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The pause that refreshes: Bear on Trail Mix

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Via LGF linkviewer,

Bear Grylls fans will eat it up!


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The Bear hunters are back

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

It’s that time of year: dozens of Bear Grylls fans come to my blog looking for “Bear Grylls naked.”

Unfortunately I don’t have any still photos of the very delectable Mr. Grylls in the buff.

However, here’s a nice YouTube of behind the scenes in Patagonia:

And let’s not forget the naked scene of the same episode:

Unfortunately they blurred the naughty bits.

He also sings “I love a-rach-nids” in the Discovery Channel ad:

For more Bear treats, here’s the official Discovery Channel website and his blog. Don’t miss the slideshow.

I wonder where he goes on vacation.


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The Bear necessities

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Bear sings!

Maria sent me this:
Reuters’s Andrew Wallenstein is shocked, SHOCKED! that Bear Grylls spent a night or two in a motel:

But this British adventurer is now the subject of an investigation by U.K.’s Channel 4, which already has confirmed that Grylls checked into motels on a few occasions when he was depicted on TV having slept under the stars.

Considering how, when I watch the program, I sit there hoping Bear would be staying in a motel, I’m actually relieved to hear it.

Andrew’s outrage comes from his belief that,

“Wild” restored a sense of realism to being marooned and sold us on the fantasy that we could learn the actual skills for survival.

Perhaps the show restored Andrew’s belief that he could learn the actual skills for survival. Every time I’ve watched that show it has restored my belief that I would have been dead by the first ad break.

I look forward to the 3rd Man Vs Wild season.

Go for it, Bear.

Bear sings!

Thank you to the friend (and Bear fan) who prefers to remain anonymous.


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Bear sightings

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Yesterday three dozen people came to my blog from googling “Bear Grylls”, plus two who were searching for “Bear Grylls naked”.

At first I was puzzled as to why the sudden interest, but later last night when I was watching Mythbusters, I realized that Bear’s new season starts tomorrow.

I’m sorry to dissapoint the latter two, but here’s a shirtless Bear Grylls YouTube:

Monsters and Critics World Premiere Friday, June 15, 9 PM ET/PT

EVERGLADES: This premiere episode finds host Bear Grylls stranded in the swamps of the Florida Everglades, where each year at least 60 tourists need to be rescued. With more than a million alligators, thousands of snakes and even black bears roaming these waterlogged lands, the area has more than its share of hazards. Bear demonstrates how to keep alligators at bay, deal with vicious razor-sharp grass and find stomach-churning food that will keep you alive if you find yourself stranded in this beautiful but dangerous destination.

The first thing I’d do if stranded in the Everglades would be calling my sister on the cell phone, since she lives in the area. But then, she’d probably come along so then the two of us would be stranded.

The Phoenix is quite insulting, calling Bear “English boy adventurer”.

Over on the Discovery Channel, English boy adventurer Bear Grylls backflipped off a chopper into the ultramarine waters of the Pacific, swam two miles to a desert island, scaled a cliff, descended through the root system of a banyan tree, and finally found a hospitable little cove, where he subsisted for a few days on coconuts and tiny fish ( MAN VS. WILD , Friday at 9 pm). A juicy turtle passed within harpoon range, but Bear courteously forwent a feast on account of the turtle’s position on the endangered-species list. Both Bear and Criss, as they go about their respective tasks, make a selection of animalistic grunts and coughs. Shinning down the coconut tree seemed particularly hard on Bear, who grimaced against the chafing bole and warned the viewer against it “as a bloke.”

Last month Bear glided over Everest

Flying over the top of the world A British Everest summiteer has become the first man to fly higher than the top of the world in a powered paraglider.

Bear Grylls, who at the age of 23 became the youngest British climber to scale Mount Everest in 1998, achieved a feat that had been deemed impossible by many critics prior to the mission.

The Telegraph carried his arcticles,Flying into a dream and has a video you can watch here

Here’s a selection of books authored by Mr. Grylls,

I haven’t found Man Vs Wild on DVD yet, but when I do I’ll link to it.

Meanwhile, if Mr. Grylls is reading this, please email me at faustaw-at-yahoo-dot-com. I’d love to have you as my podcast guest.


In other diversions, I have become addicted to Facebook. I’m learning the ropes and just this morning asked a question, but then I made a mistake and the question got sent to all my friends, which probably means I’ve annoyed everyone early in the morning. My apologies to all.

Jeff Jarvis (who is a lot better at figuring out Facebook than I am) has a terrific post, Facebook: the platform of people?

Does Bear Grylls have a Facebook page? Well, I looked and there are dozens of Bear Grylls Facebook pages. Will the real Bear Grylls please stand up?
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How I almost made $5 this morning

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

As the NYT won’t listen to my very assertive requests to cancel my subscription, I browsed through the contents of this morning’s edition and found their annual Sunday Magazine obituary issue, quaintly named “The Lives They Lived”.

The front page shows in neon signs JUNE ALLYSON EUGENE LANDY STEVE HOWE and a dozen others. Before looking inside, I said to The Husband, who was just getting out of bed and had walked into the kitchen for a glass of water,

I bet you $5 they don’t mention Jeane Kirkpatrick.

The Husband might have been half-asleep but is very familiar with the NYT editorial criteria.

He declined to wager. Darn.

Sure enough, no Jeane Kirkpatrick. Instead, they had Anais Nin’s “other husband”, and the Naked Guy. Can’t say I had heard of those two before.

At least The Economist showed more grace: in their year-end “Special Holiday Double Issue”, they have her obituary, along with op-ed comment (“Certain sentences from her most famous article, “Dictatorships and Double Standards” – written on her summer holiday in France, published in Commentary magazine in November 1979 – now induce a sigh.” [link added], and we all know how deeply The Economist has been sighing):

Her actual job was ambassador to the United Nations, the first woman to do it. She found the UN a dangerous place, the work miserable, and Security Council debates “more like a mugging than anything else”. There, too, her shade seemed to haunt the corridors in the days before she died. Her style at the General Assembly was a model for John Bolton’s, confrontational and blunt to a degree, and the present ambassador, as he resigned amid general hooting, candidly acknowledged his debt to her. But times were different then. Mrs Kirkpatrick represented an America that had become, under Jimmy Carter, an apologetic and unconfident country. She saw no need to compromise or conciliate on anything, but instead came out furiously fighting against the “expansionist” Soviet Union and its client states. “There is…only one revolutionary society in the contemporary world,” she cried in 1984, “and that is our society.”

America still remains the one revolutionary society in the contemporary world. Thank you, Ambassador Kirkpatrick.


Cinnamon Stillwell writes about how the Experts Discover Men And Women Are Different! Cinnamon explains,
The manly virtues include character, confidence, honor, inner strength, pride, responsibility, loyalty, generosity, industry and dignity.

The antidote to the trans confusion, male girlfriends, and weepie guys? The Discovery Channel Guys, of course! Not one wuss in the lot – and Bear Grylls looks great without a shirt on.

Unfortunately he waited to take off his shirt until he was adrift on the Pacific Ocean, but still…

The Discovery Channel Guys

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

After two days away from political blogging, I’m still not in political news mode, so there.

Being the only female in the house I’m outvoted when it comes to TV selections, so I’ve watched a lot of Discovery Channel stuff over time.

I love the Discovery Channel guys.

My first pick is my fantasy cab ride, The Cash Cab. The Cash Cab’s the only game show I can stand. There’s this guy named Ben who drives a New York city taxi and he asks you trivia questions. If you get the questions right he gives you money. If you don’t, you still get a free cab ride: A win-win situation.

I’ve been taking cabs in NYC for over 25 years and one can only dream of finding a
1. nice American cab driver
2. who speaks English
3. knows where he’s going
4. and doesn’t drive like he’s in the throes of demonic posession.
Making $500 after answering a few questions would only be the icing on the cake. The Cash Cab is on at 5PM while I plan and make dinner, at the same time as Larry Kudlow’s program on CNBC, which comes to think of it, has also made me a little money.

The Dirty Jobs marathon was playing on Christmas Eve while I was cooking. Mike, the show’s host, has achieved fame and fortune by finding the grossest, messiest jobs around and building a TV program about them. All the jobs require a great deal of physical extertion. Most of the jobs are done by men, with a few exceptions, such as the lady that shucks oysters and the Army maintenance engineer. Some of the jobs – such as silkscreening – require great skill and training, and others are simply disgusting, but Mike’s there, showing us that there is great pride in doing a job well, and that these jobs are indispensable to the functioning of our society:

But you’ll walk away from Dirty Jobs with more than just a glimpse into unfamiliar occupational duties – serving slop to pigs, collecting sperm from stallions and removing bones from fish, for example. If you’re like us, you’ll also gain a new understanding and appreciation for all the often-unpleasant functions someone is shouldering to make your everyday life easier, safer – and often cleaner.

Mike’s nice-looking and seems like a real nice guy but I hope he gets good and clean before he heads home after he’s done. You don’t want him bringing that stuff into your house.

I wasn’t sure whether to include Man vs. Wild on this post, because I think the premise is crazy. So I (F) discussed with my son (S), and the conversation went like this,

F: It’s crazy.
S: It’s not!
F: I’ve watched the program and the guy’s crazy.
S: He’s not crazy. He’s cool.
F: OK, I’ll look up the program on the website. What’s the guy’s name?
S: Bear.
F: The guy’s named Bear?
S: That’s his real name. Bear Grylls.
F: That explains a number of things.
S: Like what?
F: Like why he has a job that requires him to be dewormed after he’s done in the jungle.
S (Patiently explaining to the obviously clueless mother): It’s called surviving, Mom. The idea is to go to the jungle and survive.
F: My idea would be to go to Club Med in Cancun and have a great time.
S: He’s not going to do that – he was Special Ops in the British Army, and did a program on the French Foreign Legion. And he can fish with his bare hands.
F: That, too?
S: Oh yeah, he’s cool.
F; You’re right. I’ll include him in the post.

But my favorites are Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters, which yesterday had a marathon while I was cooking. (Do I see a pattern here?) Adam and Jamie do actual science experiments while having a great deal of fun (they do get to blow up a lot of stuff), and their crew are definitely cool. However, The Husband, who worked as a scientist in a lab, complains about their lack of safety measures, especially when it comes to flammable materials.

I’m sure I’m not the only Mythbusters fan out there since last Friday I nearly started an altercation at the Barnes and Noble at Marketfair. I was looking for this book and for a last-minute gift when I saw a lady go by carrying a copy of MythBusters: Don’t Try This at Home. I was standing at the Information desk while the clerk looked up some information for me, and I asked her where the book was. She said she’d go and get it for me while I picked up the Che book.

She was back before I got back to the Information desk, and waiving the book in the air said, “Mythbusters book!” Four people raised their hands trying to grab at the book while the clerk fought them off.

She managed to tell them where the book was, and as I headed to the register with the copy she’d found me, I saw two people getting in a tug of war over the one copy left at the display.

As I’m writing this post American Chopper‘s Christmas special’s playing. I haven’t watched American Chopper yet. No time like the present – they’re making Santa a motorcycle.


Not related to the Discovery Channel, but cool,