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Don’t call that a debate

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Fox had the Republican presidential candidates last night; my impressions on it here.

And please Don’t call that a debate, it was a forum.

Venezuela: Capriles Campaign Chief killed

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Ecuador Times:

Juan Aranda, head of campaign in the Tachira State of the current presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles, was killed on tuesday morning, after been kidnapped by two individuals who were impersonating police officers.

This is a warning to Capriles: if you disavow or challenge the result of the April 14th election, you’re dead.

As I said yesterday, the election is rigged. Capriles, who is no fool, is campaigning, knowing this. His only tactic, after the results are in, would be to challenge the results.

Former election board judge Ana Mercedes Diaz said as much in last night’s Bayly show (in Spanish),

Just yesterday National Assembly head Diosdado Cabello was saying that (starting at the 1:18 mark in the YouTube, my translation, if you use this, please credit me and link to this post)

“We want to make a healthy warning. Because for us, it’s very easy to have this information, locate each of these people, and we have located them, we know your names, last name, where they live, where they go, with whom they go, and in the moment they do, we let them do and we take action. Not a slap on the hand, no, drastic action against those who attempt to act against the nation’s peace and security.”

When asked how would anyone attempt to, Cabello specifically stated “by challenging the results of the election.”

Cabello says at the end of the clip,”We’re very clear on what we’ll do… we’ll do whatever we must do.”


Linked by Neoneocon. Thank you!

Crazy cult campaigning in Caracas: The shrine

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Hugo Chavez idolatry as a campaign tactic in the 23 de Enero slum in Caracas:
Shrine to mourn and celebrate Venezuela’s Chavez,

“He is our saint of the poor,” says Eva Garcia, 45, who tends to the shrine each day after her shift at the local municipal offices as a community organizer.

As I predicted months ago, Chavez is joining Che in the Communist Idol show.

The Maduro campaign manipulates the poor’s ignorance and superstition,

To each and every visitor, Garcia hands out a copy of Chavez’s official agenda for the 2013-2019 presidential term he won’t complete. She also offers a handbill with Chavez’s last public remarks in December, in which he named Maduro his chosen successor.

The red canonization continues,

The Maternity & Children’s Hospital in the Western Caracas neighborhood of El Valle (seen in the picture left) is set to finally be opened to the public after 23 years in construction (14 of them under current management).

If they followed the old custom and named it after the leader who started the job, they’d call it the Maternidad Carlos Andres Pérez Rodríguez Hospital. Ermm…no chance of that.

Can you guess the new name they’ve when it opens? Yup: Comandante Supremo Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.

Meanwhile, Roy Chaderton, Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS, is bellyaching about the opposition’s unfair advantage in the campaign.

No birds were harmed in the writing of this post.

Time to retire, Madge!

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

While we stress out waiting for Sandy, it’s time to talk about the inconsequential Madonna:


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Madonna drew boos and triggered a walkout by several concertgoers after she touted President Barack Obama on her “MDNA Tour” in New Orleans.

The Material Girl asked during Saturday night’s performance: “Who’s registered to vote?” She added: “I don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama.” Drawing boos in touting Obama over Republican Mitt Romney, Madonna followed: “Seriously, I don’t care who you vote for … Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote.”

Aside from the amazement that she’s still performing her shtick while well into the sixth decade of her life (she was born in 1958), the fact is that she got boos and a walkout over Obama while in New Orleans.

Maybe she should have kept her mouth shut in NOLA and worn a ballot dress at an Obama fundraiser instead.

Madonna is now uncool.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about Cool, Inc.,

Apparently internal polls have prompted the Obama administration in the last month to double down on the young and hip vote to ensure that this cohort turns out on election day to help stem the erosion elsewhere. Thus the president hits the celebrity shows, the cool radio venues; in punkish-style calls Romney a bulls****er; and now releases a video of a young hip woman (with a visibly large tattoo or bad bruise on her upper arm), Lena Dunham (ironically the identical last name as Barack Obama’s mother and grandparents), who in not so disguised terms Sandra Fluke–style equates her sexual life with voting for the president, emphasizing the young cool lifestyle of today’s 20–30-something unattached young woman.

Yeah, because Fluke herself was such a huge hit at her Obama rally…with all 10 people who turned up.

Meanwhile, this girl has 50,965 viewers on parody she posted a day or two ago,

Which brings us to Dan Blatt’s survey, the Creepiest Obama video competition

Which of these videos is this [sic] creepiest?
“Yes, we can” children from 2008
Lena Dunham’s First Time
Future Children Project

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Future Children Project, featuring current children,

is creepy enough to make a father of six say, Let’s Make These Children Cry; The Right Scoop has the lyrics, which start with

Imagine an America
Where strip mines are fun and free
Where gays can be fixed
And sick people just die
And oil fills the sea

and get worse.

The kids in that vaguely remind me of these,

Particularly with the Future Children’s final stanza,

We’re the children of the future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And yeah, we’re blaming you

You did your best
You failed the test

Mom and Dad
We’re blaming you!

Mark Steyn is thinking in terms of someone else’s retirement (h/t Roger Kimball),

Obama’s own cue balls shriveled. Biden had offered up a deft campaign slogan encompassing both domestic and foreign policy: “Osama’s dead, and General Motors is alive.” But, as the al-Qaida connections to Benghazi dribbled out, leak by leak, the “Osama’s dead” became a problematic boast and, left to stand alone, the General Motors line was even less credible. Avoiding the economy and foreign affairs, Obama fell back on Big Bird, and binders and bayonets, just to name the B’s in his bonnet. At the second presidential debate, he name-checked Planned Parenthood, the General Motors of the American abortion industry, half-a-dozen times, desperate to preserve his so-called gender gap. Yet, oddly enough, the more furiously Obama and Biden have waved their binders and talked up Sandra Fluke, the more his supposed lead among women has withered away. So now he needs to enthuse the young, who turned out in such numbers for him last time. Hence, the official campaign video (plagiarized from Vladimir Putin, of all people) explaining that voting for Obama is like having sex. The saddest thing about that claim is that, for liberals, it may well be true.

Both videos – the one faking Obamagasm and the one faking a Benghazi pretext – exemplify the wretched shrinkage that befalls those unable to conceive of anything except in the most self-servingly political terms. Both, in different ways, exemplify why Obama and Biden are unfit for office. One video testifies to a horrible murderous lie at the heart of a head of state’s most solemn responsibility, the other to the glib shallow narcissism of a pop-culture presidency, right down to the numbing relentless peer-pressure: C’mon, all the cool kids are doing it; why be the last holdout?

If voting for Obama is like the first time you have sex, it’s very difficult to lose your virginity twice. A flailing, pitiful campaign has now adopted Queen Victoria’s supposed wedding advice to her daughter: “Lie back and think of England.” Lie back and think of America. And then get up and get dressed. Who wants to sleep twice with a $16 trillion broke loser?

Obama’s desperate #MyFirstTime ad? Putin did it first, twice

Friday, October 26th, 2012

This ad started airing yesterday,

First saw it at PowerLine, Breitbart has the transcript, but Putin did it first,

and again

Check out #MyFirstTime on Twitter

Having not only secured Putin’s endorsement , but also imitated his message (Putin called his U.S. counterpart “a genuine person”; Obama’s ad says “You want to do it with a great guy”), today Obama’s on MTV.

Steven Crowder rises to the occasion,

Joe Biden: America’s crazy uncle

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Suzette blames the Botox,

while Roger Kimball says it was “an extra dose of Geritol.”

Whatever it was, it was creepy,

Who won?

And I think women in particular will be sympathetic toward Ryan. They’ve all had to deal with boorish men who don’t respect them. That’s how Biden came off. Oh yeah.

And, an afterthought,
If you watched the debate with the sound turned off, who looks like POTUS material? Who looks deranged? No wonder Biden “created this disturbing atmosphere of anxiety.”

At church dinners, I’ve sat a table away from that guy a hundred times. He’s the guy everyone wants to get away from.”

Top 30% guy wants Mitt to hug him

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

According to this Tatler commenter,

La Jolla, CA sanitation workers average $75 THOUSAND a year in salary

Which puts them in the top 30% of earners in the US. (More on sanitation worker pay scales here.)

So AFSCME Recruits Romney’s Garbageman for Ad, heralding

a new era of politics. One where we can get any random person with a remote connection to a candidate to say negative things that conform to the latest narrative about that particular candidate

“My name is Richard Hayes, and I pick up Mitt Romney’s trash. We’re kind of like the invisible people. He doesn’t realize that the service we provide — if it wasn’t for us, it would be a big health issue, us not picking up trash.

“Residents do come out and shake our hands. Sometimes they give us hugs and thank us for the job we’re doing, hand us water and Gatorades. Tell us we’re doing a good job and keep up the good work. Picking up 15, 16 tons by hand, that takes a toll on your body. When I’m 55, 60 years old, I know my body’s gonna be break down [sic]. Mitt Romney doesn’t care about that.”

As it turns out, Mitt was the original undercover boss, working as a garbage man while campaigning for governor of Massachusetts,

One day I gathered trash as a garbage collector. I stood on that little platform at the back of the truck, holding on as the driver navigated his way through the narrow streets of Boston. As we pulled up to traffic lights, I noticed that the shoppers and businesspeople who were standing only a few feet from me didn’t even see me. It was as if I was invisible. Perhaps it was because a lot of us don’t think garbage men are worthy of notice; I disagree – anyone who works that hard deserves our respect. – I wasn’t a particularly good garbage collector: at one point, after filling the trough at the back of the truck, I pulled the wrong hydraulic lever. Instead of pushing the load into the truck, I dumped it onto the street. Maybe the suits didn’t notice me, but the guys at the construction site sure did: “Nice job, Mitt,” they called. “Why don’t you find an easier job?” And then they good-naturedly came down and helped me pick up my mess.


But did anyone hug him?

Vote for your gonads! UPDATED

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012


Meanwhile, sex symbol Joe Biden tells audience middle class has been ‘buried’ last four years.

Take a look,

This didn’t take long,


The ad starting airing on TV today. Good timing, Joe.

Cripes Suzette is Stating The Obvious

Headline: The Obama campaign asks women to vote with their ‘lady parts’. Can liberals get any cruder?

Quick Note: if my lady parts could pull a lever in a voting booth, I’m certain that I could also use them to secure my financial future by using them to manipulate any number of other things. Then it wouldn’t matter to me who won the election on November 6th.

Michelle came to Princeton to ask people to go to Pennsylvania

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

The day before her latest personal appearance in The View, Michelle Obama was in the vicinity for a $10,000/plate fundraiser that blocked traffic on Herrontown Road for most of the day. Surprisingly, the local papers did not report on the visit, except for a brief preview, PRINCETON: Some local Dems to skip the first lady. They probably “skipped” because of “other plans” that most likely do not involve coughing up ten grand.

However, does have a report (more on that in a moment).

The home hosting the fundraiser had a huge tent in their side yard, but the hosts are the soul of discretion,

Representatives from the Obama national campaign office in Chicago and the New Jersey office did not respond to requests for comment to discuss the fundraiser, due to be held at the home of Andrew and Carol Golden.

Mr. Golden runs the company that manages the $17 billion endowment fund of Princeton University, while Ms. Golden works for Corner House, the local substance abuse program. She also is the chairwoman of the board of trustees of the Mercer County chapter of Planned Parenthood.

The couple are donors to Democrat politicians and causes, with Ms. Golden having given $11,000 to Texans for Truth, a group that challenged former President George W. Bush’s service in the Texas National Guard, election records showed. She declined to comment last month about the fundraiser.

I couldn’t find any photos of the event on the White House website.

However, the most interesting part of the event may be this:

First Lady Michelle Obama has made a campaign stop in New Jersey, urging her husband’s supporters to volunteer in the closing weeks of the presidential campaign – especially in swing states such as neighboring Pennsylvania.

As you may recall, in 2008 Obama took Pennsylvania by 10.1 percentage points over McCain. The Obama campaign is clearly not expecting that to repeat itself since Michelle was telling people on Sunday

“We need you to head over to Pennsylvania,” she told 230 people gathered in a white tent. “Get in the car, drive on over to Pennsylvania for a few days or a weekend to help get out the vote in that state.”

Also interesting,

Neither party has done much public campaigning in New Jersey, which is likely to go to the Democrats on Nov. 6. But campaigns have raised more than $5 million each in the moneyed state, with the president ahead by about $200,000.

That Obama has out-raised Mitt by less than 5% in New Jersey is astonishing. The bluest parts of the Garden State tend to be, like Princeton, the most affluent (with some exceptions). Maybe it has something to do with this.

Over in Ohio, another of Pennsylvania’s neighbors, today Mike Rowe meets Mitt to talk about how to get America back to work. Bryan Preston has the schedule.

Makes you wonder the residents of which state – Illinois? Michigan? – is the Obama campaign asking to head to Ohio to help get out the vote.

Stacy McCain’s been reporting from Ohio. Follow his links for his reports.

Via Bryan’s commenter Allston, here’s the letter Mike Rowe wrote to Mitt,

Which brings me to my purpose in writing. On Labor Day of 2008, the fans of Dirty Jobs helped me launch this website. began as a Trade Resource Center designed to connect kids with careers in the skilled trades. It has since evolved into a non-profit foundation – a kind of PR Campaign for hard work and skilled labor.
Thanks to a number of strategic partnerships, I have been able to promote a dialogue around these issues with a bit more credibility than my previous resume allowed. I’ve spoken to Congress (twice) about the need to confront the underlying stigmas and stereotypes that surround these kinds of jobs. Alabama and Georgia have both used mikeroweWORKS to launch their own statewide technical recruitment campaigns, and I’m proud to be the spokesman for both initiatives. I also work closely with Caterpillar, Ford, Kimberly-Clark, and Master Lock, as well as The Boy Scouts of America and The Future Farmers of America. To date, the mikeroweWORKS Foundation has raised over a million dollars for trade scholarships. It’s modest by many standards, but I think we’re making a difference.

Certainly, we need more jobs, and you were clear about that in Tampa. But the Skills Gap proves that we need something else too. We need people who see opportunity where opportunity exists. We need enthusiasm for careers that have been overlooked and underappreciated by society at large. We need to have a really big national conversation about what we value in the workforce, and if I can be of help to you in that regard, I am at your service – assuming of course, you find yourself in a new address early next year.

Monday night election tango: Robert Duvall

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Robert Duvall raises cash for Romney

Oscar-winning actor Robert Duvall threw a top-dollar fundraiser at his Virginia farm, attracting Ann Romney and bringing in more than $800,000 for her husband, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The event was held on Thursday night, Politico reports. The cost ranged from $2,500 per person to attend the reception to $25,000 a head for dinner at Duvall’s home, The Hill reports.

The money raised went to the Romney Victory Fund.

I wonder if Mr & Mrs Duvall danced as they did in Assassination Tango,