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Pope decided to resign after visiting Cuba and snubbing the Ladies in White

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013


Pope decided to resign after Cuba trip, Vatican advisor says

Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to step down from his office was made soon after his trip to Mexico and Cuba in March 2012, according to a senior communications officer at the Vatican.

“What’s interesting is how long ago this decision was made, shortly after the Pope’s trip to Cuba, which was in March of last year,” said Vatican advisor Greg Burke.

This is what can happen when you visit Hell and meet with the Devil.

Pope Benedict resigns

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI is to resign at the end of this month after nearly eight years as the head of the Catholic Church, saying he is too old to continue at the age of 85.

Ed Morrissey:

Again, just to give some historical perspective, the last time this happened, Gutenberg hadn’t yet invented the printing press. What does it mean for the Catholic Church today, with 1.2 billion faithful and the state of the Vatican in the balance? Administratively, not much.

But, does Benedict get to keep his Twitter hnadle, @Pontifex?

The Pope’s first tweet

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I wouldn’t call it diplomacy: Argentina’s crass Olympics advert is the lowest form of diplomacy

Bolivia Following Argentine Takeover Deepens Regional Divide

EU urges Bolivia to compensate Spain over electricity grab (h/t Gates of Vienna)

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Evo Morales nationalises a Spanish electric company
. Spanish companies got taken in Cuba, in Venezuela, and in Argentina; now in Bolivia.

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Cartagena prostitution scandal is no laughing matter to Secret Service alumni

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Oh, how polite: Pope sends letter of thanks to Cuban dictator Raul Castro

Report: IKEA used Cuban prison labor to make furniture in the late 1980s
The Swedish company says it had an arrangement of a limited nature with Cuba and is investigating the allegations

Curacao PM suspends island’s secret service agency

Ecuador Bank CEO to Challenge Correa for President, Envivo Says, via America’s Forum.

Issa sends out draft contempt order against Holder, says ‘Furious’ response ‘cannot stand’

23 Bodies Found Near US-Mexico Border

UBS PR to Pay $26.6M to Settle SEC Charges Over Muni, Other Funds

Coors Loses Fight Over High Puerto Rico Taxes

Hugo Chávez’s agony

Venezuela After Chavez: In the Footsteps of Franco, Ceausescu or Stalin?, (h/t Public Secrets).

Venezuela: say hello to the junta

Jaime Baily’s May 1st (in Spanish) monologue,

In Spanish, Bocaranda’s update on Chavez’s condition: the Cuban doctors are finally facing reality and have ceased the radiation treatments.

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Cuba: Aftermath of the Pope’s visit

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Holy Week in the island prison:

The Pope’s failure to embrace persecuted Cubans, has sent a dangerous message to the Castro regime

43 arrested in post-papal visit Cuba crackdown

At least 43 Cuban dissidents have been arrested in areas near where Pope Benedict XVI visited last week, dissidents said Tuesday, as the United States urged their immediate release.
“We have been able to confirm that 43 opposition members have been detained — 10 women and 33 men — in a crackdown on Monday in the Santiago de Cuba area. All remain under arrest,” said Elizardo Sanchez, head of the outlawed but tolerated Cuban Human Rights and National Reconciliation Commission.

The visit raises two sets of questions,

One of those sets of questions involves the Church’s role in Cuba in the next several years. The second set of questions involves the future of the papacy.

While the Pope exercises selective memory, Cardinal Jaime Ortega’s thriving real estate business goes on as usual.

Matthew 21:12.

The unknown man, and the blind Pope

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

The man who protested during the Papal Mass has been identified: His name is Andrés Carrión Alvarez, age 38, and has been detained by the Communist regime since then.

U.S. Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Albio Sires (D-NJ), and David Rivera (R-FL) issued a joint statement expressing grave concern for Cuban protester Andres Carrion Alvarez, and calling on human rights groups to demand the release of all political prisoners in Cuba:

“Today, we learned the identity of the heroic protester who denounced the Cuban dictatorship with shouts of ‘Freedom!’ and ‘Down with communism!’ during Pope Benedict XVI’s mass in Santiago de Cuba on March 26, 2012. His name is Andres Carrion Alvarez, and he has been missing since we last saw him brutally punched and dragged away by state security agents operating in white uniforms with red crosses designed to resemble humanitarian workers of the Red Cross. But as footage of the incident reveals, there was nothing humanitarian about their mission.

The Pope turned a blind eye (link in Spanish) to all the dissidents. Bernadette Pardo, writing in El Nuevo Herald, writes that Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos commented to her that “this Pope turns his back on the victims, and meets with the victimizers.” Pardo adds,

To sit by Raul Castro and limit oneself to saying that Cuba and the world need change is a solemn insult to those who every day risk their lives to transform Cuban society.

There was another protestor taken away,

He has not been identified.

But, you can be sure the Castros are happy that the Pope ignored the human rights activists and the dissidents, bought into the embargo lie, and granted Fidel a half-hour long papal audience. By doing so, Benedict

Gen. Raúl Castro, the Cuban leader, and his brother Fidel Castro were able to portray the image, domestically and abroad, that they are not international pariahs who are shunned by many world leaders for running a police state that has not allowed a free election, political parties or independent media for more than five decades.

For the Castros, it was a win-win situation.

Too bad the Pope can’t see.

Carlos Eire on the Pope’s visit

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Let Peter weep,

Today His Holiness Benedict XVI disowned Christ in Cuba. Today, he averted his eyes from the eleven million crucified Cubans in his midst, as he celebrated the holy sacrifice of the Eucharist. Today, he chose not to speak for the crucified, or to chasten their tormentors. Instead, he spent his time criticizing the so-called embargo, blessing the tyrants, and preaching a platitudinous sermon written for the theological faculty at the University of Regensburg rather than for the Cuban people.

And his subaltern, Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino, archbishop of Havana, beamed with satisfaction at the abject submission of Church to state.

While at Babalu, check the image of the day.

In other news, Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela, perhaps after his Papal audience.

Cuba: The Pope’s shameful trip UPDATE: Did Benedict see Chavez?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Yeah, yeah, now the Pope’s given another Mass in Havana’s Revolution Square, right under the Che monument (Che monument soon to get a Galway branch, like a bank). Benedict gave lip service to hope and change.

Raul Castro got the photo-op of his lifetime, getting a Papal blessing, even when Hugo Chavez didn’t attend,

and Fidel Castro got a private audience with the Pope

The meeting followed Benedict’s open-air Mass in the same public square where a younger, healthier Castro once delivered official speeches that lasted for hours and frequently railed against the United States.

Here’s a photo,

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For Christ’s sake.

Benedict turned a deaf ear to the people clamoring for freedom – in the video above you can hear the chant of “libertad, libertad” (freedom, freedom).

The Catholic Church remains silent on arrest of protestor and hundreds of dissidents in Cuba, yet,

Unofficial reports also seem to confirm the future saint Fidel’s first miracle: the instantaneous disappearance from the island of the Ladies in White and all dissidents.

The hand of God lets go of Cuba and Cubans?

I wouldn’t know about the hand of God.

But going by the evidence, one can safely conclude that the Pope sure doesn’t have b*lls.

Photo of Fidel & Benedict added.
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Did Benedict meet Hugo?
Pope Blesses Cancer-Stricken Chavez in Cuba, Journalist Says (h/t Venezuela News & Views)

The alleged meeting, which Bocaranda first reported was in the works on March 25, was arranged by Venezuelan diplomats who used to work at the South American nation’s mission to the Vatican, the journalist said. All participants agreed the brief meeting would be without media coverage, Bocaranda said.

Plenty of time to meet the Communists, no time for anyone else.

Cuba: Pope wants cooperation, protestor yells “down with Communism”

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

After having said in Mexico that Communism had failed in Cuba, and that,

“Today it is evident that Marxist ideology in the way it was conceived no longer corresponds to reality.”

Pope Benedict watered down his message once he got to Cuba:
Pope Calls for a More Open Society, Cooperation

In a speech on arriving here, Pope Benedict noted the progress on church and state relations, but added that “many areas remain in which greater progress can and ought to be made, especially as regards the indispensable public contribution that religion is called to make in the life of society.”

Hours later, at an outdoor mass, the pope urged Cuba to “build a renewed and open society, a better society, one more worthy of humanity and which better reflects the goodness of God.”

The WSJ calls this “a more subtle criticism of the island’s authoritarian government”, I say the Pope chickened out.

However, at least one brave man attended the open-air Mass, and he showed the Pope what real courage is:
Cuban activists [sic] evades security at papal event and yells ‘down with communism’ in front of pope

A Cuban protester was able to pierce several rings of Castro State Security set up around a papal event in Cuba and in front of the pope and the international press, he began to yell “down with communism!” The man was immediately apprehended by plainclothes security and in the video of the incident below, you can see one of the regime’s supposed medical personnel (red cross on the back of his vest) viciously sucker punch the man as he is escorted out. Welcome to Cuba, Your Holiness.

Hombre burla seguridad de misa en Cuba y grita… by Globovision

That is real moral courage.

I was in Silvio Canto’s podcast, along with Raul Garcia of Pedazos de la Isla blog.

Pope now in Cuba, but will he visit Hugo?

Monday, March 26th, 2012

William Neuman raises the issue,
Chávez in Cuba for Treatment, but Hasn’t Sought Visit With Pope

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela flew to Cuba over the weekend to begin radiation therapy to treat the return of his cancer, he said Sunday. He will be there during Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Cuba, which begins Monday.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said that he had personally informed the pope and his entourage on Sunday morning about Mr. Chávez’s visit to Havana. He said they had not received any requests for an audience with Benedict.

“Anything can change. I don’t know,” Father Lombardi told reporters on Sunday afternoon during the pope’s visit to León, Mexico. “This is totally new. It wasn’t in the program.”

Let’s hope Pope Benedict doesn’t have the poor taste to visit with Chávez while avoiding the dissidents.

Babalu is keeping an eye on the papal visit to Cuba.