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The cone of uncertainty Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Ariel Velázquez: Young Activist’s Murder Becomes Political Football in ArgentinaAs Elections Near, Rival Parties Rush to Claim Slain 20-Year-Old as Their Own

Insight – Manufacturers in Argentina starved of dollars ahead of election, hurting output

Oil Exploration Campaign Kicks Off in Bolivia’s Amazon Region

Río de Janeiro bars poor black youths from its most famous beachesPolice arrest slum youngsters en route to Ipanema and Copacabana in bid to fight theft

Brazil’s Recession Marks The Beginning Of A Long, Painful Contraction: Argentina, Venezuela, Rest Of Latin America Could Be Affected

Head of Brazilian State Bank Rebuts Accusations against Lula

Clashes erupt as truck drivers protest arson attacks

The more you give them, the more they want: FARC Slams Santos-Backed Plans for Implementing Possible Colombia Peace Deal

Colombia will face 10 years of economic slowdown, analysts predict

Human rights activists fear arrest ahead of Pope’s visit to Cuba

When Was This Cuba Story Written?, Pt. 2

Tropical storm Erika heads for Florida after killing 20 on island of Dominica

Sweden and Ecuador to begin Julian Assange talks next weekEcuador seeking formal agreement on judicial cooperation before Swedish prosecutors can interrogate WikiLeaks founder

Britain orders £46m air defence radar to protect Falklands from ArgentinaThe new vehicle-mounted radar will be able to spot threats up to 75 miles away and the first systems will be delivered before the end of the year

Guatemalans Rally Against PresidentTens of thousands of Guatemalans took to the streets Thursday to demand that President Otto Perez resign, amid the country’s biggest political crisis since the end of the civil war nearly two decades ago.

Mexican Film Defrocks the Political Pimping of a Massacre
Young Idealists Serve as Cannon Fodder in Petty Power Struggles


Panama Canal suspends planned draft restriction due to recent rains

11-year-old Paraguay rape victim has baby, stokes abortion debate

The Fascinating Afterlife of Peru’s MummiesFrom atop bejeweled thrones and sacred mountaintops, the Inca dead continued to wield incredible power over the living

Puerto Rico bond deadlines loom: What you need to know

Ten things you never knew about… UruguayToday is Independence Day in Uruguay, celebrating the country’s independence from the Brazilian Empire on August 25, 1825.

Woman, 80, trampled to death in Venezuelan supermarket stampedeRush for subsidized goods sees 75 people injured as thousands besiege supermarket

Scapegoating: Crime in VenezuelaJustice decayedThe government wrongly blames Colombia for its high murder rate

The government has paved the way by allowing the institutions of law enforcement to decay. The police force is underfunded and mistrusted. Venezuela has many fewer prosecutors and judges than it should. Chile, a country with much lower levels of violent crime, has a third more prosecutors than Venezuela in relation to the size of its population. Courts are reluctant to sentence criminals to serve time in crowded and violent jails: 90% of murders go unpunished. Gun control is weak.

And it all came to that

The week’s posts:
Brazil and other fallen BRICs

Why the knives are out on Menendez

Cuba: Getting Gitmo closed

What about the Trump/Ramos thing?

Argentina: The #tucumanazo, stories of a fraud foretold?

Heading to the World Meeting of Families in a VW bus . . . all the way from Buenos Aires

Crisis at the Venezuela-Colombia border

Bolivia: What’s with the proposed nuclear plant?

Brazil: Cunha charged with corruption and money laundering

En español: Los spots de campaña de Sergio Massa

Bolivia: The catch in the numbers

Puerto Rico: Don’t expect payment anytime soon

The ISIS border terror alert Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, September 1st, 2014

LatinAmerJudicial Watch has an Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border, which, as Andrew McCarthy explains,

this is not a surprise — particularly less than two weeks before September 11. But it is nonetheless jarring to read.

Argentina workers claim general strike ‘successful’
Labour groups opposed to Argentine President Cristina Fernandez say the second general strike of the year has been a success

More bat-shit craziness: Argentina contemplates moving capital from Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is seen as being geographically remote from much of the rest of the country
Buenos Aires could be replaced as capital of Argentina by a city 600 miles to the north [Santiago del Estero], under a plan floated by Cristina Kirchner

Bolivia Seizes Guns Bound for Brazilian Crime Outfit, the intended for the gang known as the First Capital Command (Primeiro Comando da Capital, or PCC).

Other than post-Chavez Venezuela, Brazil is the worst out of 11 countries ranked by a joint study conducted by Brazilian and German economic think tanks.

Brazil Falls Into Recession
Brazil’s economy fell into a technical recession and cut its growth forecast, delivering another blow to President Dilma Rousseff’s re-election hopes.

Inside the all-woman village desperate for men
The women of of Noiva do Cordeiro are “appealing” for eligible men
Harry Wallop visits the small rural Brazilian village of Noiva do Cordeiro, populated by beautiful women who are looking for love

Immigration: Minister of Defense Warns Against “Entering Chile without Authorization”

Chile Manufacturing Falls More Than Forecast as Retail Slows

Fugitive Colombian Warlord Nabbed in Panama

Hoy en La Noche grupo de cubanos espera en Colombia respuesta a solicitud de refugio político:

Why work? You earn more selling three avocados a day.

The Vatican’s man in Havana says Cubans’ only hope for a better life is to escape Cuba

Internet for Cubans vs. Helping Castro’s Censorship

Oh! Oh! Canada: Party girls UPDATE

Dominica Will Be First Nation with Universal Bitcoin Possession
70,000 Island Residents Get a “Bitcoin Drop” March 2015

Dominican Republic investigate ex-nuncio for pedophilia
Wesolowski appealing def[r]ocking by the Vatican

Drug Use and Drug Spending: How the Washington Post and the President Get It Wrong

The Future of Dollarization in Ecuador

Ecuador to bring in digital currency
Ecuador says it will introduce the world’s first digital currency issued by a central bank and it will go into circulation in December

Jews ‘forced’ from Guatemala villageMen from a Jewish community load furniture onto a lorry in San Juan La Laguna
Some 230 members of an Orthodox Jewish group begin leaving a village in western Guatemala after a bitter row with the local indigenous community.

Honduras Knocks on Door of Development Bank to Fund ZEDEs
Catrachos Seek Peace with Neighbors in Sensitive Gulf of Fonseca Region

Jamaican Ends Legal Challenge to Anti-Sodomy Law after growing fearful about violent backlashes.

Mexico Looks to Raise Wages
Mexico City’s leftist Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera raised pressure on the federal government with a proposal to lift the federal minimum wage—which lags only behind Haiti in the hemisphere—to $6 per day for 2015.

Mexico’s Pemex Forecasts 6.7% Drop in Crude Production in 2014
The head of Pemex’s exploration and production division said production will fall from 2.52 million barrels per day in 2013 to 2.35 million bpd at the close of 2014

More Than 134,000 Petition Obama Admin. to Demand Release of Sgt. Tahmooressi — Here’s the Response They Received Instead

Nicaragua Landslide Traps Gold Miners
Rescuers in Nicaragua raced to reach at least 24 freelance gold miners trapped by a landslide, including 20 who have been located and have managed to communicate with emergency crews.

Widened Panama Canal may threaten West Coast port jobs

Brazil, Worse Than Paraguay

Peru Moves Van der Sloot to Tougher Prison

Puerto Rico Lures Franklin as Equity Funds Buy Junk: Muni Credit

More than 20 companies bid to supply legal pot in Uruguay

Venezuelans Feel Less Safe than Any Population on Earth
Residents Rate “Law and Order” Worse than War-Torn Syria

Health Secretary: Venezuelan Medical Care in Critical Condition
Gustavo Villasmil Details How the Brain Drain and Supply Shortages Feed the Crisis

Venezuela’s Black Market Bolivar Slides to Record Low

Venezuela is becoming a crude importer. Discuss.

Chavismo promoting CITGO sale tells us more than what we care to know

There Is Too Much Money To Be Made In The Bolivarian Revolution I: The Gasoline Racket.

“Los venezolanos en el callejón sin salida del chavismo”

The Venezuela Case Study In How Not To Help The Poor

A Proposal of a New Flag from a Opposition Movement to Chavismo and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela {Venezuatu}…! THE NEW COUNTRY OF: Venecian Guiana !

HAHAHA You go to the beach and run into Hugo Chavez

The week’s posts and podcast:
A day in the life of the Panama Canal

ISIS border terror alert?

Colombia: Former Pablo Escobar lead henchman goes free

En español: Unidad de quemados

Brazil: 3 beheaded in prison riot

Today’s illegal alien invasion headlines

Argentina: Enter Soros

Peña Nieto goes to LA

Colombia: Was military intelligence hacked?

At Da Tech Guy Blog:
The audacity of taupe

Warren Buffett and his American dollars for Canadian doughnuts

Gloria M Strassburger, author, plus Fausta Wertz editor of Fausta’s Blog

The Venezuelan demonstrations Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, February 24th, 2014

LatinAmerWithout a doubt, the week’s top story is the opposition’s continuing demonstrations in Venezuela, eclipsing even the capture in Mexico of Chapo Guzmán, the most-wanted criminal of the hemisphere (and who will face charges in at least three US federal courts), . You can click on #LaSalida for all my posts covering the story.

Clarin break-up plan passed under Argentine media law
Regulators in Argentina have approved a plan to break up the country’s biggest independent media group into six parts.

The tragedy of Argentina
A century of decline
One hundred years ago Argentina was the future. What went wrong?

. . . three deep-lying explanations help to illuminate the country’s diminishment. Firstly, Argentina may have been rich 100 years ago but it was not modern. That made adjustment hard when external shocks hit. The second theory stresses the role of trade policy. Third, when it needed to change, Argentina lacked the institutions to create successful policies.

“We have spent 50 years thinking about maintaining government spending, not about investing to grow,” says Fernando de la Rúa, a former president who resigned during the 2001 crisis.

This short-termism distinguishes Argentina from other Latin American countries that have suffered institutional breakdowns. Chile’s military dictatorship was a catastrophic fracture with democracy but it introduced long-lasting reforms. Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party governed steadily for most of the 20th century. “In Argentina institution-building has taken the form of very quick and clientilist redistribution,” says Daron Acemoglu of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Elliott vs Argentina: 3 possible resolutions

China makes inroads in the Bahamas with Baha Mar mega-resort

Belize Sign On To Jaguar Corridor Initiative

Bolivia under water: Why no national disaster declared amid floods?
The Bolivian government says its massive aid operation, which includes food and tents, is well underway, but not everyone is satisfied with the response.

Turnabout in Bolivia as Economy Rises From Instability

Brazil Sidestepping to the Right
via Instapundit.

Drought Could Drain More Than Brazil’s Coffee Crop

Pedophile Priest Defies Vatican Order

Colombia`s left; human rights hypocrites

5 things that happened this week in Costa Rica’s presidential runoff campaign

Venezuela: Another Reason Why Cuba Remains a State-Sponsor of Terrorism

On eighth day of hunger strike, Cuban activist Antunez vomiting blood (UPDATED)

A husband-and-wife pair of Olympic skiers representing Dominica are having a nightmare week in Sochi

Haitians will not be stripped of Dominican Republic citizenship

Plastic Surgery in the Dominican Republic: Is the Cheap Cost of Medical Tourism Worth the Risk?

Ecuador’s President Correa Faces Test in Regional Elections
Correa Seeks to Strengthen his Hold, Secure Continuity for His Government

At least 8 dead, 12 wounded in Guatemala violence

Jamaican bobsled team faces uncertain future

Stalled Spending Chokes Mexico’s Growth
Mexico posted its worst economic performance in 2013 since the global recession of 2009, thanks in part to massive government spending delays that businesses struggled to overcome.

Obama finds that the world intrudes on his travels

Yet Another Devastating Blow to the Drug Gangs! Another Decisive Victory in the War on Drugs!


A canal across Nicaragua: Is this for real? Here’s a hint: “The price tag alone is nearly four times Nicaragua’s economic output.”

Panama Canal expansion project resumes after work stoppage

Maria Doyle Kennedy speaks about filming ‘Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay’

Video: Peru creates a special place for expectant mothers to wait — and wait

Puerto Rico Plans $2.86 Billion Offering for 16 Months of Cash, supposedly “to regain financial footing” until June 2015. And then what?

Puerto Rico Diocese Opposes Criminal Investigation Into Sex Abuse Cases

Cubanization at work: Venenozuela drives out its Jewish community

Venezuela says ‘fascists’ CNN can stay but calls on media to rectify coverage

Caracas: Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo López Faces 10 Years in Prison

Will Venezuela Follow Ukraine?

On the March in Caracas

Venezuela: chaos and thuggery take the place of the pretty revolution
Hugo Chávez’s dream world has become a nightmare of shot-down protesters, jailed oppositionists, economic meltdown and a brutal war waged against a defiant middle class

Video: Venezuelan Citizens Scream At National Guard “We Are The People, Do Not Hurt Us!”

The week’s posts, radio, and podcast:
Venezuela: #24F Barricading the country

CSpan Panel: #Venezuela and Democracy

Venezuela: En español, las grandes fortunas de los chavistas en el Imperio mismo

Mexico: El Chapo caught

Venezuela: More protests today #22F

Venezuela: Not “a slow news week”

En español: Libro Desarrollo económico y pobreza en América Latina: El rol de los Planes Sociales”

Venezuela: Shooting in the streets

Mexico: Obama arrives for summit

Venezuela: Today’s roundup

Venezuela: What’s happening today #18F #PrayForVenezuela

At Da Tech Guy: Venezuela: “We must become the media”

Radio: DaTechGuy on DaRadio Noon-2 Fausta & Da Magnificent Panel

This week’s podcast had to be cancelled due to software difficulties at Blog Talk Radio.

The Colombia-loves-NATO Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, June 10th, 2013

LatinAmerColombian President Juan Manuel Santos got his neighbors in a flutter by hinting that he would like Colombia to join NATO, which conveys a message to the rest of South America – and not about geography.

Now US falls out with ‘corruptible’ Argentina
ARGENTINA’S relations with the US have reached an “all-time low”, a top think-tank warned last night.

In a recent report he claims Argentina has profited from a US-led clampdown on the Mexican drug cartels. They switched distribution routes via Argentina, which is now believed to supply 70 tons of cocaine a year to Europe, a thirds of annual consumption.

It is feared that Argentina’s ties with Iran could lead them to build missiles together

Argentina can no longer be seen as a reliable counter-narcotic partner, or a partner in any sense, for the US.
Douglas Farah, senior fellow with the International Assessment and Strategy Center think-tank
Argentina also imports far more ephedrine, used in the making of many designer drugs, than its pharmaceutical industry needs, despite a US attempt at a crackdown in 2008.

This is said to be behind a flood of methamphetamine reaching the US.

Rio Olympic venue closed until 2015
Officials in Rio de Janeiro say a recently-built stadium that will be used at the 2016 Olympics will remain closed for 18 months while the roof is repaired.

Brazil’s disappointing economy
Out of step
(video below the fold since it starts immediately)

Colombia and the FARC
Digging in for peace
A deal on land marks a welcome breakthrough in peace talks. But there is still much to do, and not much time to do it in

Colombia and the arms treaty with no legs to stand on

UN hails first deal between Colombian government, rebels

Cuban Documentary Extols ETA Terrorists

Widow and children of assassinated Cuban dissident, Oswald Paya, take political refuge in U.S.

Cuban political prisoner Enrique Figuerola Miranda on hunger strike for 40 days

Dominica Catholics vow support for accused priest

NGOs will have new controls in Ecuador

Administrative issues at the OAS GA in Guatemala

Xi Jinping in America’s backyard
From pivot to twirl
The Chinese leader tries a smooth move in America’s backyard

Demography in Latin America
Autumn of the patriarchs
Traditional demographic patterns are changing astonishingly fast

The Pacific Alliance a New Center of Gravity in Hemispheric Trade

Mexico bar kidnap ‘linked to gang’
Prosecutors in Mexico City say they believe the disappearance of 12 young revellers from a bar in the capital is linked to gang rivalry.

Mexican housebuilders
Dropping a brick
Changing government policies have plunged housebuilders into a crisis

Mexico Soldiers Free 165 Kidnapped Migrants
Mexican soldiers stormed a residence near the U.S. border and rescued 165 migrants who had been kidnapped by criminal gangs and held for ransom for up to three weeks, a Mexican official said Thursday.
The cartels control the border.

Central America’s low-cost life lures baby boomers, even from Bonita Springs

Peru’s Shining Path leader Florindo Flores, a.k.a. Comrade Artemio sentenced
A court in Peru sentences the last of the original leaders of the Shining Path rebels to life in prison.

How Puerto Rico Will Hack its Way to the Global Future

As Economy Stalls, Inflation Heats Up and Maduro Seems Clueless

María Lourdes Afiuni, Three and a half years, some rapes, beatings and a forced abortion later, has not yet been released.

Venezuela scraps food restriction
Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro calls a plan to restrict the number of basic food items people can buy in the western state of Zulia “insane”.

Chavez’s Folksy Style Proves to Be a Tough Act to Follow
President Nicolás Maduro does a good political impersonation of his predecessor Hugo Chávez. However, he’s missing a key ingredient: Mr. Chávez’s folksy, often ribald, sense of humor.
Not to worry, Gustavo Ríos more than makes up for it,

The week’s posts and podcast,
George Galloway’s racism

Venezuela: The kidnapping worked

Mexico: Retailers Descend on Mexico

Colombia: Bayly entrevista a Uribe, 2a parte

Venezuela: Timothy Tracy released

Colombia: Bayly entrevista a Uribe

Cuba: Castro’s pawn

Argentina and other US-Latin America issues


The Saint Patrick’s Day Edition of the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Welcome to the Saint Patrick’s Day Edition of the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. Starting the week in a festive mode, today’s big story is the concert at the Venezuela-Colombia border.

Juanes, other stars stage concert for peace on Colombian-Venezuelan border

Tens of thousands of Colombians and Venezuelans flocked to a border bridge on Sunday for a free concert that Grammy-winning rocker Juanes organized to help heal the worst crisis in Andean relations in decades.

Held atop the Simon Bolivar bridge connecting the northeastern Colombian town of Cucuta with San Antonio in Venezuela, the show also featured Colombian singer Carlos Vives, Dominican Juan Luis Guerra and Spain’s Miguel Bose and Alejandro Sanz on the playbill.

As you may recall, Alejandro Sanz had cancelled a concert in Venezuela due to pressure from Chavistas.

The BBC has more

If you would like your posts included in the Monday Carnivals, please email me the link: faustaw “at” yahoo “dot” com.

Rice Urges South America To Keep Terrorists Out

Bush and Uribe v. Chavez and Correa

A natural gas disaster

The FARC Files

U.S.: An unreliable ally
Center for Strategic and International Studies (pdf file) Tension in the Andes

Tension in the Andes

Bolivia court suspends constitution vote

Portrait In Red: One of the world’s most successful AIDS programmes faces new problems

Chile: Palestinians look for a new future in South America

Bush to push vote on Colombian FTA?

Colombia Has Earned Its Trade Pact

Peace in our time, on the box, But it may well prove to be as phoney as the war

Obama and FARC

The pattern of pursuit

FARC looking for anti-aircraft missiles

Chiquita Sued By U.S. Families for Support of the FARC

Costa Rica finds FARC funds

Babalu Blog has been on the story about the Defecting Cuban soccer players
7 Cuban soccer players abandon free health care

La amnesia del Vaticano by Maria Werlau of Cuba Archive

Cuba Lifts Ban on Computers, Other Electronics

Wall Street Journal reports Cuban link to FARC

Center for Security Policy’s study (PDF file) Implications of the recent Change in Cuban Leadership

Dominica: The Caribbean’s Next ‘Terror Island’?

La lección de diplomacia de Alvaro Uribe ante el ‘pobre patán’ de Rafael Correa

Introducing U.S. Congressional Directives Resolving to Tell the Truth about Chavez’s FARC Cartels

Guardian Angels of Evil

Correa calls on to establish new OAS without U.S. participation

Crown and Anchor: The staying power of the British monarchy in its Caribbean ex-colonies

The Mexican milk problem

Opposition Party May Tone Down Radical Voice

Canuck Cook Caged in Guadalajara

Mexico police capture top Tijuana hitman

Peru meteorite may rewrite rules

Fortuno Wins Puerto Rico Primary

Joseph: American paid $55m for police reform

Hugo’s own Emperor’s Club

Sad acts of anarchy surface in daily life in confrontational Venezuela

Le discours belliqueux du Lt. Col. Chavez permet de resserrer les rangs et de disqualifier les opposants, aussitôt accusés de trahison de la patrie

An important week for Hugo Chavez

The American Friends of Hugo Chavez

Pedro M. Burrelli:
What do we do now with Mr. Chavez?

Smuggling is thriving despite Chávez policies
One of President Hugo Chávez’s key efforts to prevent smuggling and put food on the shelves in western Venezuela is failing

The FARC’s Guardian Angel

US considering adding Venezuela to states sponsoring terrorism list Venezuela & the terror supporters list: Pros and cons

Gobiernos auspiciadores de terrorismo

Raices de Esperanza interview

Special thanks to Maggie, Larry, Larwyn, Siggy, Armando and Eneas


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The Presidents’ Day Edition of the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Welcome to the Presidents’ Day Edition of the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Today’s big news: Venezuela seizes 1/2 ton milk and chicken from clinic, thereby showing how price controls don’t work and encourage hoarding and black markets, and continuing Hugo’s fight against private health care. The news was listed under the “Oddly Enough” category but when it comes to Venezuela, it’s never oddly enough: after nationalizing the oil industry, Chavez is threatening to create a tax on windfall oil profits.

As I said, it’s never oddly enough when it comes to Hugo.

If you would like your posts included in the Monday carnivals, please email me the link: faustaw “at” yahoo “dot” com.

Investor’s Business Daily editorials on Latin America and Caribbean are a must-read.

Via Instapundit, Why does Obama hate NAFTA?

Party time: Nelson Kirchner tries to rule Peronism

The squid and the whales

Christ statue struck by lightning

Chile to continue working with Peru despite border dispute

Felipe Aguilar puts Chile on golfing map

War of the roses

“Main Stream Media

Cuba demands US gives back Guantanamo Bay

Cuba to send 4 jailed dissidents into exile

Via the Cuba Archive, Crosses honor Castro’s foes

Too close to the truth!

Old dirt that’s new news to me: Castro, Clinton, Cabrera, Mannerud

Cuban Memorial

Where’s the youth?

Dominica, PetroCaribe, and Chavez

ALLIANCE for Progress only Boosts State Kleptocrats and Marxists

The Mexican President Visits America

Barak Obama and Change

Tom Tancredo’s letter to Felipe Calderon

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission: Big, expensive and weirdly spineless

Blast near Mexico City police HQ

Mexico arrests top drugs suspect

Nicaraguan leader calls Obama’s campaign ‘revolutionary’

Obama gets another endorsement

Hope is like bottled water

Peru’s hotel industry: Killing the tourism goose

Via Instapundit, P.R. Firm: San Juan For The Money, Two For The Show

Crude Chavez

The unanimity against Tascon: Stalinism in Venezuela

Two posts I missed last week: On SEMANA’s Expose of “Chavez’s own Montesinos”: War by ALL Other Means?, and On Iran’s Increasing Influence in Latin America

George Washington Statue Bombed in Caracas

CBS’s Rodriguez Asks Chavez’s Ex-Wife: ‘Is He a Communist?’ and Marisabel on CBS. Too bad Rodriguez doesn’t read my blog or he would have known that Chavez officially declared himself a Communist a year ago.

Valentine’s Day in Caracas

Venezuela’s Charades

US shrugs off Chavez threat over oil
Your word for the day, Mister Chavez, is ‘Fungible’
Paper tiger

In Spanish: Violaron el blog de Alexis Marrero. Lo amenazan de muerte Blogger Alexis Marrero gets death threats while his blog is hacked.

Reaction and revolution: Students are the revolution

An introduction to a lie

Two of my posts, Obama wants to talk to Chavez and in the podcast (you can listen to the podcast here).

Meet the low-budget movie star

And a beautiful rendition of Vete de mi


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Hugo celebrates an anniversary, and turns green at the same time

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Venezuela celebrates 15th anniversary of Chavez coup

AP reporter and Chavez apologist Ian James says that Chavez takes up energy conservation

“Venezuela is one of the countries that least contaminates the environment, but nevertheless we want to give an example and be at the vanguard,” Chavez said at a news conference Thursday.

He called U.S. oil consumption — which handsomely funds his government — a leading cause of the world’s environmental troubles.

“They’re destroying the world,” Chavez said, citing melting glaciers in the Andes and predictions of rising sea levels. “The human race will be finished if we don’t change the world capitalist system.”

Leftist ideology colors Chavez’s views, and he has spent time discussing the dilemma of climate change with Cuban leader Fidel Castro, his friend and mentor.

That he has, at least if one is to believe the propaganda video released by Cuban TV on January 30, where Castro purportedly reads from a printout of a article of January 27, titled Advierten que el cambio climatico es riesgo a la salud/Warning that climate change is a health risk. Last weekend I was doing some translating for Pajamas Media and I transcribed this video where Castro and Hugo purportedly take up climate change and were saying that “the future of mankind depends on it”.

AP’s James continues

Castro’s obsession with energy saving has been caused in part by Cuba’s dependence on oil imports. Before he underwent intestinal surgery last summer, Castro was in the midst of an energy-saving crusade in which he distributed pressure cookers and offered household tips on TV.

Hold on to your wallets, folks. The French have plans for the environment and your money. And Hillary’s wants to take the earnings of American private companies, raised fists and all.

Hugo goes shopping, again
Hugo’s buying himself another country. Just this morning I was reading that he’s going to visit Dominica to open an oil storage facility,

Part of Venezuela’s regional Petrocaribe program, under which 14 Caribbean countries receive preferential terms to buy oil, the new facility will contain six tanks to store gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and liquefied natural gas.

Chavez also said Venezuela intends to build a refinery in Dominica but did not elaborate.

I was in Dominica two years ago and it’s a very small island (290 sq miles) that is still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity.

This is a poor island we’re talking about. Venezuelan oil money can buy it.

Dominica is effectively a very large rock covered with greenery, and has remained mostly untouched by development. Look at the satellite picture and see for yourselves. While it has room for six storage tanks, there is not enough flat land on which to build a refinery of any meaningful size. One of the reasons the island has remained undeveloped is that it wasn’t until a few years ago that the only port could handle the larger cruise ships. The current port facilities are definitely not large enough for oil tankers.

Unless Hugo’s planning on doing some significant damage to the ecosystem, that is.

Update In Spanish: La Habilitante: Un asalto hitleriano al poder

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