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A Chavez terror network?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Roger Noriega raises the question,
Is there a Chavez terror network on America’s doorstep?

On Aug. 22, 2010, at Iran’s suggestion, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez hosted senior leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in a secret summit at military intelligence headquarters at the Fuerte Tiuna compound in southern Caracas. Among those present were Palestinian Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah, who is on the FBI’s list of most-wanted terrorists; Hamas’s “supreme leader,” Khaled Meshal; and Hezbollah’s “chief of operations,” whose identity is a closely guarded secret.

According to information from within the Venezuelan regime, arrangements for the August conclave were made by Chavez’s No. 2 diplomat in Syria, Ghazi Nassereddine Atef Salame. Nassereddine is a naturalized Venezuelan of Lebanese origin who runs Hezbollah’s growing network in South America — which includes terror operatives and drug traffickers.

A Venezuelan government source has told me that two Iranian terrorist trainers are on Venezuela’s Margarita Island instructing operatives who have assembled from around the region. In addition, radical Muslims from Venezuela and Colombia are brought to a cultural center in Caracas named for the Ayatollah Khomeini and Simon Bolivar for spiritual training, and some are dispatched to Qom, Iran, for Islamic studies. Knowledgeable sources confirm that the most fervent recruits in Qom are given weapons and explosives training and are returned home as “sleeper” agents.

I have posted about the regular secret flights between Tehran and Caracas, and how Iran uses Venezuela to bypass UN sanctions.

Combined with the buildup in armaments to the tune of $15billion Chavez is carrying on in Venezuela, the US ought to start paying attention.

h/t Soccer Dad


Suicide terrorist attack in Sweden, over Mo cartoons? VIDEO

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Stockholm Hit by Blasts After E-Mail Warning

One man was killed and two other people were injured when two explosions hit the heart of Stockholm’s city-center shopping district on Saturday evening, the police in the Swedish capital said. The country’s foreign minister called the blasts a terrorist attack, and an e-mail to news organizations minutes before the blasts seemed to link them to anger over anti-Islamic cartoons and the war in Afghanistan.

The police said that a car parked near the busy shopping street of Drottninggatan exploded first, shortly before 5 p.m. Stockholm time, and that the wreckage of the vehicle included gas canisters. A second blast followed minutes later, and about 200 yards from the first. A man’s body, with blast injuries to his abdomen, was discovered after the second explosion.

Swedish newspapers portrayed the dead man as a suicide bomber, and the newspaper Aftonbladet said on its Web site that he had been carrying pipe bombs and a backpack full of nails. But the police declined to confirm this.

The now-dead terrorist’s message?

The recorded message sent to Swedish news organizations demanded that Muslims in Sweden “stop sucking up and degrading yourselves,” and broadened the appeal to “all mujahedeen,” or holy warriors, in Europe. “Now it’s time to attack,” it said. “Do not wait any longer. Come forth with whatever you have, even if it is a knife, and I know that you can bring more than knives. Fear no one. Do not be afraid of jail. Do not fear death.”

Gates of Vienna is covering the story in detail, with video,

and posts,
Six Pipe Bombs — How Many Exploded?
Confirmation From the Local
Gas Canisters for the Bystanders, Pipe Bombs for the Perp
Who Was the Stockholm Bomber?

Full report from Sweden at Big Peace,

About 10 minutes before the explosions an e-mail was sent to TT [news service], and also to the Swedish secret services (Säpo), where a man addresses “Sweden and the Swedish people”. He refers to the Swedish silence concerning Lars Vilks’ paintings, the Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan and says that “now your children, daughters and sisters will die as our brothers and sisters and children are dying”.

“Our actions will speak for themselves. As long as you continue to wage your war against Islam and insulting the prophet and your stupid support of the pig Vilks,” says the man.

Whereupon he encourages all Muslims in Sweden to “stop sucking up and debasing yourselves”. He ends the message with another exhortation to “all the mujahideen in Europe and Sweden”:

“Now is the time to attack, do not wait any longer. Come forward with whatever you have, even if it’s just a knife and I know you have more than just knives. Do not fear anyone, do not fear jail, do not fear death.”

It is not clear from the audio files if the man speaking belongs to any organization. But he states that he has been in the Middle East and asks his family to forgive him for having lied to them.“I never went to the Middle East to work or make money, I went there for jihad,” he says.

Säpo has not confirmed the contents to TT or confirmed having received the mail, which contains sound files where both Swedish and Arabic are spoken. TT has not been able to confirm that the mail is related to the explosion.

The car was registered to an “Abdul T”.

A witness who tried to give the man CPR says he removed the man’s Palestinian scarf while doing so. The man apparently had a whole bag of explosives

Vlad Tepes has more.

For prior posts on the Mohammed Cartoons, click here


Andrew McCarthy talks about the World Trade Center mosque

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Do you have any concerns about the mosque being built at Ground Zero, New York?

Yes, I have great concerns about it. I’m actually really astounded that the debate over the mosque takes place within the context of a discussion about tolerance. We have in the United States over 2,300 mosques. In the New York area alone there are probably a couple hundred. There are certainly several scores of mosques in any event. If you were to go to Mecca or Medina, you wouldn’t see any Christian churches. You wouldn’t see any Jewish synagogues. In fact, you wouldn’t actually be able to go to Mecca or Medina at all if you’re not Muslim. Non-Muslims are deemed not fit to set their feet on the ground in those Islamic holy sites. So I think if we’re going to argue this thing on the tolerance meter, we’re pretty far ahead on that score and we don’t have anything to apologize for.

Secondly, the mosque plan has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. They want to call it the Cordoba Islamic Center. Cordoba is the name of the Islamic caliphate that conquered Spain and ruled it often brutally for over half a millennium. So, you know it’s pretty clear just in the choice of name what’s going on here. It’s the Islamist strategy that’s centuries old, which is to build their icons on top of the icons of the people that they’ve either conquered on intend to conquer.

So it seems to me that it’s fairly obvious that this is going on. It also seems to me that many, if not most, well meaning Muslims don’t want to see this happen either. They don’t want this fight. The reason they don’t want it is because there’s really common sense involved in this as much as anything else. No one is saying that they shouldn’t be able to have mosques or that Muslims shouldn’t be able to worship in the United States. What we’re saying is a mosque in that particular site would be grossly inappropriate. I don’t know what’s happened to America, but if this were, say 1943 or 1944, or I daresay even today, you wouldn’t have a Shinto temple built at Pearl Harbor. People would say there are plenty of places in America for a Shinto temple but that isn’t one of them. That’s not bigotry. That’s not intolerance. That’s plain common sense and respect for people who lost their lives on those sites.

Go read the full interview.



Friday, May 21st, 2010

The New Term for the War on Terror

If you blinked, you might have missed it. The Obama administration has unofficially rebranded “war on terror” phrase that dominated public discourse throughout the Bush administration. The replacement phrase, carefully chosen, is “CVE” — Countering Violent Extremism.

Early in the administration, the Office of Management and Budget changed the wording of the line item under which the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were funded. They called it “Overseas Contingency Operations.” That phrase was never intended to be for public consumption (and public ridicule), but burrowed bureaucrats leaked it to the press, a field day was had.

Countering Violent Extremism is noticeable for two words that aren’t there: some variant of “jihad,” which is the preferred predicate for counter-terrorism-fighting conservatives, and “war,” which is because the administration has put de-radicalization alongside the Predator drones as a primary instrument of combat. No mention of Islam, of course. That’s because the administration wants to try and decouple the notion of combating terrorism from the Muslim faith itself. BTW: when I first heard the phrase, I assumed it stood for “combating violent extremism.” But no — the word combat denotes military action only — Obama’s approach combines hard and soft power.

Make that soft – if it involves jihad.

And what brilliant mind came up with that politically correct term?

Don’t you feel so much safer now?


The day Somali music died

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Jamie Glazov explains the ban on music:
The Day Somali Music Died

In order to understand this phenomenon, it is critical to keep in mind that for the totalitarian radical, experiencing any kind of joy means succumbing to the false consciousness that, in the utopian mindset, must be purged from the earth. Earthly joy distracts from the constant vigilance that is necessary to engage in revolutionary battle.

This is why Lenin refused to listen to music, since, as he explained, “it makes you want to say stupid, nice things and stroke the heads of people who could create such beauty while living in this vile hell.” For Lenin, violent revolution was the priority — a priority endangered by the emotions music could induce.

Sayyid Qutb, one of Islamism’s godfathers, could relate to this vision all too well — and he serves as a perfect example of Islam’s rejection of the joyous celebration of this world and this life. In his work Milestones, Qutb demonizes the pursuit of individual interests and sensual pleasures — but above all sexual pleasure — and of personal happiness and fulfillment. The word “desire” reverberates through Milestones as a diabolical entity.

Go read the rest.

(Additional hat tip to Michael)

Nidal Hasan’s lecture on why he did it

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Barry Rubin examines examines Nidal Hasan’s lecture on The Koranic World View as it Relates to Muslims in the US Military and finds,

All you have to do is look at the 50 Power Point slides and they tell you everything you need to know.

It is quite a good talk. He’s logical and presents his evidence. This is clearly not the work of a mad man or a fool, though there’s still a note of ambiguity in it. He’s still working out what to do in his own mind and is trying to figure out if he has a way out other than in effect deserting the U.S. army and becoming a Jihad warrior. Ultimately, he concluded that he could not be a proper Muslim without killing American soldiers. Obviously, other Muslims could reach different conclusions but Hassan strongly grounds himself in Islamic texts.

In a sense, Hassan’s lecture was a cry for help: Can anyone show me another way out? Can anyone refute my interpretation of Islam? One Muslim in the audience reportedly tried to do so. But unless these issues are openly discussed and debated–rather than swept under the rug–more people will die.

In fact, I’d recommend that teachers use this lecture in teaching classes on both Islam and Islamist politics. .

Follow along with me and you’ll understand everything.

Hassan deals with three topics: What Islam teaches Muslims, how Muslims view the wars in Afghanistan and Iran, how this might affect Muslims in the U.S. military. [Slide 2] Hassan defines Jihad, showing how silly are the claims that it only means a personal struggle to behave better. It also signifies holy war, of course. [Slide 5].

Read Rubin’s article, and every slide of the presentation. Both are an antidote to the upcoming mass murder madness.

Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan ‘said Muslims should rise up’

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan ‘said Muslims should rise up’
Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who allegedly killed 11 people before being shot and wounded by police at Fort Hood, had said Muslims should “rise up” and attack Americans in retaliation for the US war in Iraq, a former army colleague said.

“He said Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor and that we should not be in the war in the first place.” He said that Maj Hasan said he was “happy” when a US soldier was killed in an attack on a military recruitment centre in Arkansas in June. An American convert to Islam was accused of the shootings.

Col Lee alleged that other officers had told him that Maj Hasan had said “maybe people should strap bombs on themselves and go to Time Square” in New York.

Federal law enforcement officials have said Maj Hasan had come to their attention at least six months ago because of internet postings that discussed suicide bombings and other threats.

The officials said the postings appeared to have been made by Maj Hasan but they were still trying to confirm that he was the author.

The TV networks weren’t too eager to disclose Maj Hasan’s motivations: CBS & NBC Fail to ID Hasan as Muslim; ABC’s Raddatz Relays: ‘I Wish His Name was Smith’.

However, the Washington Post does, Suspect, devout Muslim from Va., wanted Army discharge, aunt said

He prayed every day at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, a devout Muslim who, despite asking to be discharged from the U.S. Army, was on the eve of his first deployment to war. Yesterday, authorities said Maj. Nidal M. Hasan, a 39-year-old Arlington-born psychiatrist, shot and killed at least 12 people at Fort Hood, Tex.

The Associated Press reported that Hasan attracted the attention of law enforcement authorities in recent months after an Internet posting under the screen name “NidalHasan” compared Islamic suicide bombers to Japanese kamikaze pilots. “To say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate,” the posting read. “It’s more appropriate to say he is a brave hero that sacrificed his life for a more noble cause.”

Allahpundit has been following the story since yesterday and surveillance video of Hasan,

Why was Hasan still in the Army?

Islamic militant: It’s what’s for dinner!

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Yeah, yeah, this blog deals mostly with American and Latin American politics, but this is too good to pass up:


Jawa‘s Howie got the picture.

The terrorists didn’t get to finish their pudding, but the bear had dinner – without some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Whipped for a bra

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Islamist savagery, this time in Somalia:
Somali Women Whipped for Wearing Bras

Somalia’s hardline Islamist group al Shabaab is cracking down on residents who do not follow a strict form of Sharia Islamic law, now publicly whipping women who wear bras, the Times of India reported.

Residents tell the paper that gunmen have been gathering women in Mogadishu who are perceived to have firm busts. These women are then publicly whipped by masked men as punishment for what Islamist leaders call deception.

After the public whippings, the women are forced to remove their bras and shake their breasts, the Times reported.

“Al Shabaab forced us to wear their type of veil and now they order us to shake our breasts,” a resident, Halima, told the Times of India. Her daughters were whipped for wearing bras.

“They first banned the former veil and introduced a hard fabric which stands stiffly on women’s chests. They are now saying that breasts should be firm naturally, or just flat,” she said.

The insurgent group recently amputated a foot and a hand from two young men accused of robbery. Al Shabaab has also banned movies, musical ringtones, dancing at wedding ceremonies and playing or watching soccer.

Religion of peace, you say?

The Farmer’s Daughter

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

No, not this farmer’s daughter,


But Rukhsana Kausar, this farmer’s daughter,


Farmer’s daughter disarms terrorist and shoots him dead with AK47
An Indian farmer’s daughter disarmed a terrorist leader who broke into her home, attacked him with an axe and shot him dead with his own gun.

Rukhsana Kausar, 21, was with her parents and brother in Jammu and Kashmir when three gunmen, believed to be Pakistani militants, forced their way in and demanded food and beds for the night.

Their house in Shahdra Sharief, Rajouri district, is about 20 miles from the ceasefire line between Indian and Pakistani forces.

It is close to dense forests known as hiding places for fighters from the Lashkar-e-Taiba group, which carried out the Mumbai terrorist attack last November.

Militants often demand food and lodging in nearby villages.

When they forced their way into Miss Kausar’s home, her father Noor Mohammad refused their demands and was attacked.

His daughter was hiding under a bed when she heard him crying as the gunmen thrashed him with sticks. According to police, she ran towards her father’s attacker and struck him with an axe. As he collapsed, she snatched his AK47 and shot him dead.

She also shot and wounded another militant as he made his escape.

Interestingly, the article doesn’t call the attacker the “t” word until the third paragraph from the bottom,

She may also receive a £4,000 reward if, as police believe, the dead terrorist is confirmed as Uzafa Shah, a wanted Pakistani LeT commander who had been active in the area for the past four years.

At least they used the “t” word twice in the title.

The article also forgets to mention that the Pakistani LeT is an Islamist Jihadi group.

(hat tip: DaMav)

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