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The Brazilian demonstrations Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, June 24th, 2013

New ‘moderate’ Iranian President involved in AMIA bombing, son suicided over father’s extremism

Bolivia prison inmates protest at closure plan
Inmates at Bolivia’s biggest prison have said they are protesting against government plans to close the jail.

Protests in Brazil Injure 15
A day after Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff called for an end to violent protests, some 60,000 marchers took to the streets again in the southern city of Belo Horizonte, injuring at least 15.

Protests in Brazil
Taking to the streets
Bubbling anger about high prices, corruption and poor public services boils over into the biggest demonstrations in two decades

Despite Assurances by Brazil’s President, Protesters Stage Another Day of Demonstrations

The map lies to you

Brazil is saying what we could not: we don’t want these costly extravaganzas
From the World Cup to the G8, many countries are paying an extortionate price for hosting these pointless displays

D.E.A. Agent in Colombia Is Killed in Possible Attempt at Robbery

The Case to Keep Cuba on the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, via Babalu.

Feeding Haiti
A new menu
The government tries to load up the plates of the poorest people in the Americas

Make way for Mrs. Zelaya, Deposed Honduran president’s wife leads in campaign for presidency; coup backers trail

Documents show FBI monitored Mexican author Carlos Fuentes for more than 2 decades

Helicopter crash kills Nicaragua air force chiefs
Key members of Nicaragua’s air force, including the chief of staff, are among 10 people killed in a helicopter crash.

American Red Cross Responds to Decision to Stop Collecting Blood in Puerto Rico

Why there is no “latino american spring”, and certainly not in Venezuela

As People Look For Pragmatism In Currency, Venezuelan Government Ready For More Controls

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Venezuela’s Chernenko

Brazil: 300,000 protestors in Sao Paolo

Venezuela: Legitimizing Maduro, continued

Brazil’s protests: Anti-inflation, anti-corruption, pro-representation, pro-middle class

Venezuela: Legitimizing Maduro

Brazil: Huge demonstrations

Brazil: Huge demonstrations

Colombia: Legitimizing the FARC

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Argentina Signals Willingness With Holdout Creditors

Former Spanish judge Baltazar Garzón is romancing Cristina Fernández (link in Spanish).

Brazil Santa Maria nightclub fire death toll rises to 240
The death toll from Brazil’s deadliest fire in decades has risen to 240 with the death of a man in hospital, a month after the nightclub tragedy.

Social spending in Brazil
The end of poverty?

Pinochet Tried Defying Defeat, Papers Show

Medellin is ‘most innovative city’
The Colombian city of Medellin is voted as the world’s most innovative for its modern transport system, environmental policies and cultural offerings.

Medellin – The Monotone City; The Truth About Living in Medellin, Colombia

Colombia’s economy
The black stuff
Disruption in key industries
The price of a cup of coffee
OIL may now be Colombia’s biggest export, but coal comes second and coffee, no longer paramount as it long was, is still the fifth-biggest foreign-exchange earner.

How Cubans’ Travel Rattles the Regime
To persuade the world it is reforming, the regime lets more people travel. What they say isn’t reassuring.

Cuba’s leaders
The new man
The Castros unveil their successor

In Spain, the truth starts to come out about Paya ‘accident’

Breaking the Castro embargo, one tweet at a time

Haiti’s ex-ruler ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier attends court

Mexican authorities participated in civilian disappearances, report says

¿Venganza o parteaguas?

Pena Nieto Pushes Mexico’s Ruling Party to End Pemex Monopoly

Power in Mexico
“The Teacher” in detention
Enrique Peña Nieto’s government has arrested a powerful union leader. Is this the start of something?

Oft-deported Mexican migrants keep trying to return to the United States
For Mexican men with wives, children and former jobs in the United States, the “Whisper Trail” across a rugged stretch of border heavily patrolled by U.S. officers remains their best hope of resuming their former lives.

Peru Sol Falls to Three-Month Low as Banks Buy Dollars

U.S. tourist who was missing in Peru sends greetings from military base

New Push to Curb Puerto Rico’s Thriving Drug Trade
As Trafficking Hub Spurs Crime Wave, U.S., Local Authorities Step Up Action

Isla Presidencial: Venezuelan Internet spoof on presidents attracts serious fans
‘Isla Presidencial,’ an Internet cartoon that pillories politicos, may be at a crossroads now that Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez is out of view.
Here’s their Harlem Shake episode:

Hugo’s Health

Venezuela: El imperio electrónico de Fidel – por Gral. Carlos Peñaloza

The Possibility of an Island

Speculation, Devaluation and Idiotic Policies In Venezuela

Back to court: multiple jeopardy for Leopoldo Lopez

Hugo Chavez, “battling for life”?

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Separated at birth? Or is it all in the hair?

Update on Hugo Chavez


“Hugo Chavez is brain dead”

Podcast: US-Latin America : The latest from Cuba

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Argentina dispatch: the troubled reign of Queen Cristina of Argentina
Beset by economic stagnation, Argentines are growing weary of President Cristina Kirchner’s obsession with the Falklands, reports Philip Sherwell

In Spanish (audio starts right away), HACER: Agustín Rangugni y Eneas Biglione entrevistan a Gonzalo Blousson, Presidente del Partido Liberal Libertario, sobre actualidad y desafíos que enfrenta Argentina

Andres Oppenheimer: Brazil should stop being self-absorbed giant

A Visit Angers Brazil’s Pro-Cubans
Protests Greet Havana Dissident, Highlighting Latin America’s Still-Strong Love Affair With Castro

Chile’s Gen Pinochet ‘tried to cling to power’ in 1988
Pinochet wanted to hold on to power when he lost a referendum on his rule in 1988, newly declassified documents in the US suggest.

Russian inmate joins Chilean club
A Russian inmate is allowed to remain in Chile and play for a local football club after serving three-year prison sentence for drug smuggling.

The Old Act of Repudiation

Cuba under Raúl: He’s tinkered but it’s the same old machine

The spirit of freedom is strong in my hometown of Antilla, Cuba

Why Is UN Praising the Castro Regime?

20 Of The Most Embarrassing Moments In The History Of The Democrat Party

11) The Bay of Pigs (1961): After training a Cuban militia to overthrow Castro, Kennedy got cold feet and didn’t give the men all the air support they were promised. As a result, they were easily defeated by Castro’s men and today, Cuba is still ruled by a hostile, anti-American dictatorship.

If Only CNN had the resources that the Daily Caller Does…

Ecuador’s presidential election
More of the same, please

Memories of Stolen Children

UN rejects Haiti cholera compensation claims
The United Nations has formally rejected compensation claims by victims of a cholera outbreak in Haiti that has killed almost 8,000 people.

Lenten diet

Will Mexico Welcome Wildcatters?
The new finance minister says his country needs entrepreneurs to find untapped energy reserves.

Mexico’s disappeared
Into thin air

Brewer: Border not Secure, Drug Cartels ‘Ready to Come Across’


Sendero Luminoso, fragilidad institucional y socialismo del Siglo XXI en el Peru

Bond Investors Wade Back Into Puerto Rico

José Aponte Votaría Por Reforma Legislativa Si Le Hacen Otra Tarja

Uruguay’s culture of impunity continues to rear its head
Judge Mariana Mota’s transfer shows that the country’s culture of impunity for the crimes of dictatorship still endures.

A Mixed Message From Chavismo On President Chávez’ Health

Will they dare to swear in Chavez in the dark?

300 officials from the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Force (FAR) are taking part in strategic decisions made in security and defense in Venezuela.

What has Hugo Chávez wrought in Venezuela?
The Tower of David, among other things.

Venezuelan Information Minister Ernesto Villegas: “The president holds firm to C
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is still suffering breathing problems following his return from Cuba where he was treated for cancer, officials say.

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Remembering Brothers to the Rescue

Next thing you know, she’ll be sending Hugo Chavez a get-well card

Ted Cruz and guns

Two questions re: Hugo Chavez

Podcast: US-Latin America: Chavez, and other issues

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Defence chiefs prepare new plans to defend Falkland Islands
Defence chiefs have drawn up new contingency plans designed to prevent hostile action by Argentina towards the Falkland Islands.

Falklands Redux: Is President Kirchner South America’s Biggest Troll?

P&O cruise firm stops Argentine port stops
Passengers due to embark on the Southampton-based ships were told last month
A cruise firm has put a temporary halt to stops at three Argentine ports after continuing tensions with the country over the Falklands.

Presidente en ejercicio afirma: indígenas “libre pensantes” pueden irse

From last year, Brazil: Landowners Declare War against Indigenous Guarani-Kaiowá in Mato Grosso do Sul

Tax in Brazil
Nothing is certain
Brazilian firms fight huge and unpredictable tax bills

Chinese Tech Titans Eye Brazil
Chinese consumer-technology firms are dominant at home but have struggled overseas. Now, in a bid to change that, they’re charging into Brazil and other emerging markets.

Drug addicts light up the night in Brazil’s ‘cracolandias’
Crack epidemic and related violence are reminiscent of Washington or New York in the 1980s.

Background on the Mapuche, from 2004: Mapuche Indians in Chile Struggle to Take Back Forests, and from last year: Attacks on Chile’s Indigenous Peoples Thwart Efforts at Land Reparations

Indigenous rights in Chile
Unhappy new year

Latin American local government
A load of rubbish
Another unpopular mayor for Colombia’s capital

Mothers in Breastfeed Protest at Costa Rica Mall

A Silent Mariel

Seventh circle of Hell gets a wee bit more crowded

Oppenheimer: Cuba’s role in Venezuela may grow — for now

As Hugo Chavez fights for his life, Cuba fears for its future
Venezuela is not the only Latin American nation that is monitoring every moment of president Hugo Chavez’s illness. His ally Cuba has relied on him for economic help, and that could soon come to an end.

Ecuadorian President Warns of Possible ‘CIA Attack’ Before Elections

As Biofuel Demand Grows, So Do Guatemala’s Hunger Pangs

Still waiting for recovery
Three years after a devastating earthquake, the “Republic of NGOs” has become the country of the unemployed

La Ceiba, Honduras, airport sign translation

Recent violence in north-central Mexico reportedly kills dozens

As Panama Canal gets bigger,U.S. ports race to keep up

Two killed in Dakar rally crash involving British team
Two people have been in killed in Peru in a head-on collision involving a support vehicle for the Dakar rally.

Peru boom spurs middle-class growth
Asian demand for copper and gold has put disposable income in the nation’s pockets.

Puerto Rico Beauty Queen Faints, Uses Crutches

British to seek extradition of ex-Turks and Caicos premier from Brazil
Turks and Caicos says that British authorities will soon formally ask Brazil to extradite the island’s former premier as part of the ongoing criminal investigation in the island chain.

Venezuela’s ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ Inaugural A Sign Of Chavez’s Tottering Regime

The Chávez Legacy in Venezuela
Autocratic rule, economic ruin, and South America’s highest murder rate.

To Understand Today’s TSJ Decision, Let’s Look At Motive

Venezuela’s presidency
Brotherly love in the Bolivarian Republic
With the president ill, who is really running the country?

Now what? Looking at the 2013 Venezuelan calendar

Venezuela Inflation Jumps Sharply as Shortages Rise
Venezuela’s consumer prices surged in December at the fastest pace in nearly three years as the oil-rich South American country grappled with severe shortages of consumer goods, the central bank reported.

Controversy aside, there is no denying Hugo Chavez redefined Latin American politics
The leader of Venezuela’s social revolution has undergone a fourth operation for cancer and was unable to attend his inauguration after being elected for a fourth term as president.

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Dead or alive?

Oh, peachy, now the Obama admin’s cozying up to Maduro

Venezuela: Chavez swearing-in can be delayed

Weekend at Chavez!

Venezuela: Twitter raid UPDATED

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, January 7th, 2013

UK rebuffs Argentina on negotiations over Falkland Islands

The enemy within
A weakened president falls out with fellow Peronists

Duck Hunting of a Sort

Brazil Plans Shift in Strategy
Brazil is shifting gears in its effort revive its troubled economy, away from aggressive currency and interest-rate policies to a more hands-off approach, Finance Minister Guido Mantega said in an interview.

Must have been a no-news week at the Beeb: Cat ‘arrested’ for break-in at Brazilian prison.

Chile land owners killed in ‘arson attack’
A Chilean landowner and his wife, who were involved in a land dispute with a local indigenous group, have been killed in a suspected arson attack.

Victor Jara murder: Chile arrests ex-army officers


The EU’s Immoral Ambassador to Cuba

How Castro Rules Venezuela

Christopher Kennedy Lawford, JFK’s Nephew: Fidel Castro Was ‘An Amazing Guy’

Still waiting for recovery
Three years after a devastating earthquake, the “Republic of NGOs” has become the country of the unemployed

Honduras investigates Bogota embassy Christmas party
Honduras has said it is setting up a commission to investigate reports that a wild Christmas party was held at its embassy in the Colombian capital.

The Popeil Pocket Fisherman and the Croc

Notable 2012 Art Exhibitions in San Juan, Puerto Rico

After Years in Solitary, an Austere Life as Uruguay’s President


Matilda He Take The Money and Ruin Venezuela



Venezuela: Split leadership

Venezuela National Assembly meets amid Chavez crisis

The week’s posts and podcast:
Cuban regime orchestrating Venezuelan transition

Report: Iran’s spy network

Argentina: Diplomacy by advert

Chavez on life support

Podcast: US-Latin America: The year in review

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, November 5th, 2012

The Argentina Scenario
The Obama administration’s familiar economic mistakes

Argentina Makes Colombia Drug Bust

Henry de Jesús López, 41 years old, was captured Tuesday near Buenos Aires in an operation that involved Argentina’s intelligence service working alongside the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Colombia’s national police, officials said.

Mr. López’s stays in Venezuela and Argentina fit into a trend in which Colombian drug lords are setting up shop in neighboring countries to escape the pressure of Colombian security forces, which have a strong track record in fighting the country’s top drug cartels. Venezuelan police in September arrested Daniel Barrera, another alleged top Colombian drug trafficker who had been living in Venezuela for years.

Some Colombian cartels are now sending their cocaine shipments first to countries such as Argentina or Brazil before moving them to the U.S. or Europe, police say.

Sovereign debt
Hold-outs upheld
A court ruling against Argentina has implications for other governments

Bad Omens for Greece in Argentina

Weather and the Wheat Police

A Soap Set in the Favelas

Intellectual property in Brazil
Owning ideas
Getting serious about patents

Colombia’s Market Watchdog Seizes Brokerage

Body of missing Mexican reporter found in in Costa Rica

When Sandy Hit Cuba
The regime in Havana would rather watch the Cuban people annihilated than risk losing its lock on power.

With the Cubans in Switzerland – Part I, Part 2, Part 3.

The Ballot Box, The Stretcher

File this under “Scams,” disaster relief folder, number 43,974,734,291

On the Brink: 50 Year Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis
A recounting of the 13 days when the world stood on the precipice of nuclear war.

Dominican police arrest 3 in killing of former Yankees pitcher Pascual Perez

Haiti Death Toll Rises After Hurricane Sandy

Obama’s Failure in Latin America
The president has not provided real leadership

Mexico’s crime cartels: In Michoacan state it’s pretty quiet. The quiet of defeat.

Reform in Mexico
Labour pains
The travails of a bill to modernise labour markets and unions highlight the difficulties facing Enrique Peña Nieto’s plans for reform

Recycling in Mexico
Junk food
A novel market swaps rubbish for vegetables

Mexico shuts down Korean firm after workplace violence

Peru faces multibillion-dollar cost to clean up ‘fiscal skeleton’

Puerto Rico Election Eyed by Debt Investors

Puerto Rico launches construction of Caribbean’s largest solar energy project

Humor: Puertorriqueños Ya Están Finalmente Preparados Para Votar De Nuevo Por El PNP O El PPD

The oncoming food crisis in Venezuela

Sidetur Takeover: Lawlessness and Disorder In Revolutionary Venezuela

The electricity crisis will end… in 20 years

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Argentina ex-human rights official charged with embezzlement
A former top official with one of Argentina’s leading human rights movements has been charged with embezzlement.

UNC professor, jailed in Argentina, has his defenders

Brazil’s economy
A bull diminished
The economy has slowed, but there are still opportunities around

Colombia’s Ecopetrol Tops Petrobras As Biggest Latin Company -Study

Colombia to send 50 percent more natural gas this year to Venezuela

Political violence in Colombia
A blast from the political past

Twitter wars: Uribe vs Santos, in Spanish,

Cuba after Hugo Chávez

Foreign investment in Cuba
Come and see my villa
The regime has taken to locking up businessmen

Repression, beatings, arrests, and imprisonment of opposition continue

Cuban independent journalist awaits deportation back to his hometown

Dominican Republic Holds Presidential Election

Never the gentleman, ‘Pay the f*** up!’ Sean Penn turns the air blue in Cannes with expletive-ridden plea at Haiti Relief benefit

Probe underway in remote area of Honduras after gunfight involving U.S. drug agents

Honduras prisoners riot at jail in San Pedro Sula
Officials in Honduras say inmates have taken control of a prison in the city of San Pedro Sula

Van Jones rips Holder over Operation Fast and Furious: ‘We just don’t value all life the same’

Mexico’s Drug War: 50,000 Dead in 6 Years

Mexico’s drug war
Storm clouds with silver linings
A series of choreographed horrors belies an overall drop in killings

Carlos Fuentes, man of letters, died on May 15th, aged 83

Supreme Court turns away suit seeking Puerto Rico congressional vote

Jihad in Trinidad

Chávez: Radicalizando la Revolución

The Little Known Story Of How ExxonMobil Seized $300 Million From Hugo Chavez

Alleged blood diamond financiers tied to Obama Virgin Islands bundler

The week’s posts:
The College for Defense of the Bolivarian Alternative of the America: Latin America’s school for dictators

Venezuela: Debt Falls as Chávez Fails to Back Down

Border security is national security

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, April 30th, 2012

S&P downgrades Argentina’s outlook after YPF deal, H/T Gates of Vienna.

Kirchner Aide Pushed Her to Take Over Oil Firm

Caribbean aviation
Red in the face

Brazil sex worker may sue U.S. embassy over injuries

BTG Pactual goes public
Back to basics
A purist pay scheme at Brazil’s high-flying investment bank

Colombia’s top diplomat demands apology from President Obama for Secret Service hooker scandal
“It is necessary, and I want to hear it from the White House,’ says Gabriel Silva

Prostitution in Colombia
Not the kind of press they were after

The Colombian-Venezuelan border
Pick your poison
Drug gangs now dominate where guerrillas once reigned

Panetta: Iranian influence in South America akin to ‘expanding terrorism’, via Legal Insurrection.

Journalist missing as Farc attacks Colombia drugs raid
A French journalist is missing after Farc rebels killed four soldiers trying to destroy cocaine laboratories.
via BadBlue.

Ecuador should scrap new media bill, draft new one

The UN in Haiti
First, do no harm
Foreign peacekeepers have worn out their welcome. How can they be held accountable for their actions?

Guadalajara’s Bosque de la Primavera


Young men in Mexico say the US no longer offers them a better future
Seismic shifts in immigration and demographics leave towns full of young men who once would have dreamed of the US
, H/T Gates of Vienna.

Mexican immigration
Low tide

Walmart’s Mexican morass
The world’s biggest retailer is sent reeling by allegations of bribery

EXCLUSIVE: New Secret Service scandal centers on strippers, prostitutes in El Salvador
U.S. Secret Service agents brag they routinely use third-world prostitutes while conducting out-of-country security detail for Presidential visits

Populists, centrists square off in South America’s leadership divide
Argentina, along with Venezuela Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua, is part of a movement to centralize power in the executive, taking greater control of courts and the media. On the opposite end are Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, which are led by centrist presidents using orthodox economic policies attuned to social needs

Panama denies Lavitola corruption allegations
Berlusconi aide suspected of illegal prison contracts, bribes

Puerto Rico’s Growing Voter Fraud Scandal

Venezuela’s judiciary
An impeached judge says the courts are subservient and corrupt

Eladio Aponte’s Plan B

The week’s posts:
Obama got Osama but not much else
Venezuela: Chavez giveth, Chavez taketh away
Hugo Chavez and the singing judge
More Mexicans returning to Mx than coming to USA, UPDATED

At Real Clear World,
Bolivia: Venezuela Has Five Military Bases in the Country

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

O’Grady: The Argentine Way of Business

Argentina’s energy industry
Fill ’er up
Cristina Fernández sacrifices her country’s relationship with its biggest foreign investor to satisfy her hunger for cash and nationalist symbolism

Argentina moves to seize control of Repsol’s YPF

El Séptimo Zarpazo Argentino

Buenos Aires, Bueno Patagonia

Dilma Rousseff Comes to Washington

Credit in Brazil
A more interesting decline
Borrowing costs have started to fall at last, but the hard part lies ahead

Iranian diplomat accused of Brazil child molestation
Brazil says it will seek an explanation from Iran after an Iranian diplomat was accused of molesting underage girls at a swimming pool in Brasilia

Chile earthquake shakes TV newsroom whilst on air,

Desde la cumbre, los buitres nos esperan

Cartagena’s night life spelled trouble for Secret Service

Mel Gibson Rage Rant in Costa Rica: ‘Filthy C—sucker Whore’ (Audio)

Report: 2 Cuban actors headed for New York film festival stay in Miami
Two young stars of a Cuban film featured in a New York film festival never showed up for their movie’s screening and are believed to have slipped away in Miami.
‘Una Noche’ Actors From Cuba Flee During Film’s Tribeca Festival Premiere

Anailin de la Rua de la Torre and Javier Nunez Florian, the 20-year-old Cuban-born actors, were flown from Cuba to the United States on Wednesday and were supposed to make their way to New York on Friday in order to promote the film. But instead, the pair stayed in Miami, according to 20-year-old Dariel Arrechada, the third star of the film who traveled with them.

Los sicarios de Fidel
Esta es la primera de tres entregas que El Nuevo Herald presentará sobre el libro Los Secretos de Castro y la máquina de inteligencia de Cuba, de Brian Latell, analista retirado de la CIA.

Read more here:

Addressing the Risk of a Cuban Oil Spill

Repression in Cuba caught on video

Daughter of Haitian Immigrants Is GOP Congressional Nominee in Utah. Her name is Mia Love.

Coast Guard stops 30th drug sub
Smugglers are using semi-submersible vessels to transport tons of cocaine from Colombia to Central America. The Coast Guard, Honduran Navy and other agencies caught one last month.

What’s with Obama? His Falklands gaffe angers Brits, puzzles others

Honduras farm workers stage mass land occupations
Thousands of rural workers in Honduras have occupied land as part of a dispute with large landowners and the government.

The NYT has a Captain Louis Renault moment: Vast Mexico Bribery Case Hushed Up by Wal-Mart
After Top-Level Struggle
Confronted with evidence of widespread corruption in Mexico, top Wal-Mart executives focused more on damage control than on rooting out wrongdoing, an examination by The New York Times found.
I am shocked, shocked that gestores are needed to conduct business in Mexico:

Spinning Fast and Furious: DOJ Refers Reporter To Media Matters

Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano spews burning rock
The Popocatepetl volcano outside of Mexico City has been spewing glowing rock fragments as far as 1km (0.6 miles) down its slopes.

Santander Prepares Record Mexico IPO

Newmont’s Peruvian Gold Project Subject to New Conditions

Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM) (NEM)’s suspended $4.8 billion gold mine in Peru will be subject to “new conditions” that include the creation of 10,000 local jobs and a fourfold increase in reservoir capacity at the site to gain approval, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala said.

The company must pledge not to dry up highland lakes and invest in schools, irrigation canals and drinking water infrastructure in Cajamarca, a farming region in the northern Andes, Humala said in a speech broadcast yesterday on national television and radio.

Peru suspended the project and commissioned a review after Andean farmers, concerned that the project would dry up water supplies, blocked roads and destroyed Newmont installations in November. The project, which has cost $800 million to date, will cost more to build because of the recommendations of the review, Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar said April 18.

Aging Puerto Rico Nationalist Too Dangerous For Bail, Prosecutors Say

US Expedition Explores Mysterious Puerto Rican Reef

Rubio’s “50% plus one” for Puerto Rican Statehood

Sources say Venezuelan judge to provide valuable information in drugs case
Former Venezuela justice Eladio Aponte Aponte could provide valuable information in a federal drug and corruption investigation, sources said.

Dr. José Rafael Marquina afirma: “Chávez ya requiere ayuda para caminar

Chavez’s Last Stand
Hugo Chavez is dying — what does this mean for his scheduled October reelection

Friday Evening Musings about Venezuela After a Long Day

The week’s posts:
Hugo Chavez still alive

Were the Colombian prostitutes spies?

Oil blues: Argentina takes over YPF, White House yawns UPDATED

Summit of the Americas: the overseas campaign stop

The (brief) Carnival of Latin America & the Caribbean

Monday, February 6th, 2012

The War for Oil… And Squid?, via Instapundit

Prince William’s Falklands tour ‘is his duty to the RAF’
Former Chief of the General Staff General Sir Mike Jackson says Prince William’s arrival in the Falkland Islands is a routine part of life in the Royal Air Force.

Brazil’s President Flexes Clout in Cuba Trip

Standoff between striking police, soldiers

Competition in Chile
The shine comes off

Since Fidel is such an exemplary figure of virtue, Pope Benedict XVI to receive Fidel Castro back into the Catholic Church?

Political Repression in Cuba: Rundown for the week of January 30th, 2012

WashPost Coos ‘So Nice to Meet You, Havana’ (But Bring Your Own Charmin)

Haiti’s judiciary
Just what the Doc ordered

What’s the Honduran government’s cut of your travel costs?

ALBA bloc of nations to see new members
Suriname and St Lucia are seeking membership in the ALBA group of left-leaning nations, as the bloc continues to flex its muscle and take jabs at the United States.

Carlos Slim
Let Mexico’s moguls battle
Mexico suffers from two near-monopolies. It should let them fight each other

Mexico conservatives back woman presidential candidate

17 Dominican migrants die trying to get to Puerto Rico

Venezuela’s Fateful Presidential Primary
Chávez’s political opposition attempts to unify behind a candidate.

Venezuela everyday more like Cuba, will smell like it soon

February 4th. 1992: A Day Of Shame For Venezuelans

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Holder insults Puerto Rican Congressman
Weirdest theft of the year: Chilean ice
Venezuela: Who armed the kids?
Law-abiding Mexicans arm themselves
Fast & Furious: No one’s responsible
Venezuela: Jews fleeing persecution