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Thursday night Paddy & Nico

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Story here.

Mad Men’s somber final season opener

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

madmen_iconUnlike the prior season, this season’s opener had me glued to the TV set from beginning to end. The episode is titled Time Zones, and Joel Murray as Freddy Rumsen opened it with an entrancing monologue (an ad for Accutron watches) that also serves both as a metaphor on time, and on the value of objects for those of us who are fond of our material possessions – especially our watches.

The pitch of Rumsen’s voice, the flat delivery, and the use of this monologue as the opener for the final season brings us into a Twilight Zone* of sorts, in keeping with the T-Zone title.

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Bye-bye, Elementary

Friday, April 11th, 2014

My latest article at Da Tech Guy Blog, Bye-bye, Elementary, on CBS’s Sherlock Holmes and the Second Amendment.

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Tuesday night tango: El Chino & Kat

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Marcelo El Chino Gutierrez and Katherine Gorsuch

Latin America at the #Oscars2014

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto remembered the Venezuelan protesters:

To all the dreamers out there around the world watching this tonight in places like Ukraine and Venezuela, I want to to say we are here, and as you struggle to make your dreams happen and live the impossible, we are thinking of you tonight.

Whoa! Kevin Spacey, too,

In Venezuela, most TV viewers could not watch the event as the private channel Venevision, for the first time in several decades of carrying the Academy Awards, did not broadcast the show Sunday night, which is hardly surprising, considering the Twitter campaign,

Mexican Alfonso Cuarón was a double winner: Mark Sanger and he first won for Best Film Editing (a category close to my heart), causing Paco Almaraz to quip,
And, as if were a livestock fair, the price of Alfonso Cuarón’s semen just quintuplicated . . .

Once Cuarón took another Oscar for Best Directing, a commenter in Almaraz’s feed was wondering if Cuarón would get cloned.

Saturday night tango: Diego Benavidez & Natasha Agudelo

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

The World Champions,

Thursday night tango: Carlos Copello & Anabela Brogioli

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Carlos Copello & Anabela Brogioli performing an Apache dance,

Copello is the last guy Sally Potter dances with in this scene:

En español: Angry Birds en la Unidad de Quemados

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

@DrNetas habla con un pajarito, pero no como lo hace Maduro:

Gladys the android

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Last year my old cellphone’s charger broke and – since the phone was so old – could not be replaced, no matter where I looked, so I bought a Galaxy S3.

The S3 has more functions than I know how to use or need, and it’s been very reliable. It even gets good signals inside my house, which is a big deal since there aren’t enough cell towers in Princeton.

It’s been a year and now my service provider is sending me emails with tempting “free” phone upgrades, while the Samsung people simultaneously updated the phone.

From the moment I bought it, the phone has been whistling every time I receive a text, sometimes necessitating an explanation on my part, like the time I was in the middle of a doctor’s appointment and the nurse blushed when she heard the whistle.

But now my phone has a voice. A dry, professional, all-business, female voice. A voice that pops up at inconvenient times telling me that I have “25 new emails”. A clear, bossy voice.

I named her Gladys.

Nothing much gets past Gladys.

Not only does she pop up to announce how many new emails are there, she sometimes pipes in to make other announcements.

And heaven farfend if you don’t pay attention to her when she wakes you up. Her assertive “Alarm: It is seven o’clock AM” can not be ignored, much less if you let five minutes go by. She’ll nag you every five minutes until you do something.

I wouldn’t mind it so much if they had used a male voice. It would be much nicer to wake up to, say, the voice of Patrick Stewart or Colin Firth, even if they popped up at inconvenient times.

My Garmin (also old) gives you a choice of voices, and I changed the bossy woman voice it came with to a polite, English-accented male voice that reminded me of C-3PO.

I named him Anthony.

Blogging on more serious matters will resume shortly.

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Puerto Rico: Festival success

Sunday, January 19th, 2014


As reported earlier, the barriers and fences were torn down in Old San Juan; later on a judge issued an injunction blocking checkpoint searches.

My sister attended the festival yesterday, and reported that this year’s festival is a success:

  • She attended Saturday, while the festival had started on Thursday
  • Old San Juan was spotless, all the streets were blocked to vehicles, and five cruise ships were docked.

In addition, there were

  • Hundreds of craftspeople and food vendors
  • Three large bandstands with dance areas
  • Many comparsas parading with music
  • Heavy police presence
  • Sanitary facilities sponsored by Clorox, in addition to the usual chemical toilets

The huge crowd filled the streets, and were polite and friendly.


While the shuttle service from the Miramar Convention Center parking lot never materialized, enterprising (privately-owned) jitneys took people to and from Old San Juan.

The only altercation reported was a minor scuffle that was broken up by a policeman.

In all, a huge success.