announcement of the purchase) in the NASDAQ, and this deal will cost $3 per share outstanding.

HuffPo is not publicly traded.

So, my question is, Where did AOL come up with $315 million?


Arianna goes on a snit

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

because her website got only one table at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner:
Arianna huffs about overbooked celebs at WHCD

Being a new member to the White House Correspondents Association, this is the first year the Internet news site will have presence at the dinner.

Huffington asked for three tables, and on the assumption that her wish would be granted, invited 14 celebrity guests in advance, but only got one table.

If Zsa-Zsa ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

What does a girl have to do in this town to get her way??

Will-Roberts-Donaldson vs Arianna smackdown VIDEO

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Zsa-Zsa gets it, for the second time in a week:
Will, Roberts and Donaldson Correct Arianna Huffington on ‘This Week’:

Appearing on Sunday’s “This Week” on ABC, Huffington foolishly claimed that Supreme Court justices John Paul Stevens and David Souter would never be appointed by a Republican President today due to “how far the Party has traveled,” obviously meaning to the Right.

All three of her fellow Roundtable panelists were quick to correct her flawed logic beginning with Sam Donaldson (video follows with partial transcript, relevant section at 9:20)

Check out the transcript at NewsBusters. Here’s the video:

Arianna forgot that Stevens was a conservative when he joined the Court.

Rudi vs Arianna smackdown VIDEO

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Stacy has the video,

NewsBusters has the transcript,

RUDY GIULIANI: Arianna, I’m also, I’m also responsible largely for the turnaround of New York City. I took over, I took over a city that had 2,000 murders a year, I left a city with four or 500 hundred murders a year. I took over a city with 1.1 million people on welfare, I left a city with 500,000 people on welfare. I took over a city with a $2.3 million deficit, I left a city with a $3 million surplus. I hired a lot of good people to do that…It’s just a cheap shot.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: That’s a cheap shot!…I want to stop. I want to stop right now. I want to talk also about Bernie Kerik for a second. I know no one else will agree with me. This is just me talking and nobody else. Bernie Kerik did a hell of a job also keeping New York City safe. Two, it’s an unpopular thing to say, Bernie Kerik made mistakes, a lot of people make mistakes. I was glad Bernie Kerik was standing behind Rudy Giuliani September 11. And the bottom line is Arianna, if Rudy Giuliani did not run for President of the United States, Bernie Kerik would be walking the streets today, because the second Rudy Giuliani started running for President of the United States, the long knifes came out and they started searching everybody’s record and they found somebody who had made some bad mistakes. […]

MORT ZUCKERMAN: If there is one thing that the mayor deserves a lot of credit for is that he turned around the living conditions of New York by really reinforcing law and order, and particularly backing the police, and doing what he, a fundamental transformation of life in this city.

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: That’s not either, or. You are not judging the mayor’s entire history. We’re talking about something very important, something very specific. And we’re talking also about this knee-jerk attempt to criticize the administration on everything, especially the position of the president on terrorism from a man who said you don’t know if waterboarding is torture. I don’t know if you still hold that position.

GIULIANI: Well, first of all, we have a perfect right to talk all about that, but you’re comment about Bernie Kerik was totally irrelevant to it and just a cheap shot. […]

SCARBOROUGH: Can I ask also how we got from Marco Rubio to waterboarding, Arianna? That is a wild (?), you have taken this conversation and hijacked it.

HUFFINGTON: It’s all about what the mayor stands for. What the man stands for means that we can look at who he supports from that perspective. This is a man…

SCARBOROUGH: Do you want to take waterboarding as the issue you embrace, because I know a guy sitting in the United States Senate now that said it polled pretty damn well in Massachusetts.

HUFFINGTON: What does this have to do with anything?

SCARBOROUGH: It has everything to do with everything. You’re saying that his position on waterboarding disqualifies him to endorse a guy in Florida, and I’m telling you if waterboarding is popular in Massachusetts, it’s probably pretty popular in my home state of Florida.

HUFFINGTON: So what? So it doesn’t disqualify him from supporting anybody he wants. It means that I don’t have to take his support particularly seriously. That’s all I’m saying.

SCARBOROUGH: I don’t think he gives a damn whether you support his candidate or not because you’re not going to support him anyway, right?

HUFFINGTON: I’m not saying whether I’m going to support his candidate. I’m saying we’re having a conversation about whether who he supports makes a difference.

SCARBOROUGH: It does in Florida.

HUFFINGTON: I mean, this is a man who also spent $50 million in the presidential race and got one delegate.

SCARBOROUGH: Hold on a second. Arianna, I’ve got to say this. Just stop. If we’re going to do this, Arianna, I, understand, we’re going to talk about your race in California.

HUFFINGTON: I never, I mean, my…

SCARBOROUGH: You ran for governor of California, and it was a complete flop. I still want to hear your ideas, and I don’t always go back to your failures here or your failures there. But for some reason, you’re doing it with Giuliani. And I, by the way, I would be defending somebody on the Left if someone on the Right was doing the same thing to them.

GIULIANI: The reality is you criticized the Tea Party movement and the right-wingers for getting terribly personal and terribly irrelevant and racist, and you’re the worst offender. I mean, I come on here just to talk about Marco Rubio, you’re attacking me on Bernie Kerik, you’re attacking me on how I ran my presidential race. I imagine you’re going to attack me on what I did in the Little League when I was a child. I mean, this is an over the top, emotional reaction as opposed to an intellectual discussion of whether Rubio or Crist would be the better senator.

That’s what we have Arianna for, isn’t it?