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Venezuelan army protection racket at Guyana border

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

The usual diversion of tyrants? Or an offer someone refused?

(h/t Monica’s FB feed & commenter Tom),

Military officers said to have trespassed on the Essequibo
Guyanese president not to issue any statement until probe’s results

Looks like the bribe went missing,

According to Stabroek News the civilians attacked, which are part of an illicit gold mining and smuggling network, failed to pay the soldiers a periodical fee in exchange for them turning a blind eye to illegal mining on Venezuelan territory.

Meanwhile someone had A rude awakening in Bonn .

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, November 11th, 2013

LatinAmerThe week’s must-read? This: Documents show depth of U.S. concern over Mexico violence. As I’ve been saying for nearly a decade, border security is national security.

Argentina’s Fading Diva

Junk bond news: Specialist in Long Shots Bets on Argentina
David Martinez, head of a hedge fund that specializes in distressed debt, has made an unusual call: Invest in Argentina.

“You can see light at the end of the tunnel,” Mr. Mariscal said, “but you don’t know if it’s the train coming towards you.”

Skulls said to have miraculous qualities at the center of annual festival in Bolivia

Before Global Games, Rio Is Fighting to Dim Red Light. Good luck with that.

Brazil’s oil industry
Eike Batista’s oil firm files for bankruptcy protection

Chile’s presidential election
Cruising back to La Moneda
A more left-wing Michelle Bachelet is set to win on a tide of social discontent

In pictures: Beyond El Dorado at the British Museum

Filling the FARC-Shaped Void

No pause in FARC peace talks for elections

Michael Totten is Home From Cuba,

That is one truly strange place. It’s right there alongside Libya under Moammar Qaddafi in the bizarro department. I’m glad I went, but I’m even more glad to be out of there.

US hijacker William Potts returns from Cuba
An American man who hijacked a plane in 1984 and forced it to fly to Cuba has returned to the US.

Indigenous peoples
Death in the Amazon

Attempt to Rehabilitate Chevron Judge Gets Very Weird

Chevron’s lead lawyer, Randy Mastro, had some success this week showing that [Ecuadorian judge Nicolas] Zambrano doesn’t seem to know very much about the record-breaking decision he supposedly rendered. When asked, the former Ecuadorian judge couldn’t name key elements of the ruling, such as the most powerful carcinogenic substance it cited or a crucial scientific study purporting to link oil contamination to human illnesses. He also struggled to explain how he was able to deploy French, American, and Australian case law in the ruling, since, as he conceded, he does not speak or read French or English.

The Chevron RICO trial grinds on

Phila. lawyer tells how Ecuador case against Chevron unraveled

An Army Ranger Gives an on Ground Account of the War in Grenada

The US Treasury as the Birthright of All Mankind

BBC criticised over Jamaica Inn filming in Kirkby Lonsdale

From Brookings: The Upcoming Electoral Cycle in Latin America in the Midst of Social Unrest: What Lies Ahead?

Tunnel for Smuggling Found Under U.S.-Mexico Border; Tons of Drugs Seized
The sophisticated underground passageway featured electricity, ventilation and an electronic rail system and took about a year to build, officials said.

Documents show depth of U.S. concern over Mexico violence

Sandinista Constitutional reforms will institutionalize first lady’s precepts of ‘Christian, socialist and solidarity’ via Boz

  • Increases government control over radio, television, telephone and internet services, including requirements for local control and data storage.
  • Institutionalizes various FSLN organizations into the government and constitution, further merging the government and party (which would have serious repercussions if the FSLN did lose an election some day in the future, in that the party would still retain control over aspects of government).

Panama Canal’s LNG Surprise to Redefine Trade in Fuel: Freight

LNG carriers will cross the 48-mile waterway 350 times a year, and voyages to Asia from the U.S. will cost 24 percent less than longer routes, according to calculations from the canal authority. The expected 12 million tons, assuming half the transits are hauling cargoes, would be equal to about 5 percent of the world’s trade in 2012, Fearnley Consultants AS estimates.

The U.S., now the world’s largest producer of natural gas because of the extraction of fuel from shale rocks, will account for much of that traffic as it becomes the third-largest exporter of LNG by 2020, Morgan Stanley estimates. With American energy independence now at a 27-year high of 86 percent, the route will boost exports to Japan, offsetting nuclear-power generation lost after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Paraguay says can be launch pad for Israeli technology in Latin America
With a favorable tax system, stable business environment, Paraguay could be key to providing Israeli innovators with access to broader Latin markets, says Paraguayan minister.

Peru’s central bank sees gloomier economic growth

De Blasio, in Puerto Rico, Finds Relaxation and Fellow Red Sox Fans

On Vacation, With Politics
Mayor-elect de Blasio Attends Somos El Futuro Conference in Puerto Rico

Is Puerto Rico the next Greece? Nest eggs could suffer

La Mallorquina, open since 1848, closed:

My grandparents used to take the family (of 12!) to eat there in the 1920s and ’30s.

Suriname leader’s son on terror charges
The son of Suriname’s president is charged by the United States with attempting to provide material support to the Shia militant group Hezbollah.

Desperation News and Views

Miami Herald reporter held for second night in Venezuela while covering economic crisis; he was released on Saturday and is back in the USA.

Real life: Venezuela’s Maduro orders military occupation… of electronics stores

John Hinderaker watches the pageants and posts lots of pictures: MISS UNIVERSE: A FINAL PREVIEW [UPDATED WITH RESULTS]

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Chile: Left turn coming up

Venezuela burns down Mexican plane

Obama makes campaign stop, meets Coco & Berta

Venezuela: Entire medical system collapsing

Chile: Neruda wasn’t poisoned

Venezuela: ADS in the slums

Latin America: Mexico and the Expanding Hemispheric Crime and Terror Crises

Colombia: Things are about to get worse

Mexico: Templars, Inc.

Cuba: The FARC rides the yacht

With Jerry Brewer on Silvio Canto’s podcast

Venezuela detains ship with US crew

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Venezuela has been muscling into Guyana for a while, and here’s the latest installment:
Venezuela Detains Ship Contracted to U.S. Oil Company
The Vessel With Five Americans on Board Was Conducting a Seismic Survey for Anadarko Petroleum

Guyana’s Foreign Ministry insisted that the ship was well within its own national territory when the incident took place.

The survey ship was directed by the Venezuelan naval unit to shut down its seismic equipment and head west to the island of Margarita in Venezuela, where the crew was placed under arrest, the Guyanese government said.

Unfortunately for the five Americans now imprisoned, it’s unlikely that the current US administration will do anything in their behalf.


Roundup: More on Iran in Latin America

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Following up on yesterday’s post on Iran’s infiltration in Latin America,

Demonstrators holding photos of the 85 people who died in the 1994 AMIA bombing

BBC: Iran ‘in Latin America terror plot’ – Argentina prosecutor
An Argentine prosecutor has accused Iran of trying to infiltrate countries in Latin America to sponsor and carry out “terrorist activities”.

AP: Argentine Prosecutor: Iran Infiltrating Continent

NYT: Prosecutor in Argentina Sees Iranian Plot in Latin America

In his report, Mr. Nisman contended that the 1994 bombing was not an isolated event. “It has to be investigated as a segment in a larger sequence,” he said in a report summary, pointing to parallels with the case of two Guyanese men convicted in 2010 of conspiring to attack Kennedy International Airport in New York.

In that case, a former Guyanese government official, Abdul Kadir, opened himself to a claim by prosecutors in New York that he secretly worked for years as a spy for Iran when he said during cross-examination that he had drafted regular reports to Iran’s ambassador in Venezuela on plans to infiltrate Guyana’s military and police. The plot to attack the airport did not advance beyond the conceptual stage.

Mr. Nisman, who has investigated the bombing since 2005, suggested that “criminal plans” by Iran could be under development in Latin America, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay.

And let’s not forget the direct flights fron Tehran to Caracas.

WSJ: Iran in America’s Backyard
Remember that botched attempt to blow up John F. Kennedy airport in 2007?

Connecting the dots, Mr. Nisman found that one of the Iranian agents in the plan to incinerate JFK—Guyanese citizen Abdul Kadir—had a “close relationship and hierarchical subordination” to Rabbini. But Kadir’s activities were supported from other countries as well. He “was very important to the plot, not only because he was a successful leader, but also due to his deeply rooted connections with Iran and its embassy in Venezuela.” And he was active in countries throughout the Caribbean, including Trinidad and Tobago; Dominica; Barbados; Antigua and Barbuda; Surinam; and Grenada. “His activity as an Iranian leader allowed him to establish and strengthen relations with other regional Islamic leaders and by 1998 he was the representative of the Secretariat of the Caribbean Islamic Movement.”

It is unlikely that either Kadir or Rabbani would have gotten as far as they did without the use of a seemingly benign activity to shield them. “The dual use of institutions controlled by the Iranian Regime, the cultural, religious and propagation activities conducted by its agents abroad and the radical indoctrination of its supporters” become operational with “the construction of intelligence stations,” the summary explains. These have “the capability to provide logistic, economic and operative support to terrorist attacks decided by the Islamic regime.”

Telegraph (h/t Gates of Vienna): Argentine prosecutor accuses Iran of establishing Latin America terrorist networks
An Argentine prosecutor accused Iran on Wednesday of establishing terrorist networks in Latin America dating back to the 1980s and said he would send his findings to courts in the affected countries.

The Economist, back in January: Argentine-Iranian relations
A pact with the devil?

US State Department: Country Reports on Terrorism 2012

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, October 1st, 2012

The president and the potbangers
Times are getting tougher for Cristina Fernández, but she is not beaten yet

Corruption in Brazil
Worth the wait
The supreme court makes graft riskier

Chile’s economic statistics
For richer—or poorer
Re-crunching the numbers—whatever they might be

Uribe Outbursts Act As Misguided Obstacles to Colombian Peace Talks

Journalists reporting on Lignano murder arrested in Cuba (h/t GoV)

“That *!&^*%$#@! blockade…” (or why the Castro dynasty loves people-to-people exchanges)

VIDEO starts immediately: Rescued tourists describe Ecuador kidnap ordeal
A British and Australian tourist kidnapped in Ecuador while visiting a remote nature reserve in the Amazon jungle speak following their rescue by Ecuadorean authorities on Saturday.

Asylum Granted to Guatemalan Massacre Survivor

Sunday Reminisces: Dinner and Guns at the Whorehouse with my Wife

The Paradoxes of Felipe Calderón
The Mexican president who fought the drug war leaves behind a growing economy and says the U.S. should consider ‘market alternatives.’

Univision: The untold story of what ‘Fast and Furious’ wrought in Mexico
Sunday evening, Univision airs an investigative report on how the botched ‘Fast and Furious’ program resulted in a deadly toll in Mexico when US authorities allowed guns to ‘walk’ across the border
. Instapundit,

I don’t think this operation was “botched” or “deeply flawed.” I think it worked as planned, except for the part about being caught. Still, even if you aren’t troubled by the too-close nexus with the Administration’s preferred gun-control narrative, there’s this: “In order to reach the target of the operation, which was identifying the drug traffickers who were using the guns, [ATF agents] were waiting for the guns to be used. And how are guns used in Mexico? Killing people. I talked to an ATF agent who said there was no other way to explain it.”

Bullets Follow Guns to Mexico
Ammunition Is Easier to Buy and Hide Than Weapons; Smuggling Is Harder to Stop

Puerto Rico Ex-Senator Jorge de Castro Font Pleads Guilty to 93 Charges

Puerto Rico jury rejects death penalty in drug dealer case

Puerto Rico First Lady Luce Fortuño to stump for Romney along I-4 in Florida.

Venezuelan Elections: sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words

Venezuelan Bond Soar On Higher Probability Of A Capriles Victory

Chávez accused of election dirty tricks

A Thug’s Comeuppance? Hugo Loses The Lead

Breaking new ground for the future
Since his election in the primaries as the candidate for the opposition Unified Democratic Panel (MUD), he started a frantic nationwide tour for Venezuelans to know him “face to face”

Venezuela’s presidential election
The autocrat and the ballot box
A united opposition and discontent over government mismanagement mean a genuine electoral challenge for Hugo Chávez

A Serious Challenger for Chávez
Henrique Capriles has been drawing roaring crowds. Hugo Chávez? Not so much.

Video in Spanish of yesterday’s Capriles rally (via Carlos); slide show here [VIDEO MOVED TO BELOW THE FOLD SINCE IT STARTS RIGHT AWAY]

The biggest electoral march / rally / event in the history of the Americas

Venezuelan youth could decide if Chavez remains in power; IMO it’s going to take a lot more than the youth vote.

Do Richard Holloway and other Leftist class warriors realise that El Sistema has links with Opus Dei?

As Venezuelan Vote Looms, Skeptics Anticipate Last-Moment Chávez Victory

The week’s posts & podcast:
Fast & Furious on @Univision

Tonight on @Univision: Fast and Furious

A week from the election, Putin send Chavez “Stalin’s dog”

Brazil: Google chief detained, Court Bans Anti-Islam Video

In Silvio Canto’s podcast

Venezuela: Yet another fire at a refinery


The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Argentina releases Falklands report

Argentina warns of legal action

Ezequiel Vazquez Ger: Argentina joins ALBA in War Against Free Press

Brazil’s pension system
Tick, tock
The Senate debates a small measure to help disarm an economic time bomb

Chile’s GDP Expanded 6% in 2011

Powerful quake hits central Chile coast; no immediate reports of deaths or major damage

Colombia Forces Kill 33 FARC Rebels in Arauca

Colombia’s oil industry
Gushers and guns
A boom, and threats to it

Cuba and Iran Work Together


Revolution in retreat
Under Raúl Castro, Cuba has begun the journey towards capitalism. But it will take a decade and a big political battle to complete, writes Michael Reid

Cuban Spy Granted Visitation Rights, in Cuba

Why Socialist Cuba Prohibits Social Media
The regime fears Cuban-to-Cuban chatter even more than it does communication with the outside world.

Area businesses finding opportunities south of the border


In Mexico, Pope Benedict decries ‘evil’ behind drug violence
Pope Benedict XVI, beginning a Latin American visit, urges Mexico’s Catholics to resist the lure of the drug cartel lifestyle. He also calls for change in Cuba, his next stop.

Evangelicals are swooping on long-ignored regions of Mexico

Depends on Your Perspective

Mexico: Tremor Occurs During Earthquake Drill

Another Healthcare Experience

Panamanian ex-president sues newspaper for $5.5 million

Politics of Romney’s Puerto Rico win

Silencing Dissent 101

Contingency plans

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez says stitches removed, recovering well after cancer surgery

The trouble with authoritarian joint energy ventures….

The week’s posts,
Mitt on Puerto RicoCuba: Communist regime summons Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet
Pope and politics
Latin America: A mini-carnival
The Pope’s trip to Cuba: a gamble
Puerto Rico: Mitt gets all the delegates

In the Green Room,
Latin America update: Malia in Mexico UPDATE 7.9 EARTHQUAKE STRIKES MEXICO CITY. I believe this is the first time an earthquake hit at the very moment I was writing a post about the country affected.

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Stop trying to intimidate Falklanders, Hague tells Argentina

Video: Argentinian protesters burn Union flag outside UK embassy

Argentines Continue to Eat Less Beef

Bolivia signs anti-drug deal with US and Brazil
Bolivia has signed an agreement with the US and Brazil to help reduce the production of illegal cocaine

Bolivia is the world’s third biggest cocaine producer, and the main supplier to Brazil.

The deal was signed after months of negotiations and repeated delays as Bolivia sought changes to the document.

Bolivian Interior Minister Wilfredo Chavez said Bolivia had insisted on respect for its sovereignty as well as for the traditional consumption of coca leaf, which is used for medicinal and ritual purposes.

Reminds me of one of my relatives, who died of alcoholism, and used to say “it’s for purely medicinal purposes” as he swigged down from a flask.

Fernando Henrique Cardoso on Brazil’s future
More personal security, less inequality

Brazil’s Emerging Market: Crack
Hampered in the U.S., Drug Traffickers Find a Replacement; Skeletal ‘Zombies’ Rule São Paulo’s Cracolândia After Dark

Chilean government puts a stop to bill that would have allowed warrantless access to media archives

Colombia’s Farc rebels destroy radar station
Farc rebels in Colombia have destroyed a radar installation, disrupting civil aviation in the south and west of the country, the government says

Maritza Peregrino, widow of slain Cuban prisoner of conscience, being harassed by Castro State Security to stay quiet

Cigars and Law Schools in Havana

Gov. Cuomo’s ex wife Kerry Kennedy in $40 million anti-oil deal

Guatemala’s new president
Quick march
A former general must move fast to meet expectations

The Loneliness of the Guyanas

In Haiti, former dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier is thriving

Honduras named murder capital of the world
An unholy alliance of cops, crooks, prisoners and politicians has turned the nation into a shooting gallery.

Most violent city in the world award goes to …

Mexico’s do-nothing legislature
The siesta congress
Reforms languish while overpaid, underworked lawmakers bicker

Mexico’s drug war
Not so fast
The simmering controversy over Operation Fast and Furious

Mexico’s 2012 vote is vulnerable to narco threat

Two die of A(H1N1) swine flu in Mexico: official

What If: The Greatest Threat – An Al Qaida-Drug Cartel Alliance

Puerto Rico to Boot Dozens of Politicians

Venezuela and international arbitration

Chávez appointment – a slap to Colombia?

Chávez Gets Bluster Back and Reclaims the Spotlight, as if he didn’t have it all along.

Is Leopoldo López Venezuela’s Rick Perry?

Virgin Islands refinery shutdown to hit Venezuela hard
This week’s announced shutdown of a major oil refinery in the Virgin Islands could have major ramifications for the Venezuelan oil company, PDVSA.

Video: Ezra Levant talks about why the Keystone Calamity benefits Venezuela the most , via Babalu and Gerard,

Another Lie, Another Cynical Day For PDVSA’s President Rafael Ramirez

The week’s posts:
Cuba: Building collapse kills 4
Where the coke comes from


Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Don’t Cry For Me Ameritina

Britain and Bolivia

Health care in Brazil
An injection of reality
Brazil’s pioneering state-run health system needs reform if it is to achieve its constitutional mandate of guaranteeing high-quality care for all

Seja simpática, faça o que pedem

Escondida Workers Reject Bonus Offer; Strike Continues

Joe Arroyo, Star of Salsa and Colombian Music Giant, Dies at 55

Joe Arroyo, a Colombian songwriter, singer and bandleader whose pan-Caribbean salsa hybrids and historically conscious lyrics made him one of his country’s most respected musicians, died on Tuesday in Baranquilla, his adopted home city in Colombia. He was 55.

Here he is, singing, En Barranquilla me quedo,

Lázaro Marlon Mesa Romero, Cuba Political Prisoner of the Week, 7/31/11

The Remittance Conundrum, via Babalu

An academic study released over the weekend shows that nearly half of all Cubans that receive remittances from abroad have absolutely no interest in leasing a self-employment license (ownership remains prohibited) from the Castro regime, while another 34% would only “think” about it. That leaves few that actually have or would.

US State Dept.’s Background Note, and Estudio: cubanos que reciben remesas no desean invertir

Five years

Two More Cuban Airports to Receive Charter Flights from U.S.

Ecuador’s autocrat cracks down on media freedom

Censorship in Ecuador
Rafael Correa seeks to bankrupt his media foes

Book review: Broken and broken-hearted

No Fatalities in Guyana Air Crash

A Prince of the Coffee Bean
Honduras Becomes Central America’s Top Producer, Helping to Fuel Its Economy

17 killed in prison fight in northern Mexico

Bloodthirsty! 1,500 murders ordered by leader of Mexican Murder, Inc.

Mexico: A Zeta Narcorepublic?
US Dept. of the Treasury Fact Sheet: New Executive Order Targets Significant Transnational Criminal Organizations

La Familia Michoacana cartel battered by U.S. agents

Humala Day 1: Changing constitutions (maybe)

Humala’s challenges

Cuba-Puerto Rico Flights to Return After 53 Years

They bark, Sancho…

Chavismo’s strategy. Well, sort of…..

Another Day, Another Bond Issued, this time by the Republic of Venezuela

Hugo Chavez’s opponents see an opportunity

The week’s posts,
Those “evil corporate jet owners” will be buying Mexican, after all
Is the FARC in retreat?
Who knew about Fast and Furious?
Mexican cartels expand into human trafficking
Carlos Eire pulls out the big stick

At The Conservatory,
Chavez Says He’ll Cheat Death and Leave Presidency in 2031


The “fast and furious” Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, June 20th, 2011

LatinAmerWelcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. This week’s top story: The ATF’s Fast and Furious disastrous scheme. Mary O’Grady writes,
A Drug-War Plan Goes Awry
Frustrated ATF agents testify that their bureau’s ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ let weapons get into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

One of the frightening things about the U.S. government’s war on drugs is that it is being waged by federal bureaucracies. The legend of Elliot Ness notwithstanding, this implies that it is not only fraught with ineptitude but that before it is all over, there are going to be a lot of avoidable deaths.

Witness “Operation Fast and Furious,” a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms plan that allegedly facilitated the flow of high-powered weapons into Mexico in the hope that it might lead to the take-down of a major cartel. It did not. But it may have fueled a spike in the murder rate and led to the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Go read every word. More on this under the Mexico heading below.

Cristina Kirchner’s pathetic rant against Britain: Argentina’s president needs to back off over the Falklands

Corruption in Argentina
The mother of all scandals?
A once-revered human-rights group runs into a controversy

Bolivian soldiers expelled from Chile on Sunday after being arrested for illegally entering country

Chile’s politics
How the mighty have fallen

Castro dictatorship at war with husband-wife freedom fighters

Wife of “Antúnez” being denied medical care

Winds of Change in Cuba

¿De qué nos preocupamos?

Security Fail… Illegal Immigrant With Stolen ID Discovered Working As Flight Attendant

Free electricity

Secret cable shows Honduran president plans to take country on the path to Chavez-style socialism

Honduran Leader’s Secret Pact with Hugo Chávez

Zelaya’s Return to Honduras Darkens Honduran Democracy

Mapping the Dead from Mexico’s Drug War

ATF gunrunning update

WSJ: ATF Chief Likely To Be Ousted Over Gunwalker

Don’t make Melson a Fast and Furious scapegoat

Peru’s Humala turns to the right

Llega con promesas, se va con los bolsillos llenos (fotos)

Obama’s Trip to Puerto Rico Has Its Risks


The National Guard at El Rodeo Prison

Venezuelan politics
Troubles on two fronts
The president will need to overcome his own health problems and a vigorous opposition to win re-election

Cuban agents working for Chavez regime illegally intercepting emails of Venezuelan exiles, diplomats, human rights groups

The week’s posts
Good luck with that, Italy
Fidel’s daughter favors “Dutch-style sex ed
Rangel sells house in Dominican Republic; did he make the restitution?
Gunwalker: Will the Justice Department be held to account for arming lethal Mexican cartels?
Live feed to Obama’s PR visit

At Real Clear World,
Hugo Chavez Still in Cuba

At Pajamas Media,
Obama in Puerto Rico: How Will His ‘PR’ Stunt Play Out?
Expect a raucous welcome, but knowledgeable Puerto Rican voters in the U.S. know the island’s Republican governor has their economy recovering via his austerity measures.


The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Kirchner presiona a los jueces de la Corte por la Ley de Medios

President’s Chosen Successor Widens Lead in Brazil Poll

Still on top

American brothers

The trapped Chilean miners

Colombia’s new president
Opening gambits
Juan Manuel Santos takes charge

His own man

Colombia, Venezuela Reestablish Diplomatic Ties

El Gobierno heroico de Álvaro Uribe

Colombia and Venezuela to restore political ties


Audio evidence of the Castro regime’s brutal repression of Reina Luisa Tamayo Otro domingo de represión contra Reina Luisa Zapata Tamayo y sus familiares.

Cuba’s Cash-for-Doctors Program
Thousands of its health-care missionaries flee mistreatment.

Cuba’s Fidel Castro
A ghost reappears
Fidel’s return is a mixed blessing for his brother

The desperate “Cuba Expert”

Six freed Cubans demand refugee status; say they will sue Spain if they don’t get it

The Wait

Human Rights Commission expresses concern over threats to Dominican journalist

Ecuador’s Chevron shakedown
Environmental case designed to grab billions

2 Are Convicted in Plot to Bomb Kennedy Airport

Clouds gather over Wyclef Jean’s Haiti bid

Sean Penn questions Wyclef Jean bid for Haitian presidency

La Influencia Militar Alemana en Honduras

La Gringa’s Cinnamon Ice Cream

En la cocina

Don’t forget to check out what’s new at Honduras blogs, where I found the superfantastic May-hem

Mexico and drugs
Thinking the unthinkable
Amid drug-war weariness, Felipe Calderón calls for a debate on legalisation

Fox vs. Calderón, Round Six Million

Obama, Border Security and The Emerging Failed State of Mexico

Mexican Police Protest Corruption in Ciudad Juarez

Mexico drug cartels thrive despite Calderon’s offensive
Nearly four years after President Felipe Calderon launched a military-led crackdown, the cartels are smuggling more narcotics into the U.S., amassing bigger fortunes and extending dominion at home.

Quote of the day: Nicaragua

Should a road be built to connect Panama and Colombia?

Volvo Gets Order For 1,000 Buses To Panama City

Doctors confirm Paraguay’s Lugo has cancer. Let’s hope the SOB pays his child support: New paternity test for Paraguay’s President Lugo
Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo has been ordered to take a DNA test to see if he is the father of a two-year-old boy, as the child’s mother claims

Tensions Over Chinese Mining Venture in Peru

Peru stock market integration with Colombia, Chile faces obstacles, says analyst

Sonia Breccia trafico de influencia con Tabare Vasquez

San Pedro Alejandrino, as much a place of reckoning as ever

Latin American brawl

The Case of the Vanishing Monetary Base Data

Barrio de lejos, barrio de cerca, barrio cara a cara…

Military Prosecutor goes after retired General for denouncing Cuban presence in Armed Forces

The Human Wrongs of Hugo Chavez

Florida Attorney General Proposes Stricter Immigration Law


Sheriffs unhappy with ICE chief visit

The Laredo Truthers Ride Again Laredo “invasion” nonsense rides again

Conservative Hispanic radio show debuts in Dallas; KVCE live feed here