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What’s going on, or the consequences of “smart diplomacy”

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

The Democ­rats’ reac­tion to Israeli Prime Min­is­ter Ben­jamin Netanyahu Address to Joint Meet­ing of Con­gress (you can watch the speech in full at the link) offers a rare oppor­tu­nity to high­light the dis­con­nect between the Democrats-​and-​the-​media (but I repeat myself, as Pete says) talk­ing points and the con­se­quence of a pol­icy where the U.S. abdi­cates its posi­tion as leader of the free world.

Read my article at Da Tech Guy Blog

Mr Netanyahu’s speech, transcript and video,

Live feed to Netanyahu’s speech

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015



Chile: Palestinian shirts making a statement

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

against Israel, that is. As reported by AP:

The Palestino soccer Club of Chile’s first division recently released its new jersey. But many are outraged because shirts that include the number “1” show the numeral in the shape of Israel and the Palestinian territories, implying all the land is Palestinian.

Here’s a photo:

Representatives of the Chilean Jewish community have urged Fifa to take action against the Santiago-based Club Deportivo Palestino.

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, November 11th, 2013

LatinAmerThe week’s must-read? This: Documents show depth of U.S. concern over Mexico violence. As I’ve been saying for nearly a decade, border security is national security.

Argentina’s Fading Diva

Junk bond news: Specialist in Long Shots Bets on Argentina
David Martinez, head of a hedge fund that specializes in distressed debt, has made an unusual call: Invest in Argentina.

“You can see light at the end of the tunnel,” Mr. Mariscal said, “but you don’t know if it’s the train coming towards you.”

Skulls said to have miraculous qualities at the center of annual festival in Bolivia

Before Global Games, Rio Is Fighting to Dim Red Light. Good luck with that.

Brazil’s oil industry
Eike Batista’s oil firm files for bankruptcy protection

Chile’s presidential election
Cruising back to La Moneda
A more left-wing Michelle Bachelet is set to win on a tide of social discontent

In pictures: Beyond El Dorado at the British Museum

Filling the FARC-Shaped Void

No pause in FARC peace talks for elections

Michael Totten is Home From Cuba,

That is one truly strange place. It’s right there alongside Libya under Moammar Qaddafi in the bizarro department. I’m glad I went, but I’m even more glad to be out of there.

US hijacker William Potts returns from Cuba
An American man who hijacked a plane in 1984 and forced it to fly to Cuba has returned to the US.

Indigenous peoples
Death in the Amazon

Attempt to Rehabilitate Chevron Judge Gets Very Weird

Chevron’s lead lawyer, Randy Mastro, had some success this week showing that [Ecuadorian judge Nicolas] Zambrano doesn’t seem to know very much about the record-breaking decision he supposedly rendered. When asked, the former Ecuadorian judge couldn’t name key elements of the ruling, such as the most powerful carcinogenic substance it cited or a crucial scientific study purporting to link oil contamination to human illnesses. He also struggled to explain how he was able to deploy French, American, and Australian case law in the ruling, since, as he conceded, he does not speak or read French or English.

The Chevron RICO trial grinds on

Phila. lawyer tells how Ecuador case against Chevron unraveled

An Army Ranger Gives an on Ground Account of the War in Grenada

The US Treasury as the Birthright of All Mankind

BBC criticised over Jamaica Inn filming in Kirkby Lonsdale

From Brookings: The Upcoming Electoral Cycle in Latin America in the Midst of Social Unrest: What Lies Ahead?

Tunnel for Smuggling Found Under U.S.-Mexico Border; Tons of Drugs Seized
The sophisticated underground passageway featured electricity, ventilation and an electronic rail system and took about a year to build, officials said.

Documents show depth of U.S. concern over Mexico violence

Sandinista Constitutional reforms will institutionalize first lady’s precepts of ‘Christian, socialist and solidarity’ via Boz

  • Increases government control over radio, television, telephone and internet services, including requirements for local control and data storage.
  • Institutionalizes various FSLN organizations into the government and constitution, further merging the government and party (which would have serious repercussions if the FSLN did lose an election some day in the future, in that the party would still retain control over aspects of government).

Panama Canal’s LNG Surprise to Redefine Trade in Fuel: Freight

LNG carriers will cross the 48-mile waterway 350 times a year, and voyages to Asia from the U.S. will cost 24 percent less than longer routes, according to calculations from the canal authority. The expected 12 million tons, assuming half the transits are hauling cargoes, would be equal to about 5 percent of the world’s trade in 2012, Fearnley Consultants AS estimates.

The U.S., now the world’s largest producer of natural gas because of the extraction of fuel from shale rocks, will account for much of that traffic as it becomes the third-largest exporter of LNG by 2020, Morgan Stanley estimates. With American energy independence now at a 27-year high of 86 percent, the route will boost exports to Japan, offsetting nuclear-power generation lost after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Paraguay says can be launch pad for Israeli technology in Latin America
With a favorable tax system, stable business environment, Paraguay could be key to providing Israeli innovators with access to broader Latin markets, says Paraguayan minister.

Peru’s central bank sees gloomier economic growth

De Blasio, in Puerto Rico, Finds Relaxation and Fellow Red Sox Fans

On Vacation, With Politics
Mayor-elect de Blasio Attends Somos El Futuro Conference in Puerto Rico

Is Puerto Rico the next Greece? Nest eggs could suffer

La Mallorquina, open since 1848, closed:

My grandparents used to take the family (of 12!) to eat there in the 1920s and ’30s.

Suriname leader’s son on terror charges
The son of Suriname’s president is charged by the United States with attempting to provide material support to the Shia militant group Hezbollah.

Desperation News and Views

Miami Herald reporter held for second night in Venezuela while covering economic crisis; he was released on Saturday and is back in the USA.

Real life: Venezuela’s Maduro orders military occupation… of electronics stores

John Hinderaker watches the pageants and posts lots of pictures: MISS UNIVERSE: A FINAL PREVIEW [UPDATED WITH RESULTS]

The week’s posts and podcast:
Chile: Left turn coming up

Venezuela burns down Mexican plane

Obama makes campaign stop, meets Coco & Berta

Venezuela: Entire medical system collapsing

Chile: Neruda wasn’t poisoned

Venezuela: ADS in the slums

Latin America: Mexico and the Expanding Hemispheric Crime and Terror Crises

Colombia: Things are about to get worse

Mexico: Templars, Inc.

Cuba: The FARC rides the yacht

With Jerry Brewer on Silvio Canto’s podcast

Friday afternoon bad optics

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

That’s Yasser Arafat, creator of modern terrorism, smiling down on the leader of the free world.

The water bottle goes global

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

After raising $160,000 for his Reclaim America PAC, Marco Rubio’s shaking water bottles with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel:

Stay thirsty, my friends!

(h/t Babalu)


Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Terrorist Ahmed Jabari buys the farm,

Details at The Other McCain.


In short supply in dictatorships: “Shampoo. Soap. Vitamins. Tylenol.”

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

A friend had a relative who owned a pharmacy in the former West Berlin that hit a bonanza selling consumer goods (“Shampoo. Soap. Vitamins. Tylenol.” Plus toilet paper, Kleenex, and tampons) when the wall came down.

Thousands of people traveling to Cuba take “Shampoo. Soap. Vitamins. Tylenol.” The island-prison doesn’t have a good supply.

Now it’s the Iranian delegation’s turn:
While Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad soaks up Manhattan high life, his underlings go on shopping spree at discount chains Payless, Costco, Walgreens and Duane Reade
Visiting delegation rack up on shampoo, soap and vitamins. One visitor debated dropping $40 for kids’ shoes at Fifth Ave. Payless

Bargain-hunting members of the huge visiting delegation eagerly visited a Costco, a Payless shoe store, a Walgreens and a Duane Reade in recent days while hunting for discount products in short supply back home:
Shampoo. Soap. Vitamins. Tylenol.

The trip to a Harlem Costco secured an assortment of wholesale shampoos, while a drugstore visit brought more than a dozen bottles of vitamins and Tylenol.

Good thing he didn’t try to stock up on Benadryl or he may have been busted. But moving right along, Mahmoud continues to imitate his fictional counterpart,

While the Iranians scrambled for the staples of most Western bathrooms, their Holocaust-denying boss remained comfortably ensconced in midtown’s posh Warwick Hotel.”
Three personal chefs were at Ahmadinejad’s beck and call, and the Iranians booked two full floors in the luxury hotel, where suites can go for $1,600 a night, according to a hotel employee.
The cooks brought in their own food, and the president’s men dined on the second floor.

As I write this post, Netanyahu is asking to “draw a clear red line” as the only peaceful way left to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons.

Let’s hope the world does.

In the Shadow of Ahmadinejad’s Hotel, via Instapundit.

The Lid has the full speech,

Romney: “Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.” UPDATED

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Jennifer Rubin:

Without specifically criticizing President Obama in his speech in Jerusalem, Mitt Romney delivered a blow to the Obama campaign’s frantic efforts to defend the president’s hostile stance toward the Jewish state simply by saying: “It is a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.” The Obama administration can’t even say that much, a sign of how reflectively protective of the Palestinians’ sensibilities is this president. Of course, Jerusalem is the capital. It was declared so in 1948. The Knesset is there. The disposition of its bordersis a matter for final status negotiation, but only an uninformed or virulently insensitive administration would be unable to distinguish the two.

In a bit of cleverness the Romney team sent out the text of the speech with this header: “Mitt Romney today delivered remarks to the Jerusalem Foundation in Jerusalem, Israel.” That is a deliberate dig at this administration. which has repeatedly put out documents suggestingthat Jerusalem isn’t in Israel and has attempted to scrub from the White House Web site the reference to Israel’s capital.

Romney’s speech paid tribute to America’s historic relationship with Israel. (“Different as our paths have been, we see the same qualities in one another. Israel and America are in many respects reflections of one another.”)

It also was a forceful rebuke to Obama on a number of levels.

  • on Iran
  • on Obama’s notion that because he’s been supportive of Israel with military assistance he can be credited with a good record on Israel
  • on Egypt, so “the new government honors the peace agreement with Israel”

Legal Insurrection has video,

Barry Rubin looks at the speech (h/t Power Line),

What was especially interesting was Romney’s list of five factors that brought together the United States and Israel: democracy, the rule of law, a belief in universal rights granted by our Creator (a reference to the Declaration of Independence and a subtle rebuke to Obama’s frequent omission of that divine attribution), free enterprise, and freedom of expression.

And then Romney added something that might become one of his most important lines in the months to come: Capitalism was the only economic system in history to raise people from poverty and create a huge middle class.

Full text and video.

Meanwhile, Tina Brown’s Bankrupt Magazine Newsweek Calls Mitt Romney a ‘Wimp’ as they steal from themselves.

Romney’s foreign travels/travails: telling the truth


If the United States wants to regain its status as a superpower, it will have to begin acting like one.”

Israel Accuses Iran of Introducing Terrorism in Latin America With Chávez’s Support UPDATED on 12-9-11

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

My translation of this article: Please link to this post and credit me if you use it.
Thank you.

Israel Accuses Iran of Introducing Terrorism in Latin America With Chávez’s Support

EFE, translated by Fausta Rodríguez Wertz

Montevideo, December 6, 2011 (EFE) – Israel’s Vice-Prime Minister, Moshe Yaalon, stated today in an interview with Efe that Iran is creating, with Venezuela’s connivance, a “terrorist infrastructure” in Latin America for attempts against the United States, Israel and their allies.

“They mean to arm a terrorist infrastructure which will remain dormant, and at the right moment could attack American interests or targets in the USA,” and “Israelis, Jews, or any other country opposed to Iran’s political structure”, he stated. Yaalon, in Montevideo where he met Danilo Astori, Uruguay’s vice-president and other officials, used as an example of that hypothetical strategy the recently revealed plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US.

He pointed out that that case, of which the US accused Iran, and which was denounced on November 18 at the UN General Assembly, is not the only one, as other past incidents show. “This type of terrorist infrastructure already acted in 1992 against the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires and the AMIA Jewish organization in 1994,” also in the Argentina’s capital.

According to Yaalon, the strategy is framed by Tehran’s plans to “export the Iranian revolution, first to neighboring states”, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, or the Palestinian territories, and “later to the West.”

The Vice-Prime Minister, who in the 1990s was chief of military intelligence, explained that the information available to his country reveals that in Latin America “this type of infrastructure enrolls Muslim elements that live in the area, and is also supported by drug lords.”

“It is also backed by the diplomatic immunity that Iranian diplomats have in the region,” and “especially takes advantage of the way they are welcomed by Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, and through that, it enters the entire continent,” he denounced.

For Yaalon, “the fact that Iranian passports do not require visas to enter Venezuela”, a country which broke relations with Israel over the Gaza situation, “opens the doors to all of Latin America.”

He said that he did not have direct evidence of links between those alleged Iranian terrorists and the Colombian FARC.

The Vice-Prime Minister also stated that he does not understand why Mercosur, the economic bloc of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay (with Venezuela in the process of joining), aims to sign on December 20th a trade agreement with Palestine. “What is the special meaning of the accord between Mercosur and Palestine, when the only things Palestine exports are missiles and terrorist acts?”, he asked.

However, he reminded us that his country has that same agreement with each of the same countries separately and with the bloc, and explained that he has attempted to explain to Uruguayan authorities his views of the Middle East situation. “I hope that we can build bridges that could lead us to a common point of view on this”.

Yaalon also pointed out that the attack on the British Embassy in Tehran demonstrates that “the enemy is not the State of Israel,” but “the West, the free world.”

He also warned that Israel aims to “convince” the Iranian regime to cancel its proposed nuclear weapons program, “but if this is not possible,” will pressure Iranians to “decide if they want to create the nuclear bomb or exist as a State.”

Talking about this year’s elections in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, he said, “democracy does not start or end with elections, but with education.”

“We were very encouraged to see people talking about freedom of expression, individual rights, women’s rights, on Egypt’s Tahrir Square. Those are democratic factors, but they were lost in the elections”, Yaahon deplored, as he compared the events with the 1979 Iranian revolution. EFE

End of translation.

Linked by Clarice Feldman. Thanks!

UPDATE, 12-9-11
The Venezuelan Embassy in Washington issued this comunique,


Venezuela Rejects Statements by Israel’s Vice Prime Minister

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the statements issued by Israeli Vice Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon in an interview during his visit to the sister Oriental Republic of Uruguay, in which he openly accused Venezuela of participating in plots to commit terrorist attacks.

Such abusive and tendentious statements, which come from the representative of a government that itself participates in terrorist attacks against the Arab peoples, are part of a continuous campaign of aggression against our people aimed at spreading these slanderous rumors in international media outlets, mainly in the U.S.

Additionally, these rumors are against a people, the Venezuelan people, who are playing a leading role in a peaceful, democratic and humanist revolution, and who have never used weapons to attack any people, neither create death and destruction.

On the contrary, the Bolivarian Government of President Hugo Chávez maintains and fosters deep relations of cooperation, solidarity and fraternity with all the peoples of the continent and the world, which is widely recognized by Latin American and the international community, as was demonstrated once again during the historic foundational Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

As a consequence, Venezuela denounces and rejects these plans of manipulation that serve dark interests through lies and calumnies, and ratifies that its relations with the generous government and people of Iran are based on the pursuit of peace and development.

Caracas, December 8, 2011

Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs