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The SOB Day Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean with VIDEO

Monday, July 12th, 2010

LatinAmerWelcome to this week’s Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Carnival today is named after a new holiday proposed by a guy in Argentina – SOB day. A holiday we can all celebrate.

Clarin denounces Argentine government’s increase in press harassment

A new holiday in Argentina? SOB day!

Petrobras Debt Risk Rises More Than Pemex on Deep-Water Drill Costs Climb

Brazil’s Petrobras Eyes 2011 Start-Up for Ethanol Pipeline

Entrevista a Alejandro Gutierrez, arquitecto ARUP: “Yo creo que debiera haber un Alcalde Mayor”

Alejandro Gutierrez _ Desafíos para Santiago from Plataforma Urbana on Vimeo.

U.S. denies visa to Colombian journalist Hollman Morris, citing Patriot Act

Giving a new shade to the meaning of bitch: Ingrid Betancourt sues the Colombian state

Legislators Appeal To Constitutional Court To Stop U.S Warships From Entering Costa Rican Waters

Hardly surprising: Spain begins to qualify prisoner release terms

At first, Spain’s foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos assured everyone that the 52 Cuban prisoners of conscience that are supposed to be released and shipped to Spain can return to Cuba whenever they like. The release was not a forced exile, he declared to reporters.

Now, however, he is beginning to qualify that statement by saying that Spain cannot guarantee that the Cuban dictatorship will authorize their return.

France offers to resettle deportees

Hollywood Mourns Their Castro Connection

Cuba to release 52 political prisoners, Catholic Church says

The Elian Gonzalez case 10 years on

Obama says: Cuba Si!, Gulf Coast No!

Saturday chuckle, in Spanish with all the dirty words you can fit in three minutes:

The First Sip of Water

Probably Still There to Join in the Fun

Chavez, Correa Boost Cooperation

As part of those efforts, Venezuela and Ecuador on Tuesday will carry out their first binational transaction through the Unique System for Regional Equalization (SUCRE), to reduce costs and avoid dependence on the U.S. dollar.

Yeah, right.

How Guatemala nearly went ‘narco’

Hiring: héroes para Guatemala

Guyanese man pleads guilty in JFK bomb plot

Guyana recommits to peaceful resolution of border issue with Venezuela

La Gringa is looking for Honduras Blogs.

Mexican president’s allies lead in key elections

Somewhere over the rainbow in Mexico’s elections

Mexicans Vote in State Elections

Mexico’s Culture of Racism

The myth that the border can’t be secured

Longer-term Impact of the Alliances

Drugs Aren’t the Only Problem

Mexique : Allah au pays des Mayas

Islamists in Mexico (report in Spanish:

South Korea investing big into Panama

Protests in Changuinola, Bocas del Toro Province

Peruvian Drug Dealers Hid Dope In Vuvuzelas

Catching up with Peru’s fight against narcoterrorists

Pisco to Lima gas pipeline in Peru may take three years

Venezuelans oppose Chávez attempt to nationalize private food company


Stone’s Reel Mission

But Stone also revealed at Friday night’s showing in Santa Monica that the documentary wasn’t about box office returns. No, he’s more concerned about showing it through “the cultural circuit” to impressionable audiences with little knowledge of Latin America.

“We’ve got demand from a lot of universities,” Stone said, for “as many as possible to see it.” It’ll play on TV next year too, he said.

Hugo Chavez belongs in the rogues’ gallery: Compare him to the world’s worst dictators

Not so Random Chavismo Target of the week: Twitter

Lawyer for American Taliban to Head DOJ Arizona Case

Brewer To Boston: MYOB

So, Will Holder Tell Arizona that the States Are Pre-empted from Defending Themselves from Hezbollah, Too?

During the floods in Brazil that kept Lula from the G20 (h/t Roissy, who looks at the betaness of it all, I think the guy carrying the girls would have carried the day had he used a Rhett Butler technique.)

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