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FARC’s top guy is no longer, Bout’s guilty

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Top Farc rebel leader Alfonso Cano killed in Colombia
Alfonso Cano had a $4m prize tag on his head
The leader of Colombia’s left wing Farc rebel group, Alfonso Cano, has been killed in a military raid, President Juan Manuel Santos has confirmed.

Cano, who took over the #1 spot after Marulanda died of a heart attack in 2008, had apparently been tracked through cell phone intercepts.


In other FARC-related news, Viktor Bout was found guilty,
Federal jury in NYC convicts arms dealer Bout

In 2008, while under economic sanctions and a U.N. travel ban, Bout was approached in Moscow by a close associate about supplying weapons on the black market to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

Bout was told that the group wanted to use drug-trafficking proceeds to pay for surface-to-air missiles and other weapons, making it clear it wanted to attack helicopter pilots and other Americans in Colombia, prosecutors said.

Neither man knew at the time that the two FARC officials they were dealing with were undercover informants working for the DEA, said the associate, South African businessman Andrew Smulian, who took the witness stand for the government as part of a plea deal.

At first, Bout dismissed the idea of a deal, Smulian testified.

“He said he didn’t deal with drug dealers,” Smulian said.

Smulian testified that Bout overcame his doubts and agreed that for a down payment of $20 million he would arrange for cargo planes to air-drop 100 tons of weapons into Colombia. Bout finalized the phony deal with the two DEA informants in a bugged hotel room in Bangkok in March 2008.