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The trip to China Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, January 12th, 2015

LatinAmerLast week Nicolas Maduro and a few others visited China in search of funds. How did that work out?

Ha! You Thought Argentina Would Negotiate

What the New Value Added Tax Means for Visitors to the Bahamas

Robert Downey Jr. helped out, too: A Devoted Sean Penn Helps US Man Recover From Bolivia Ordeal

Ostreicher, who is an Orthodox Jew, had the attention of the Aleph Institute, a foundation that helps incarcerated Jews. The Florida-based group asked Wahlberg to reach out to Penn, who is widely known for his Haiti relief efforts and closeness to leftist Latin American leaders.

Penn became convinced Ostreicher had been unjustly imprisoned since mid-2011 so corrupt authorities could drain the assets of the $25 million rice-farming operation in which he was a minor investor. Though he was accused of money-laundering, no evidence was ever presented.

Penn was self-effacing when asked about his odd-couple friendship with Ostreicher and why he decided to help. “What can I say? He was likable,”

When Penn asked Bolivian President Evo Morales to intercede, Penn got a tepid response.

So he exposed the extortion ring, sparking a scandal that eventually would see 14 Bolivian officials jailed ? the ring’s No. 2 figure entered a guilty plea last week ? while others fled the country.

Penn then got Ostreicher moved to a medical clinic. The New Yorker had withered to 107 pounds from a liquids-only hunger strike to protest his imprisonment. Penn leveraged his Venezuelan connections ? he was close to the late President Hugo Chavez ? to get armed Venezuelan security guards assigned to protect him, fearing he’d be targeted for exposing the extortion ring.

Even though he had endured more than 30 court hearings, Ostreicher continued to insist he wanted to clear his name in Bolivia.

Penn told him to let it go.

Ostreicher should have listened to Penn.

Brazil’s Inflation Rises Even Amid Low Growth
Inflationary Pressures, Sluggish Growth Create Challenger for New Economic Team

Robbers set off explosion in Chile subway station heist
The Franklin metro station in Santiago was filled with smoke after thieves blew up two ATMs Wednesday night,
the Santiago Fire Department said. Authorities have not yet said if there were any injuries.
This sort of thing keeps happening.

Colombia Passes Law for Referendum on Peace Agreement Along with Elections

Cuba dissidents says 36 activists freed as part of deal with US
Opposition activists are freed following Cuban and US governments agreeing to renew diplomatic relations in December

Dominican Republic Won’t Recognize Gay Union at British Embassy

Ecuador Debt: Vulnerable To Oil, But Safe W/China Loan Vs. Argentina, Venezuela. Maybe.


Hillary’s Half-Baked Haiti Project
Caracol Industrial Park is failing to deliver on the promises made to foreign investors and Haitians.

Successful industrial parks are built by people who know the business and who demand accountability. This park was put in the hands of State, the IDB and Bill Clinton. The results have been predictable

Kidnapped Honduras Aids activist Keren Dunaway freed

‘Blame the Government of Jamaica’

Terapia intensiva:

Edgar Borja en la UdQ:

Carso Energy Slim-Owned Company Gets Share of Contract for Texas Gas Pipeline

Human-Rights Failings Overshadow Peña Nieto’s US Visit
Pressure Mounts to Resolve Iguala Disappearances, End Impunity

Mexican President Offers Obama Help With Executive Amnesty

Obama Outsources Leader-Of-The-Free-World Job To Mexico

Springfield firefighters in Nicaragua to help build homes

The Expansion Of The Panama Canal Will Have A Huge Effect On Global Trade

Paraguayan rebel leader Albino Jara ‘killed’

Peru’s Fujimori Gets Eight Years for Tabloid Bribe
Cash for Coverage Conviction Joins Upheld Corruption Charges

Puerto Rico begins school semester with complaints of teacher shortage

Fake bomb prompted evacuation of Israeli embassy in Montevideo

No fries for you! Out of French Fries in Venezuela, McDonald’s Turns to Yuca

Ángel Vivas: Venezuela Must Resist the Cuban Invasion
Former General Will Defend His Homeland Through Any Means

Venezuela food shortages: ‘No one can explain why a rich country has no food’
Toilet paper, rice and coffee have long been missing from stores, as Venezuelan president blames CIA plot for chronic shortages
. Idiot.

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Charlie Hebdo’s next: 1,000,000 copies

Venezuela: Maduro does/doesn’t get $20billion UPDATED

France: Massacre on #CharlieHebdo

Venezuela: Maduro wants a Puerto Rican out jail

Argentina, Venezuela, chickens coming home to roost

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Cuba: Is Fidel dead yet?

The Charlie Hebdo massacre

Cuba & US-Latin America topics

Sean Penn: Photoshop, or nitwit?

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

There’s a photo of Sean Penn which, if it’s real, really shows him as a nitwit. It shows him holding a sign showing Hugo Chavez, among others; the sign reads,

Men like them do not die
Homage to the Big Motherland
[i.e., South America]
with the presence of Venezuela’s President
May 8 UNITED Stadium


The sign appears to have been poorly cropped, leaving out the name of the stadium where the event will take place.

However, Doug Ross’ commenter tells us there’s another photo of Sean Penn, identical in everything except the sign:

which in turn seems to have been altered from this,

Real Men Don’t Buy Girls is a campaign against sex slavery.

So, to answer the first part of the post title question, “Sean Penn: Photoshop, or nitwit?”, the photo of Penn holding the pro-Maduro sign appears to have been photoshopped and someone inserted the sign.

And now for the nitwit part:
Nicolás Maduro met with Sean Penn on March 9th and asked him to be the spokesman for the Venezuelan regime to help spread its message in the United States

In a meeting with local artists in a plaza in the center of Caracas, transmitted by state radio and television, Maduro revealed that last night, in a meeting with Penn, he expressed a similar sentiment and asked the actor to spread the word in the United States. Maduro insisted that if “they had defeated the Bolivarian Revolution in 2002, Petroccaribe would never have come into existence, which is the economic and social guarantee for eighteen countries.”

While the international Left turns a blind eye to Venezuela’s human rights abuses, Sean Penn has not come out yet to speak in Maduro’s behalf. He does, however, have a long record of cozying up to Communists:

So, to answer in full the question, “Sean Penn: Photoshop, or nitwit?”, the reply is a resounding YES on both counts:

Sean Penn: Photoshop AND nitwit!

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Argentina ex-human rights official charged with embezzlement
A former top official with one of Argentina’s leading human rights movements has been charged with embezzlement.

UNC professor, jailed in Argentina, has his defenders

Brazil’s economy
A bull diminished
The economy has slowed, but there are still opportunities around

Colombia’s Ecopetrol Tops Petrobras As Biggest Latin Company -Study

Colombia to send 50 percent more natural gas this year to Venezuela

Political violence in Colombia
A blast from the political past

Twitter wars: Uribe vs Santos, in Spanish,

Cuba after Hugo Chávez

Foreign investment in Cuba
Come and see my villa
The regime has taken to locking up businessmen

Repression, beatings, arrests, and imprisonment of opposition continue

Cuban independent journalist awaits deportation back to his hometown

Dominican Republic Holds Presidential Election

Never the gentleman, ‘Pay the f*** up!’ Sean Penn turns the air blue in Cannes with expletive-ridden plea at Haiti Relief benefit

Probe underway in remote area of Honduras after gunfight involving U.S. drug agents

Honduras prisoners riot at jail in San Pedro Sula
Officials in Honduras say inmates have taken control of a prison in the city of San Pedro Sula

Van Jones rips Holder over Operation Fast and Furious: ‘We just don’t value all life the same’

Mexico’s Drug War: 50,000 Dead in 6 Years

Mexico’s drug war
Storm clouds with silver linings
A series of choreographed horrors belies an overall drop in killings

Carlos Fuentes, man of letters, died on May 15th, aged 83

Supreme Court turns away suit seeking Puerto Rico congressional vote

Jihad in Trinidad

Chávez: Radicalizando la Revolución

The Little Known Story Of How ExxonMobil Seized $300 Million From Hugo Chavez

Alleged blood diamond financiers tied to Obama Virgin Islands bundler

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The College for Defense of the Bolivarian Alternative of the America: Latin America’s school for dictators

Venezuela: Debt Falls as Chávez Fails to Back Down

Border security is national security

Hey, Sean, how about Hugo’s homophobic, anti-Semitic propaganda?

Friday, February 17th, 2012

In a warm embrace, Sean Penn and Hugo Chávez headed to a graduation ceremony of medical students, after Sean landed in Caracas.

Hugo’s re-election campaign has been attacking his opponent, Henrique Capriles as “Jewish, and gay”. This time Hugo called Capriles a pig,

In a speech to an audience which included Mr Chavez’s friend Sean Penn, the president referred to Henrique Capriles as “the loser”.

“We’re going to pulverise you in the October 7 election,” the socialist leader said before the insults took an even more personal tone.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you change your costume, low-life – your pig’s tail still shows behind you as well as your pig’s ears.

“You snore like a pig – well, what am I saying, you are a pig! Don’t try and hide it.”

Sean spoke after Hugo, fondly reminiscing of how proud he was to introduce his children to Fidel Castro,

He recounted how he once told Cuban leader Fidel Castro that a photo of his children with the leader could see the A-lister teased in the US about bringing them up as socialist revolutionaries.

Penn said: “He said, ‘Ah, but this is the second-best thing you can do. The first is to raise them into the white coats of doctors’.

Penn’s Communist propaganda tour of Latin America, which started in Argentina, is touted under the pretense of aiding Haiti.

Obviously a Hollywood A-list guy worth $150 million can’t aid Haiti without some Communist mooolah.

While he’s at it, Sean Penn should return his Malibu estate to the Mexicans, since Mexico owned that land longer than Argentina ever owned the Falklands.

Linked by The Other McCain. Thank you Smitty!


Sean Penn {hearts} Cristina

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Having bailed water while wearing a flak vest in New Orleans, and kissed Hugo in Caracas, attention whore Jeff Spicoli is looking for pizza in Buenos Aires,

Sean Penn backs Argentina over Falkland Islands
Actor meets Argentinian president and says world cannot tolerate ‘archaic commitment to colonialist ideology’

The actor Sean Penn has weighed into the Falklands dispute, urging Britain to join UN-sponsored talks over what he called “the Malvinas Islands of Argentina”.

Penn met Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in Buenos Aires and said: “It’s necessary that these diplomatic talks happen between the United Kingdom and Argentina. I think that the world today is not going to tolerate any kind of ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology.”

If only the world would not tolerate any kind of ludicrous and archaic ideology from idiot actors who ignore the fact that the Falklanders consider themselves Brits.

Sean Penn’s bizarre anti-British rant is laughable even by Hollywood standards. Indeed!
(h/t Gates of Vienna)


The Obama goes to Puerto Rico Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, June 13th, 2011

LatinAmerPresident Obama has scheduled a 4-hour campaign stop in Puerto Rico tomorrow, as part of his campaign trip to Florida and North Carolina in the same day. Mickey Kaus posts,

Don’t run up the score too early, Mr. President: According to Politico, Obama’s attempt to woo Puerto Ricans with a vist to their home island “underscores the Obama campaign team’s effort to build some security into the president’s reelection bid.” Security? We’re at the “security” stage of the campaign now? I thought we were at the “desperately eking out a win somehow despite 9% unemployment” stage. …

The President is sweating it out in this recession. There are two reasons for this trip:
a. A $10,000/plate dinner at the Caribe Hilton, which aims to raise $1 million for his campaign (one local radio station said that at least $500,000 was already pledged days ago)
b. courting the 5 million Puerto Ricans like myself who live in the USA, as an attempt to counterbalance the Cuban voters in FL who traditionally vote Republican.

In other news from our Hemisphere,

Special Relationship update: Obama sides with Argentina, Hugo Chavez on Falklands

Bolivia’s illegal cars can stay
Bolivian President Evo Morales approves controversial law legalizing what critics say are stolen and smuggled foreign vehicles.

Bolivia’s stunning salt flats via Gates of Vienna

Brazil’s government
Exit Palocci
The president tries to cut her losses

Battisti in Hotel with Girlfriend, 26
Cesare Battisti leaves prison with antidepressant addiction, awaiting arrival of daughters from France
, via Gates of Vienna

Spain Betrays Cuba’s Dissidents
President José Zapatero helped Castro get rid of the best leaders of the island’s nascent democracy movement.

Hugo Chavez filled with pus and purulent matter: Gets surgery in Cuba

Impunity in Guatemala
Two steps forward, one step back

Honduras’s indebted economy
The cost of a coup
The country’s financial woes will last longer than its political ones

“Hollowed out” Mexico and hollowed-out USA

Peru’s presidential run-off
Victory for the Andean chameleon
Having reinvented himself as a moderate, Ollanta Humala has an extraordinary opportunity to marry economic growth with social progress

Amenazan de muerte a Jaime Bayly y cancelan su programa de TV

Leguizamo’s Dad: John’s Not Puerto Rican!

Sean Penn Still Defending the Indefensible

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Argentina and the Falklands: A background post
Mount Doom covers Chile, Argentina with ash
Again, the US wants Argentina and Great Britain to enter into negotiations over Falklands???
Peru’s markets tank after Humala win
The Mexican cartels’ cokemobiles: Homemade tanks

At Real Clear World,
Brazil: Battisti released from prison


Sean Penn wants to put me in jail

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Sean Penn wants people jailed if they disagree with Chavez,

Sean Penn Suggests Prison Time for Journalists Who Call Hugo Chavez a Dictator

At the end of a discussion of Haiti on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, actor Sean Penn went on a rant in defense of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, suggesting prison time for American journalists: “every day, this elected leader is called a dictator here, and we just accept it! And accept it. And this is mainstream media, who should – truly, there should be a bar by which one goes to prison for these kinds of lies.”

Human rights reports, Chavez changing the constitution repeatedly to make himself president for life, the unsavory alliances with the FARC and the ETA while plotting to kill Colombian president Alvaro Uribe, and the takeover of private industry mean nothing to Sean, who feels we don’t understand Chavez because we’re “very monocultural”:

MAHER: His image in the media is just a buffoon. You have been there. You know him. You’ve talked to him. That’s all I really know about Hugo Chavez, is what I read in the media. A dictator, took over a lot of the branches of government, wants to be president for life. What do you know that I don’t know, that I should not have such a harsh feeling about this guy?

PENN: I think that if you’re more happy with 20 percent of a population having the access to dreams, access to the feeling they have an identity and a voice. If it’s okay with the 20 percent, versus the 80 percent he gave it to, then you can criticize Hugo Chavez. You know, there are a lot of complicated issues that comes simply out of perspective. We in the United States have a difficult time putting ourselves in the shoes of what has been the history of Venezuela, the history of Latin America, and many other places.We’re very monocultural. And then we are hypnotized by the media. For example, Hugo Chavez. Who do you know here who’s gone through fourteen of the most transparent elections on the globe, and has been elected democratically, as Hugo Chavez?

Too bad Sean wasn’t around the last time students gathered to protest the closing of a TV station that dared air views contrary to the self-declared Marxist Chavez’s:

So Sean, tin-pot dictator as he is,

Chavez is a dictator

even when you’re in the bag with him.

And I would like to know how much money Chavez is providing for Sean’s NGO…

Video via Sister Toldjah,

As you can hear in the show, Penn also hopes his critics die of rectal cancer.

Can we call him nuts yet?

Viva Maria Conchita

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

"Chavez welcomes actor and director Sean Penn aboard the presidential plane"

‘Shut up about Chavez the killer’ Venezuelan co-star tells Sean Penn

The saccharine conventions of showbusiness were thrown out of the window last week, when the Hollywood actress Maria Conchita Alonso was collared by paparazzi and asked if she was pleased about her former co-star Sean Penn’s recent Oscar victory.

“He’s an amazing actor. I can’t take that away from him,” she said of Penn, who worked with her on the 1988 cop film Colors. “It’s just that he has no clue at all what’s going on in Venezuela. He’s been praising Hugo Chavez, who is a dictator and a killer. He should shut up about what he doesn’t know.” Alonso, who was raised in Venezuela, was apparently upset by a glowing article that Penn had written for The Nation magazine about her homeland’s charismatic but increasingly dictatorial left-wing President.

In normal circumstances, Alonso’s interview might have been brushed under the carpet. But for the first time a Hollywood insider was saying what much of America thinks: left-wing luvvies in the movie business should wake up to the real nature of their hero. For one thing, Mr Chavez throughout his career has criticised Hollywood as a medium of American “cultural imperialism”. And Penn, who since his Oscar-winning performance in Milk has become a vociferous gay rights activist, is also open to allegations of hypocrisy.

The article came out in the UK’s Independent, which, unlike US newspapers dares point out,

The Venezuelan leader’s political hero, Fidel Castro, imprisoned and executed gay men, and once declared: “In this country [Cuba] there are no homosexuals.”

Benicio, unlike Maria Conchita, continued to display his characteristic cluelessness:

On Thursday, Benicio del Toro made headlines when he took tea with Mr Chavez at his palace in Caracas. The actor, in Venezuela to promote Steven Soderbergh’s film Che, told journalists that his host was “nice” and that he’d “had a good time”. Del Toro’s comments caused apoplexy on the political right in the US, but lately even Democrats have been perturbed by Mr Chavez’s intolerance of media criticism and political opposition.

Not that Benicio and Penn are alone: Danny Glover’s already fed at the petrodollar trough, receiving $18 million to make 2 movies; Oliver Stone’s making a biopic of Chavez, and Harry Belafonte schoomzes with Chavez as often as he can. Maybe they should all get together and make an Ocean’s 11 with Hugo as the casino owner?

Readers of this blog know Maria Conchita has spoken the truth about Venezuela in the past.

Special thanks to Larwyn and Don Surber.


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Today at 11AM Eastern: Sean Penn goes to Caracas… again

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

In today’s 15 Minutes on Latin America I’ll talk about Sean Penn’s unannounced visit to Caracas. He arrived in the middle of a huge blackout (and the three top executives of the state-owned utility are now under arrest), but later on Hugo showed Sean some gas, even when Sean’s picture was not broadcast in the state-owned media.

Here are a couple of links on the trip:
Venezuela construirá “una base naval de grandes proporciones” en Margarita Venezuela plans new Caribbean naval base. Chavez says a naval base there will help authorities fight drug trafficking.

Chávez se dió un baño de masas en Margarita (con Sean Penn)

Humor, probably NSFW: Sean Penn Visits Hugo Chavez on Behalf of Obama

In other Hugo news, according to this report from Venezuelan magazine Version Final, Hugo spends $45,000 in suits, $200,000 in clothes and $20,000 in shoes annually. He’s got to keep himself in true Hollywood style indeed. In spite of that, “Hugo Chávez ya no está de moda en Europa”, Hugo’s no longer in fashion in Europe.

I wonder if Sean will pen an angry letter, or if he called in for pizza while visiting the gas plant.

Chat’s open at 10:45AM, and the call in number is 646 652-2639. Join us!
You can listen to the podcast here.

Listen to Faustas blog on internet talk radio


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NewsBusted, news flash from Osama,and more news

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

And, at NewsBusters, Wash. Monthly Blog Shows for Left, Name Calling = Political Analysis by another Clinton intern.


News flash for Osama bin Laden, who’s still calling for “guerrilla forces in Mesopotamia.” to kill themselves for him.

Obviously Osama’s not happy over the fact that by now even Associated Press (that arm of the vast right-wing conspiracy) is reporting that Iraq: al-Qaida 75 Percent Gone

Too bad Osama didn’t know about the Terrifying new video from previously unknown terror group

What? Subtitles?


GM Roper endorses a presidential candidate.

I’m still undecided.


Louisiana Conservative looks forward to 2008.

Neither Frank Gaffney, nor John Bolton, nor Tom Friedman are Huckabee advisors.



Via Larwyn, not quite suitable for work, but funny, Spicoli Divorcing, Announces Engagement to Chavez.


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