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John Edwards indicted on 6 charges

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

johnedwardsEdwards Indicted in Campaign Fund Case

The grand jury, which has been investigating the case for two years, indicted Mr. Edwards on six counts — four involving illegal payments, one involving conspiracy and one involving false statements.

At issue are financial contributions that prosecutors say Mr. Edwards received in excess of federal limits, did not report properly and then misused for the political purpose of hiding his extramarital affair to save his candidacy. Mr. Edwards has maintained that he used the money to hide the affair, but for private purposes — to conceal it from his wife.

Mr. Edwards had a chance to reach a plea agreement and avoid the indictment, but he has chosen not to do so and will fight the charges

That will be a zoo.

Edwards is gambling that he will win the case, and that he won’t have to give up his law license.


Rielle sleaze in today’s roundup

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

John Edwards is back in the news, with this article on GQ, Hello, America, My Name Is Rielle Hunter. Skip the article and read Ace’s Daily Beast Confirms Edwards Sex Tape Is Real and Was Made During Edwards’ Campaign For Presidency. Sleaze.

More sleaze, at the New Republic, The New Republic illustrates a serious piece about the Tea Party movement with a gross photograph that’s meant to evoke the pejorative “teabagger.” And then TNR removed the photo…

Speaking of sleaze, Unconstitutional Procedure Being Used to Pass Unconstitutional ObamaCare

Here is how the trick would work: In the House, the Rules Committee sets up the parameters for debate on legislation. House leaders are considering a complicated rule that would be structured so that a vote on the rule setting down the structure for the ObamaCare debate would allow the Senate’s version of health care reform to pass without a vote. First, there would be a vote on a rule. If the rule is passed by the House, then the House would vote on a health care budget reconciliation measure that is an amendment to the Senate passed ObamaCare bill. If that reconciliation measure passes, then reconciliation goes to the Senate and the ObamaCare legislation is deemed passed without a direct vote. The plan for the legislation is unclear. House leadership will either structure the rule to either immediately present ObamaCare to the President for his signature or they will hold the bill and deliver it only if the Senate passes a health care reconciliation measure. Either way, the Constitution and the American people are the losers.

Understand that this procedure is drafted in a way so your average American can’t understand it. The simple way to understand the situation is that the House is trying to pass a bill without a vote.

The Constitution states that the House and Senate are supposed to pass identical versions of a bill before the President can sign it into law. One of the reasons for this tricky procedure is to provide cover for moderate Democrats who don’t want to vote for the Senate-passed ObamaCare bill because it includes the federal funding of abortion.

Michael McConnell expands, The House Health-Care Vote and the Constitution
No bill can become law unless the exact same text is approved by a majority of both houses of Congress.

The rub is that, according to the Senate parliamentarian, reconciliation is permitted only for bills that amend existing law, not for amendments to bills that have yet to be enacted. This means that, for the Senate to be able to avoid a filibuster, House Democrats first have to vote for the identical bill that passed the Senate last Christmas Eve. That means voting aye on the special deals, aye on abortion coverage, and aye on high taxes on expensive health-insurance plans. Challengers are salivating at the prospect of running against incumbents who vote for these provisions.

Enter the Slaughter solution. It may be clever, but it is not constitutional. To become law—hence eligible for amendment via reconciliation—the Senate health-care bill must actually be signed into law. The Constitution speaks directly to how that is done. According to Article I, Section 7, in order for a “Bill” to “become a Law,” it “shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate” and be “presented to the President of the United States” for signature or veto. Unless a bill actually has “passed” both Houses, it cannot be presented to the president and cannot become a law.

More on the sleazy move and Slaughter House Rules
How Democrats may ‘deem’ ObamaCare into law, without voting.

The bottom line is, as Thomas Sowell puts it,

Fraud has been at the heart of this medical care takeover plan from day one. The succession of wholly arbitrary deadlines for rushing this massive legislation through, before anyone has time to read it all, serves no other purpose than to keep its specifics from being scrutinized– or even recognized– before it becomes a fait accompli and “the law of the land.”

If you can’t make it to Washington tomorrow, via Instapundit.

Meanwhile – elsewhere in the world – is there a Bronca in Venezuela?

Is there Another billboard mystery in Minnesota? Sure looks like it,

Just what Haiti needs: John Edwards

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

In today’s podcast at 11AM Eastern

For the most part I strive to keep a certain level of discourse in this blog.

However, this really makes my blood boil:

Watch CBS News Videos Online

John Edwards Goes to Haiti, White House Silent

Former presidential candidate John Edwards, in the news today for his admission that he was the father of Rielle Hunter’s daughter, is now in Haiti helping with earthquake relief efforts.

He said he had come with a group of 25 to 30 people, including doctors, and had brought supplies and medicine in an effort to “help in whatever way we can.”

“We’re going to do a variety of things, we’re gonna get our intelligence, make sure we know where the medicine needs to go, which facilities can do the most good, where are other supplies – generators, food, water, water purifiers, where they can go and be distributed in the best way,” Edwards said upon landing in the country. “And we’re gonna figure out which places the physicians can provide the most help.”

Now, excuse the language, but,
Jesus H. Christ!

This is the epitome of malignant narcissism. This ridiculous vain fool tries to redeem himself from his despicable behavior by creating a distraction and using Haiti.

Let me tell you something you can not understand, John Edwards: Haiti has an airport with only one runway. Dozens, if not hundreds of organizations with decades of experience in disaster relief (not poverty relief, which has failed Haiti for decades) need that one runway for delivering the supplies and personnel that will help the millions of people who are homeless, hungry and despondent.

Ban Ki Moon and Hillary Clinton already had their photo-ops in Haiti and delayed dozens of flights and wasted valuable hours of experienced personnel by doing so.

Every single moment you stand in that runway in a press conference wasting valuable time, is costing someone’s life.

So stick that trip up your kazoo, John Edwards, and stay in the US where you do not hinder the work, and – were you interested in really helping the Haitians – you could support financially and in other ways seasoned organizations like the Salvation Army, who don’t need to “figure out which places the physicians can provide the most help.” They already know where the help is needed, and are working around-the-clock.

Do the Haitians a favor, John Edwards, and stay away.

Here in the US, Leslie is outraged,

I’m outraged on another level because it seems that only ABC is pointing out that: 1) his public acknowledgement of paternity happened so close to the airing of his former campaign aide’s interview on 20/20 that it can only have been done to throw up a smoke screen; and, 2) the rest of the mainstream media has seemingly paid no attention to the fact that an officer of the court has been accused of alleged illegal behavior that should have his brothers and sisters in the legal profession shouting from the rafters for him to be brought before the bar for professional ethics violations.

Yes, it should, shouldn’t it?

This morning, Haiti works to relocate homeless; strong aftershock reported

The need for more permanent shelter was underscored at 7:54 a.m. Friday when yet another substantial aftershock roiled Port-au-Prince, jangling nerves and sending frightened people at one makeshift encampment running from large, swaying trees.

What Haiti needs: A Haitian diaspora

Zeyala to go, Nancy rejects the Bill, and other roundup items with VIDEO

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Zelaya will be leaving the tin foil-lined room soon: Zelaya to leave Honduras next week says adviser

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya will end his four-month refuge in the Brazilian embassy and leave the country next week, when his term would have ended, his closest adviser said on Thursday.

Zelaya, a leftist who was ousted in a coup on June 28, accepted an agreement backed by the government of the Dominican Republic to travel to the Caribbean country, close Zelaya aide Rasel Tome told Radio Globo radio.

Introducing Son of No Sheeples: Mako Snark

Pelosi Rejects Senate Health Care Bill, meanwhile Obama Now Signals He Could Accept Limited Health Bill

What a guy: Specter tells Bachmann to “act like a lady”

Frank Gaffney writes about the Obama administration’s Dangerous Accommodations. While many credit the healthcare debate for Scott Brown’s victory, Andrew McCarthy points out It’s the Enemy, Stupid
National-security strength lifts Scott Brown.

Scott Brown went out and made the case for enhanced interrogation, for denying terrorists the rights of criminal defendants, for detaining them without trial, and for trying them by military commission. It worked. It will work for other candidates willing to get out of their Beltway bubbles.

Victor Davis Hanson on Our Philosopher-King Obama
He doesn’t mind pushing noble legislation that most people oppose.
Why is that?

Why, then, does the Obama administration persist with such an apparently unpopular agenda?

Like Plato’s all-knowing elite, Obama seems to feel that those he deems less informed will “suddenly” learn to appreciate his benevolent guidance once these laws are pushed through.

There is one other trait of this administration similar to those of utopian philosopher-kings. Our elite must have the leeway to be exempt from their own rules.

Michael Fumento asks, Why does everybody think BPA is safe but us?

Off-Air America

John Edwards finally got around to publicly admitting he’s the father

In a written statement provided exclusively to NBC News, the former North Carolina senator and Democratic presidential candidate says he’s taking responsibility for the child, Frances Quinn Hunter

Meanwhile he shamelessly promoted his wife’s book which aimed to rehabilitate him. Saint Elizabeth and the Ego Monster, indeed.


The National Enquirer is submitting its John Edwards coverage for a Pulitzer Prize. Can’t wait for Oprah to reunite John with all his children!

Top 10 Craziest Things Ever Said By Pat Robertson; here’s the one about spooky yoga:

Or maybe he means Yoda?

Rielle Hunter, the new Lord Valdemort

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards, fully embarking in her life’s mission to rehabilitate the sorry excuse for a man she’s married to, insists that Reille Hunter’s name not be brought up:
Edwards to Interviewers: Don’t Say That Name

Drake said Edwards’s restriction isn’t motivated by “anger” toward Hunter, but by a desire not to see Hunter profit from the affair. Noting that other notorious figures — such as Ashley Dupré, the call girl who slept with then-New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer — have cashed in on their media attention, Drake said Edwards “doesn’t want to contribute to putting this woman in the spotlight. She feels that, to the extent the media shines attention on people like this, that we encourage this kind of behavior. She doesn’t want to reward bad behavior.”


Has Rielle Hunter been doing the Larry King-Oprah rounds?

By “this kind of behavior” I assume Elizabeth means committing adultery with a married man, or perhaps getting pregnant from an adulterous married man. Which begs the question, who’s now encouraging the cheating, lying SOB who coudln’t keep his zipper closed while his wife was undergoing chemotherapy AND he was running for the highest office in the land?

And by the way
Ben Smith notices that the WaPo mentions Hunter nine times in their article. Good for them.

Kaus on Elizabeth Edwards’s reality problem

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards’ Reality Problem

When Oprah remarks that hmm, she doesn’t know a lot of men who would run off to a hotel somewhere in the middle of the night to hold a baby that wasn’t theirs, she repeats her husband’s lie – or maybe he’d repeated hers: “Golly, then you don’t know that many politicians. We do it all the time. Holding babies is what we do.”

I wouldn’t pay much attention to Elizabeth or John Edwards, except that this “tell-all” book and accompanying publicity is a means for Elizabeth to do one more (last?) attempt at rehabilitating John.

Jim Geraghty reminds us that

We have a woman who urged the nation to vote for her spouse in part because she vouched for what a wonderful husband he was.

After his career tanked because of his own evil acts, she’s trying to bring him back. That way she establishes her legacy as the forgiving one, and shows him as worthy of it.


“She had put so many quarters in the shiny slot machine of their mutual ambition. It was hard to walk away.”

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Live long enough, and agree with Maureen Dowd, who rips the Elizabeth Edwards book up one side and down the other,

John Edwards’s political career is over, and he’s being investigated by the feds about whether he used campaign funds to underwrite his affair. Nobody — except Rielle — has any interest in hearing from him again. Americans would have been relieved if the last we heard of him was that cringe-inducing “Nightline” interview last year, when he made the argument that he was a helpless narcissist and that he hit on Rielle when Elizabeth’s cancer was in remission.

But now Saint Elizabeth has dragged him back into the public square for a flogging on “Oprah” and in Time and at bookstores near you. The book is billed as helping people “facing life’s adversities” and offering an “inspirational meditation on the gifts we can find among life’s biggest challenges.”

But it’s just a gratuitous peek into their lives, and one that exposes her kids, by peddling more dregs about their personal family life in a book, and exposes the ex-girlfriend who’s now trying to raise the baby girl, a dead ringer for John Edwards, in South Orange, N.J.

Today the NYT has the obligatory “Democrat wee wifey” photo: Like Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. McGreevey, and Mrs. Spitzer, there is Elizabeth, standing by her man, who looks over her shoulder:


As I said yesterday about Elizabeth, Lord knows she needs all the support and compassion she can get. Unfortunately she won’t be finding any from me.

Drop the cheating SOB, Liz. And stop dragging your kids to the photo-ops while you’re at it.

Jules found the Philosophical poser of the day.

The honorable thing

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards wanted her husband to do the honorable thing:

I wanted him to drop out of the race, protect our family from this woman, from his act.

There’s nothing like a severe illness to show who really loves you “for better or for worse.”

I know two women whose husbands have left them when the women developed serious illnesses.

I know a woman who left when her husband was undergoing chemotherapy.

Marriage can be a comfort in troubled times, but it can also be truly a burden. Sometimes a marriage can survive the tremendous strain of an illness like cancer. Many marriages can’t. There are thousands of reasons why. I fully understand, respect and support why one of the three people I just mentioned had to leave their spouse. That person did the honorable thing.

However, John Edwards is a vile little man who deserves only the derision and contempt of all. Here’s a man [and I use the term loosely] who not only lies and cheats on his wife who is undergoing chemotherapy for terminal cancer, but also starts a “second family” with another woman while running for the highest elected office in the land. Every step of the way, he lied. To ad further insult to injury, Elizabeth Edwards was driving the shared mission of her husband’s campaign all the while.

Narcissistic villain and two bit charlatan are the words that come to mind.

John Edwards’s lack of ethics is only matched by his arrogance. Federal investigators are looking into his campaign payments to his mistress. Anyone looking for his conscience would probably find a void.

Now Elizabeth Edwards has written a book. It’s a free country, and she has every right to, and to talk to Oprah and everybody else she feels like.

Lord knows she needs all the support and compassion she can get.

Edwards and “fundamental moral issues”

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

johnedwardsThe irony of defeat…
Edwards talks about poverty, stays silent on paternity

Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards took another tentative step into the public spotlight tonight, speaking at Brown University about extreme poverty around the world and urging Americans to get involved in what he called a “fundamental moral issue.”

Apparently no one in the Ivy League audience asked, “and why would you be troubled by any fundamental moral issues, Mr. Edwards?”

Or, as Jules put it,

The bigger question is why a university is giving this discredited third-string bounder a forum to hold forth on people’s moral obligations in the first place. Let him get a blog like the rest of us discredited third-string bounders.



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Elizabeth Edwards makes a statement

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards has posted a statement on Daily Kos where she asks for privacy. Understandably, as she is dying of cancer.

Doug Ross has the timeline.

Macsmind points out that

That you “knew” about this affair but continue to lie along with your lying husband even in the midst of accusations to the contrary and while people of your party seriously considered picking him for VP, makes you just as much a liar as he.

Paul Mirengoff is kinder,

I am in complete sympathy with this statement and do not intend to write anything additional about the affair. Edwards is being lambasted on the talk shows for having “covered up” his affair. But it wasn’t just in his interest to cover it up; it was also in the interest of his family. And it was to his family that Edwards owed his primary obligation here. Thus, unless he violated some law in the process, covering up the affair was the right thing for him to do.

Will it all end up like this?

For now, I’ve had enough of the Edwards, their ambition, and their lack of respect for the American public.

Silence is golden.


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